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    Dear participants of Salzburg 2016

    When we drew up our vision of this session and how we would like to implement our media concept together with the Media Team, it was clear from the beginning on that each of our output would be focusing solemnly on you, dear delegates. And with us, our wonderful Media Team was to be responsible to implement our vision that we had carried around in our minds for such a long time.

    You are holding in your hand the only physical production of the PROXIMITY Team: a book for you, the participants of Salzburg 2016, to take with you wherever you go next. Here we compile a selection of the full spectrum of content that we have produced, always with you in mind as either our inspiration or our audience. We offer you back what we gathered from you, to aid you as you continue on in EYP or perhaps simply to reflect on what you gained here: why we return, time and time again, to EYP; why we bother with Teambuilding and how we learn from EYP.

    Supported by our talented Media team who has been with you throughout your time in Salzburg, we aimed to show you your time at the session from another perspective. We have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this session and hope you enjoyed our media coverage.

    Your Editors, Tom Wolfskmpf (DE) & Manon Lynn Schrch (CH)



    Tom Wolfskmpf (DE) Manon Lynn Schrch (CH)

    Photo Editor

    Aino Rysk (FI)

    Video Editor

    Jannis Betschki (AT)


    Caspar Spillmann (CH) Eike Plhak (DE)

    Eyll Yalnkaya (TR) Kate Gurevich (CH)

    Lydia Purschke (DE) Mikaella Christodoulidi (CY)

    zgr Gencer (TR) Tarik Lazouni (CH)

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    Salzburg 2016 A FairytaleIf Mozart were in EYP

    Waltz, Mozart, Schnitzel and EYPInternational Structure of EYPInterview with Giada Benfatto

    Interview with Julia and JohannaDelegates Expectations

    #majorfailalert7 Deadly Sins of EYP

    A Map of EuropeThe Class of Salzburg 2016




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    Once upon a time, the Committee finished its resolution. It tasked the Nameless Delegate with getting the points to the Chair, the Committees former mentor. The Chair had once been human, but had been turned into a chair, after handing in a Topic Overview too late. To get the points to the Chair, the Nameless Delegate had to go through the Dark Forest, cross the Stream of Cuteness and deliver the resolu-tion-points to the Chairs Castle.

    Before the Nameless Delegate started her adventure, she asked her good friend MC Mozart to accompany her. For moral support and so she wouldnt get bored.

    Unfortunately, as they made their way through the forest, they heard the soft sound of the wind rustling branches and raindrops hitting the ground. Out of the shadows emerged several ninjas, not making a sound and moving in singular, abrupt motions.

    Give us the resolution-points and well let you go, whis-pered their leader.

    The Nameless Delegate was about to give them the points, when MC Mozart held his hand in front of her.

    Yo, Deli. Dont ya worry. Have a look, Im pretty sure they can only move one at a time. So before anyone gets to you, just run!

    They ran from the ninjas, but soon MC Mozart, exhausted from spitting these ill rhymes, fell back. The Nameless Delegate, however, didnt notice and kept on running until she was out of the Dark Forest, safe from the Ninjas.

    Soon, she arrived at the Stream of Cuteness. There was a single bridge, guarded by a regiment of kittens. They looked menacing, yet adorable, and were well-known as deadly, unstoppable mercenaries. The Nameless Delegate, however, knew their secret weakness.

    Vigilantly, the kittens stood by the bridge, which led over the torrential stream, and looked out into the dark forest. No one would be able to get past them, and they knew it. One of them noticed a rustling in the bushes nearby. As the kitten stepped closer, a ball of wool rolled out from under the bushes. The kitten looked around, making sure no one, especially not his superiors, could see him and gave the ball a little push. Then another, and another. Soon more balls of wool came flying toward the kitten regiment from behind the bushes.

    Were under attack! meowed one of the kittens, but it was too late. The entire regiment was playing with balls, too distracted to notice they were entangling themselves in the string, until none of them could move. Quickly, the Nameless Delegate ran over the bridge and left the Stream of Cuteness far behind her.

    Finally, she made it to the Gates of the Chairs Castle. Almost at her destination, there was now only one more obstacle to be overcome: the Giant Schnitzel. He was Viennese and sought to stop the resolutions from being written, which is why he sent the ninjas after the Nameless Delegate, and positioned the kitten regiment on the bridge. Now he took matters into his own hands.

    He took a knife, cut off pieces of himself and threw them at the Nameless Delegate, who picked them up and ate them. More and more pieces of Schnitzel were thrown at the Nameless Delegate, who sunk into Gluttony. Meanwhile the Giant Schnitzel started to pick up the resolution-points.

    But out of nowhere a Salty Unicorn came to the rescue. See, salty unicorns are just like regular unicorns, but theyre also salty. The Salty Unicorn galloped over the schnitzel, over salting them, effectively freeing the Nameless Delegate from her Gluttony.

    Together they pushed the Giant Schnitzel into the Stream of Cuteness. Now, one might say that the Nameless Delegate failed because she didnt deliver the resolution-points. But lets instead just be thankful that shes healthy and all right.

    My Chairperson looked at me, So you didnt the finish the resolution in time because you got distracted and ate a Wiener Schnitzel?

    Earnestly I nodded, Exactly.

    Salzburg 2016 A Fairytalewritten by Caspar Spillmann (CH)

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    It is no doubt that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was simply a genius. However, people tend to concentrate on his musical career, leaving out his other hobbies.

    Born on the 27th of January in the year 1756, already from very young age on it was clear that he was born as an immensely precocious child, a Wunderkind. At the age of 11, Mozart composed his first opera. Feeling accomplished in his artistic career already, and declaring I pay no attention whatever to anybodys praise or blame, I simply follow my own feelings, he decides to look for something new, some-thing that would make him meet his fellow young Austrians and allow him to experience the life of a normal 14 year old. In 1772, aged 16, he attends his first EYP session, here in Salzburg.

    Cabs towed by wonderful horses flock from every corner of Europe to attend this most prestigious event, giving young-sters the opportunity to voice their opinion. The young Wolfgang, however, is not very excited. All these people are so ordinary and boring, he thinks.

    For this reason, during Teambuilding, Wolfgang, instead of joining the useless and stupid games and because he was bored, sits on the side and composes a symphony. It takes him a decent 4 hours for that, should be enough.

    He is allocated to LIBE, the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs. His topic for the session was the popular uprising happening in France. While some of his ordinary fellow delegates think Royalty is going to fall and Paris will be liberated and engage Europe into a battle against Monarchy, he, on the other hand, thinks that this aspect is complete nonsense. Indeed, what could simple peasants know of high-ranked noblemen and divinely elected families? Especially, since he doesnt care about France. After all, the French delegates werent even trying to make an effort to speak English.

    When the day of General Assembly came, he puts on his most fabulous suit and shiniest moccasins, in an effort to remind others of his superiority. His eloquence, as well as his profound knowledge of European matters, but above all his presence on the stage, make him stand out from the crowd and direct all eyes at his powdered white hair, making him the best delegate of the session. Thats when he real-ises, no matter how much he tries to integrate with other people of his age, he is, and will always be a Wunderkind.

    After this day, young Mozart decides to walk back home and go back to composing.

    He never did EYP ever again.

    If Mozart were in EYPwritten by Tarik Lazouni (CH)

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    Austria is known as the Sound of Europe thanks to many famous composers having lived here, of course above all the most famous one of them; Mozart. The essence of clas-sical music made a great impact on Salzburgs people by giving them its elegance and gracefulness. You can also see the obvious impact of their cuisine and traditions in their modern daily life, just as you can see how EYP Austria and its sessions work by analysing them.

    What is the one of the first words that comes up to your mind when you think of Austria? Schnitzel! It is not only because they are super delicious and basically eaten in every possible Austrian meal but also the efficiency and minimalism of it reflects why Austrians prefer it that much. Remember the first time you had a taste of its crispiness, you might have felt like it is kind of rough and hard to chew at first but then you get to feel the moist of the chicken. Besides, instead of only listening to classical music all the time, they become a classical music piece on their own. Let

    me explain to you whilst looking at the session, you see how well-structured and smooth it is right? Just like clas-sical music, they have the right amount of every component: des