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<ul><li> Platelet Rich Plasma Art &amp; science Islam Kassem,BDS,MSc,FDS RCS Consultant oral &amp; maxillofacial Surgeon </li> <li> Angle Face Left New technology of injection your own blood to get a Youthful Look . . </li> <li> Why Are Celebrities Injecting Their Faces With Blood? </li> <li> </li> <li> Platelet? Anuclear piece of cytoplasm Include hemostasis, -granule,lysosomal granule, dense granules </li> <li> At least 7 different growth factors that stimulate bone &amp; soft tissue healing PDGF aa,bb,ab TGF b1,b2 VEGF EGF </li> <li> Days of operation </li> <li> 7 days later PLT exhausted after 7 days Macrophage by low oxygen tension, acidity, lactate concentration Secrete same growth factors Activated until it is down regulated by the restoration of normal oxygen tension </li> <li> Day 3rd </li> <li> 17days Graft is completely permeated by new capillaries Initial osteoid formation Osteoclast resorb osteoid and BMP released New bone formation and maturation </li> <li> Days 14 </li> <li> The mechanism of growth factor effects on cells Inactive state </li> <li> Activation activation </li> <li> Clinical effects of PRP on bone regeneration Platelet RBC Normal blood PRP </li> <li> Trabecular areaNative mandible Autogenous BG </li> <li> Clinical effects of PRP on soft tissue healing Split thickness skin graft donor site healing </li> <li> 6 days Thrombin side : 5% epithelization 95% granulation tissue PRP side ; 95% epithelization 5% granulation tissue </li> <li> 6 months Thrombin side : scarring hypo and hyper- pigmentation area PRP side ;less scarring Much less pigmentation change </li> <li> Patient discomfort Patient discomfort decrease </li> <li> Epithelization </li> <li> 6days </li> <li> 1 months </li> <li> Contraindications Pre-existing coagulation defect : thrombocytopenia, hypofibrinogenia Hypersensitivity to bovine thrombin </li> <li> Clinical steps </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> Clinical application </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> Ridge preservation </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> <li> </li> </ul>