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  • Nigel Kersten @nigelkersten


  • Polls

  • Being a sysadmin is hard enough

  • More critical than ever

  • Must be faster, more focused

  • All kinds of cloud

  • Immutable Infrastructure

  • More Reliable 2x the change success rate 12x faster MTTR

    More Agile 30x more frequent deployments 8,000x faster lead times than peers

    IT Performance Matters

  • Automate ITMake rapid, repeatable changes and enforce the consistency of systems and devices.

  • Users Groups Firewall


    Kernel Settings Files

    Packages Services

    Repositories Mounts

    Jobs Scheduling

    Virtual & Cloud

    Network & Storage


    Operating Systems

  • Define Test Enforce Report

    service { 'ssh': ensure => running, enable => true,}

    Define the desired state using a powerful, declarative language.

    The Puppet Approach

  • Test changes before you deploy them

    Define Test Enforce Report

    The Puppet Approach

  • Enforce changes and remediate configuration drift

    The Puppet ApproachDefine Test Enforce Report

  • Gain insight into your infrastructure

    The Puppet ApproachDefine Test Enforce Report

  • Define desired stateHow it Works

    Puppet Fundamentals

  • Simple Code

  • Basic Primitives Included

  • First Class Windows

  • Node Cycle

  • PuppetDB for Central Data

  • Define desired stateHow it Works

    Advanced Capabilities

  • Next generation architecture to enable greater scalability, more resiliency, greater insight and simpler integration

    Next Gen Puppet Server

  • Razor for Provisioning

  • MCollective for Execution

  • Hiera for Code/Data

  • r10k for Deployment

  • Open Source Puppet 4.0 Now Available!All-in-One AgentLanguage Enhancements

    Open Source Puppet

  • Open Source Puppet 4.0All-in-One


    File System Layout

    Language Enhancements

    Simple, streamlined experience deploying Puppet software

    Everything is in the same location across products

    Consistent, smarter and with more compact, readable code

  • Language EnhancementsDelivers more power, expressiveness and greater reliability

    Rewritten parser & evaluator

    Consistent, smarter language

    Puppet Catalog Preview

  • Optional Types

  • Gareth Rushgrove


  • NodeManagement

    Purpose-built applications focused on solving IT automation challenges in new, innovative ways





    Open Source Components - Puppet Enterprise Core - Agent Technology

    And over 3,000 more integrations, extensions, and other content

    Puppet Enterprise Puppet Apps

  • Rule-based classifier for managing a large volume of frequently-changing systems

    Puppet Enterprise Node Manager

  • Puppet Enterprise Automated Provisioning

    Accelerate provisioning across containers, cloud & bare metal

  • Install and manage Docker quickly and easily, just by including the Puppet Docker module

  • Describe security groups and ELB load balancers, and help audit changes to your network within AWS

  • Define AWS Autoscaling Groups as well as CloudWatch alarms to trigger scaling up and down

  • Describe your Route53 DNS all in the Puppet DSL

  • be rake specAWS arbiter should compile into a catalogue without dependency cycles should contain exactly 9 Ec2_instance resources web servers should contain EC2-instance[web1] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "t2.micro" should contain EC2-instance[web2] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "t2.micro" should contain EC2-instance[web3] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "t2.micro" application servers should contain EC2-instance[app1] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "c4.large" should contain EC2-instance[app2] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "c4.large" should contain EC2-instance[app3] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "c4.large" should contain EC2-instance[app4] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "c4.large" database servers should contain EC2-instance[db1] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "r3.large" should contain EC2-instance[db2] with region => "us-west-1" and type => "r3.large"

    Finished in 0.26288 seconds11 examples, 0 failures

    Unit test your AWS infrastructure code and

    enforce policy across your organisation

  • Puppet Enterprise Code Manager




    Manage infrastructure as code more efficiently across environments

  • Granular role-based access control for delegation of management capabilities across teams & individuals

    Segment nodes so that tasks can be safely delegated

    Ease the administration of users

    Integrates directly with AD & OpenLDAP

    Puppet Enterprise Role-Based Access Control

  • A profiler & metrics service tracks key metrics associated with Puppet Server health & performance

    Puppet Enterprise Puppet Server Reporting

  • Understand the impact of change in your environment

    Puppet Enterprise Event Inspection

  • Support for critical and common infrastructure, focused on heterogeneity

    F5 support includes both SOAP and REST modules

    Microsoft modules include Windows ACL, Windows Powershelgl and MS SQL modules

    More available on the Puppet Forge

    Puppet Enterprise Puppet Supported Modules

  • Puppet Enterprise Upgrade Faster

    Take Advantage of Puppet Enterprise Innovation

  • Define desired stateSo What?

  • Deploy code 30x more frequently

    With 50% fewer failures

    Contribute to 50 % higher market cap growth over three years

    Source: 2014 State of DevOps Report

    Impact of High Performing IT

  • Puppet Enterprise allows us to make wide sweeping infrastructure changes.

    The constant discussion between software and infrastructure teams really helps us proactively find issues before deploying to production.

    With Puppet, you can turn things up in minutes where it used to be months.

    Change Agents of IT Ops

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    Practitioners 3-day, advanced level course

    Architect 3-day, advanced course

    Learn the right way to manage an infrastructure

    Learn why you should manage your Puppet infrastructure the right way

    Learn how to design your own infrastructure and define your own right way to implement Puppet

    Training & Certification

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