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Analysis of Production Company Logos

Analysis of Production Company LogosBy Stephen Dunne and Alex PedderColumbia

The main focus of Columbias logo is Lady Liberty, this suggests a strong sense of liberty but also highlights the patriarchal. It also gives off a strong ethereal feeling, this is done by the use of the clouds and by the overwhelming light, this also suggests that the heavens are opening.DreamWorks Studios

DreamWorks Studios production company logo is very effective, it depicts a young male sitting on a crescent moon fishing, this is not something that would be possible in reality, which suggests their ideas a dream-like and full of fantasy. The fact that the person shown is a child, this showcases how their movies are for a younger audience.Metro Goldwyn Mayer

Metro Goldwyn Mayers production company logo is extremely bold and standout, this is because of a few factors, one of which is the colour scheme used, As you can see the background is matte black, and the images in the foreground bright gold, this gives off a classy feeling, the film real is also made of gold which gives the idea that their films are nothing but the best. The lion is also seen as the king of the animal kingdom, this suggests that MGM are the top company within the industry. The lion also connotes bravery and a powerful presenceParamount

Paramounts production company logo is very powerful, firstly the stars that feature could be representative of America (stripes and stars, it can also link to the 5star rating, the more stars the better the film, which suggests their films are top quality. The beautiful background imagery suggests that the films produced by paramount are and will be beautiful and spectacular.Universal

Universals production company logo really pushes a dramatic and overall feeling of togetherness, the name (universal which means it is applicable and known world wide) which is supported by the image of the earth used really pushes this idea.Warner Bros. Pictures

Warner Bros. Pictures' production company logo The insignia, firstly is very large and dominant compared to the sky, this suggests power and presence. The insignia also looks like gold ingots, this connotes wealth, class and once again power. The colour scheme is very bright and powerful, this gives the idea that this company is vast, powerful and bold.20th Century Fox

20th Century Foxs production company logo is extremely stand out and impressive, this is due to a few factors, firstly is the colour scheme, everything is very elaborate and bold, this suggests that their productions are wonderful and grand. The spotlights gives the idea of a premier, a grand and large occassion