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  • 1. Breaking up with science - Curious - science being Hacker Culture. Doocracy Prototypes Biologigaragen - DIYBIO: What we do and how. History Maker, hacker community own your code 2005-2010 diybio.or hobby - Community strength Practice. DiybioMap Hardware aesthetics. Ethics. Design: Protocols. Product vs. Prototype Citizen Science Biostrike Research Art - A Bioreactor Open Innovation Architecture living design living. Design nice comforting. Baessy / Open source assay tools project

2. HackteriaLab Symposium 2014 Citizen initiatives in art & science @ UGM Martin Malthe Borch, @MMBorch,, From diybio to change Personal stories and reflections Citizen initiatives in art & science 3. Researcher IT-University of Copenhagen Communication, Games & Interaction Design 4. ...Themes & Outline Hackers & Diybio Science Art Design 5. Breaking up with big university science 6. Learn and do science in the same way you learn and play football? - in social, PASSION DRIVEN clubs- OPEN to everyone, regardless of your occupation: industry employee, businessman, politician, bureaucrat, researcher or craftsman What if you could... 7. The strong association and cooperative-society oriented culture in Denmark can be a framework for high-tech creative & What if ...& Collaborative Open Innovation? 8. How ? 9. Hackers & Makers 10. Those who do, decide! If it takes less than 2 minutes, do it NOW. No objections within 48 hours, do it! DOocracy * * 11. DIYBIO 12. DIY Laboratory Equipment 13. DIY PCR Machine for Multiplying DNA OpenPCR only $600 Commercial PCR ~ $6000 14. Find Horse in your lasagne Shark in your sushi Whos your daddy ?! Join our lab and use it to.. 15. Draft DIYbio Code of Ethics from European Congress Transparency Emphasize transparency and the sharing of ideas, knowledge, data and results. Safety Adopt safe practices. Open Access Promote citizen science and decentralized access to biotechnology. Education Help educate the public about biotechnology, its benefits and implications. Modesty Know you dont know everything. Community Carefully listen to any concerns and questions and respond honestly. Peaceful Purposes Biotechnology must only be used for peaceful purposes. Respect Respect humans and all living systems. Responsibility Recognize the complexity and dynamics of living systems and our responsibility towards them. Accountability Remain accountable for your actions and for upholding this code. 16. Ethics - Learning by Hacking 17. 3500 people on 500 800 + 100 Global diybio Community maillist Labitat + Biologigaragen 18. @Biologigaragen #DIYbio #OpenAccess #OpenScience 19. Get your hands on science once a month Group Experiment Nights 20. Open Access Microbes Kulturkollektionen 21. DIY Gene Gun 22. Exhibition at the Medical Museion of Copenhagen A collaboration between M. M. Borch, Rdiger Trojok & Medical Museion BioHacking: Do-It-Yourself 23. Biostrike ! A diybio/citizen science experimental competition to find new antibiotics 24. 25. Design 26. DIY Gene Gun 27. Collaboration & Open Innovation 28. A Reactor Energy Futures Project ITU Bioenergy or Biosensor 29. 30. Biostrike ! A diybio/citizen science experimental competition to find new antibiotics Medico-bio project. Startet in Copenhagen by Malthe & Pieter. International open collaboration and all over the world. Worrkshops in Tel Aviv, Singapore, Educate - Tech Science and discuss methods currently used. Baessy Open source tools & assays for citizen science. 31. Copenhagen Citizen Science Center Organisation and Surroundings Successful Spinouts Knowledge transfer by Individuals from External Companies and Universities Open Associations Startup Companies & Work Communities External Art-tech, diybio & citizen Science Network Denmark & Internationally 32. 21 st - 26th of June 2014 33. Nringsbiblioteket - The future energy producing waste water treatment plant 1st Prize Winner in collaboration with GXN-3XN Architects, rhusvand Idea Competition Integrating Biotechnology and Architecture 34. Martin Malthe Borch Master of Science Biological Engineering Master in Interaction Design * Researcher ITU, CGID Bioreactor engineering in Art, Science & Technology * Integrator of biotech in architecture and design * Co-founder of #Folkeforskning #CitizenScience Twitter: @mmborch Blog hos Ingeniren: Billeder: Linkedin: