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<ul><li> 1. Film Typographies &amp; Production &amp; Distribution Compan Logos I then proceeded to using and obtained various Slasher/Horror conveying typographies. I integrated factors from the successful film titles that made it stand out e.g High colour contrast or bold typographies etc. Initially before creating my film title I used web 2.0 in order to research existing well known and successful horror titles within the slasher sub genre of horror. The objective of utilising and researching these titles was so I could incorporate themes or slight elements of these cult classics into my own film typographies so that my demographic can recognise the title immediately due to intertextuality. This will then spur a word of mouth effect amongst my demographic as it caters to their needs effectively making a more successful film. I found that Halloween, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th all had the colour coding in common although Texas Chainsaw Massacre lacked the red but still maintained the Horror look through the creepy typography which resonates as a slasher/horror title just by looking at the typography, this technique is more subtle and less contrasting than Friday the 13ths with red contrasting sharply with the white. THETHE RETURN The Return THE RETURN </li></ul> <p> 2. Production &amp; Distribution Company Logos Production and distribution companies have many differing logos. The logos are usually or always unique one production/distribution company logo looking completely different from another. This is due to the fact that the company needs to look unique and bespoke so a corporate identity can be formed amongst other business competitors within the industry and also to make the audience remember the companies behind the film. Below I have a collage of the various production/distribution company logos in the film industry, in order to get some bearing in terms of producing a logo for my production and distribution logo. I then produced my own production and distribution logo. As you can see on the right I have made developments of each idea. Grizzly Produktions utilises a mascot and eventually I realised the circular and square borders were not working so I used a road sign, I then added the colours of red, white and black which are typical conventional colours which convey the slasher genre. The Splice logo looked too empty with just a horror font, although this does convey the horror genre. I then added a wooden frame and an axe to represent a typical or conventional weapon in Slashers. The developments although brief because of the simplicity of the logos and text, I utilised CorelDraw12 to layer images and add black rectangles, altered the colours and manipulate images such as the axe. 3. GRIZZLYPRODUKTIONS.GRIZZLYPRODUKTIONS. GRIZZLYPRODUKTIONS. GRIZZLYPRODUKTIONS. A SPLICEFILM... SPLICE FILMS SPLICE FILMS </p>