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High Quality pashmina shawls available at Passionate about Pashmina with different colours.


  • Various Types Of Pashmina Shawls Emailenquiries@passionateaboutpashmina.comAddressWaterloo House The Street Bedingfield Suffolk IP23 7LQ England

  • What is Pashmina Shawls ?It is one of the greatest Indian attraction of foreign visitors. They are always read to buy.

    Indian Pashmina is in demand in over the worldIndia is the one country where Pashmina shawls are made first time.

  • How Pashmina Shawls' Scenario over IndiaPashmina shawls is popular not only in india but also abroad. And Internet is the best medium to order this kind of shawls.

    Today we will explain some points in which you can make the difference between original shawls and duplicate shawls.

  • Genuine Pashmina?This word Pashmina came from the Persian word wool.Was found before 450 years ago.Earlier maharajas and royal families' choice was fabric instead of this.

  • Pashmina Wool Came From?It came from the changra goats.Changthang is a plateau with very gentle slopes in Ladakh India.It is situated around 1617 kms into Tibet.The goats are often raised by the local people of there.They raise them not for meat but for milk and pashmina wool.

  • How to choose best pashmina shawls?Quality Material

    It should be either 100% pashmina or the mixture or the blend of 70% pashmina and 30% silk.Make sure that pashmina shawls sheen is never indication of quality.

  • How to choose best pashmina shawls? (Cont..)Craft ship's Quality

    Generally cashmere is used in that but due to the high demand it has to be passed through various machines for being printed, and addition of chemical.It should me made in such way that it should make feel so soft by using high quality cashmere.

  • Various Pashmina Shawls

  • Various Pashmina Shawls

  • Various Pashmina Shawls

  • Various Pashmina Shawl

  • Various Pashmina Shawls