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hey, this is for my site, so... yeah....


  • 1. Puffle Hunters V2.1 By Lavaster Copyright, 2007. All rights reserved. If you see this game anywhere besides my site (lavaster.wordpress.com) or somebody takes my idea(s), etc., theyre copying. Please report them and also report them to me. Thank you.CLICK TO START PUFFLE HUNTING !

2. Main Menu

  • Lets play! (Instructions given.)
  • Extra stuff and tools!!!
  • Extra junkies!!
  • We tell you about where to see our feedback section in the extra junkies section here, and the copyright information is given at the beginning title.
  • NO SAVING OR AUTO-SAVE FEATURES ARE STUFFED IN THIS GAME. If you know how I can make easy-to-make games that are kind of professional looking and not with Gmaker or Yoyo games gmaker, let me know. Thanks!
  • Credits: Everything by Lavaster, Powerpoint, and special thanks to Emtek77 for giving me suggestions and stuff. Also, more special thanks to the nice penguins who beta tested. (Emtek77 was also a beta tester!)Thanks for downloading!

3. Hi! Welcome to Area Fifty Puffle!

  • Here you will be trained to be like a pro in catching puffles and shipping them to the pet shop. Okay what do you want to start with first?
  • Training Session 1: How to explore Club Penguin forpuffles
  • The rest will be taught to you on your first hunt.
  • If you think you would like to take a little break,you can go to the lobby.

4. Training Session 1. Explore Club Penguin to find puffles.

  • SoggyCheeze: So, you wanna be a puffle hunter?
  • [Other trainees and staff giggle at his name, and SoggyCheeze gives them a mean glare.]
  • SoggyCheeze: Well, here you are! Now that you are here, lets begin your first training session. Watch this video we made for penguins willing to be pro puffle hunters like you.

5. Training Session Movie Theater

  • SoggyCheeze: [Talking to employee at the theater.] Yes, wed like to see the first training session video for two, please. Thank you! [Once inside] Alright, rookie! Watch this. It isnt that good, but itll help. Click on the movie clip to start.
  • (Pssst! Its right there!>>>)
  • To leave the theater and hunt, go here.

6. Time to catch your first puffle!

  • Hi! My name is 2oreos. I will teach you the other stuff you havent learned. Okay, first find the puffle by clicking on doors, objects, anything! When the puffle is uncovered, click on it and click on the truck icon. The truck will arrive to pick up the puffle and to ship it to the Pet Shop. Oh, and before you track down puffles, youll need this map. Click on it at any time to switch places, and click on the places available. Remember that movie clip you learned from? Think about the map. Remember that you can only choose places available, and that movie taught you how to know which place is available! Solets getouttahere and get searching ! Click on me for tips.

7. Your Map

  • Choose a place youd like to go!

This is V2.1, meaning that this is part 1. You can only choose 2 places each part. 8. Beach 9. Beach

  • A puffle!

10. Red Puffle!

  • YEA! Good News: You captured one! Click on the thing below to ship it. (Truck got flat tire.)
  • Bad News: You cannot access the town.

11. Secret Passage Way

  • Woah! You noticed a secret passage way in the mines, so you took the path. It led to Lavasters igloo! Find all her puffles. (Hint: There are 5, and there is NOT a green puffle.) FYI: This is V2.1, meaning you can only access 2 places per part.

Uh, Lavaster just walked in and took Sasha and Puff! (Blue puffle and black puffle.) So just hunt the other four! 12. Purple Puffle!

  • You just found Jane! (To let you know, during the making of this game, Lavaster forgot what her purple puffles name was.)
  • Ship Jane and continue hunting !

13. FOUND Pinguin99999 came and took Goldie Locks (yellow hamburger)for a hamburger. Where the heck will he get a hamburger??! Anyway, that leaves you to the other 3 I mean, TWO. Flix and Bride (pink) are left! Find them! 14. SOOOO Easy!

  • Flix was in pitch sight! Anyway, you got him!Go ahead and ship him over .

15. Yay!


16. Congrats!

  • You won! Choose which option youd like to do right now.
  • Get my Certificate
  • Go back to the Main Menu

17. Pro Puffle Hunter

  • ____________
  • Has became a professional Puffle Hunter of Club Penguin!
  • Lavasters SignatureSoggyCheezes Signature
  • LavasterSoggyCheeze
  • Wanna be a puffle hunter? The pro here should be able to tell you how!
  • When you print this, cut this piece off because this is for you to go back to the main menu!

18. Yo!

  • I just became a professional puffle hunter! If you want to be one too, just ask me!
  • Oh, and just remember you may not be as good as me! Just kidding!
  • Cut this part out, this is to go to the main menu.

19. A Party!!!

  • Hey, were having a Birthday Party! Try to come!
  • When: Where: For:
  • R.V.S.P.:

20. Extra Stuff and Tools!

  • Extra ProPuffleHunter Certificate
  • Party Invitation Print-Out
  • Coloring Sheets to print
  • Main Menu

21. Coloring Sheets

  • Select a coloring sheet you would like to print out and color.
  • Puffles Collection
  • Penguin Party

22. Puffles Collection

  • To view and print this coloring sheet, please visithttp://clubpenguin.com/fun/coloring/page-4.htmwhenever you can.

23. Click to go to menu 24. Extra Junkies!!!

  • Feedback

25. Feedback

  • Wanna give Lavaster feedback? You can! You could advertise her site as one of the best, you could help her out, and more! If you can, check out the other Lava Games. Some of them also tell you MORE ideas for feedback!

26. Cool Sites!

  • Supporters sites:
  • http:// Clubpenguinnewspaperstand.wordpress.com /
  • Creators cool site:
  • http:// lavaster.wordpress.com /
  • Fun Sites
  • http:// clubpenguin.wordpress.com /
  • http://snow949spuffles.wordpress.com/
  • And all the sites above! (And maybe beyond!)
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