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Zain Master's product protfolio


<ul><li> 1. Product &amp; Marketing Portfolio Zain Master </li> <li> 2. MercuryLoyaltyRole: Product Manager Product OwnerWeb &amp; Mobile Web Portals </li> <li> 3. MercuryLoyalty Web PortalMerchant Portal Consumer Portal Broadcast Revenue Merchant Branded consumer Portal Social media Reach Communication Preferences Subscriber Count Social Media Integration Merchant Billing Gift &amp; Loyalty Card New Registrants Current Offers Member visits Reward Level Rebranding Surveys Reporting </li> <li> 4. MercuryLoyalty Mobile Web PortalRegistration/Login Dashboard 1 Dashboard 2Mobile Web Portal Design Concepts Feature Reward for Registration Facebook Integration Available Offers Reward Level Locations Gift Card </li> <li> 5. MercuryLoyalty Collateral example Epipheo Animated Video Pitch Character Choice &amp; Voice Product Features Animation Flow Pitch Script Story Plan </li> <li> 6. RigWatch PulseRole: Product Manager Product Marketing User Interface Designer iPhone, iPad, &amp; Anroid </li> <li> 7. Original Application Released to Gain First Mover AdvantageLogin Page Well List Page Summary Page </li> <li> 8. Revised Application V1.1Enhanced Login Icons Report Status Summary Page </li> <li> 9. Revised Application V1.1Live Data Location Mapping Report Generation </li> <li> 10. RigWatch Pulse Wire-Frame Concepts tested with Customer(internal/external) and against Heat Maps iPhone &amp; iPad </li> <li> 11. Login Page Wire-FrameBrand Consistency: 1. Use company approved logo (size, shape, color) on black background.Interactive: For Application Support Contact: (866) 433 4345 1. Call Support for activation of subscription or for additional information 2. Email or launch website </li> <li> 12. iPhone Well List Wire-Frame Well List Refresh: 1. Use pulse instead of wheel Search Bar: 2. Emulate beating of heart 1. On top of well list 2. Place it right where the arrow is at Well List Parameters: 16 RAINBOLT 1-9H 1. Smaller list of parameters Alerting: 2. Truncated to fit 1. Should alert on the well list 16 RAINBOLT 1-9H 16 RAINBOLT 1-9H Background: 1. Static Swoosh is still presentNavigation Tray: 2. Logo of company if allowed 1. Well List Configuration 3. White on grey readout 2. Feedback 4. Dark line Well Separator Please refer to the 3. Help icons chosen 4. Refresh </li> <li> 13. iPad Wire-FrameWell List Search Well List Refresh/Indicator Well Name (Static on this page only) Well List Rig X35 Well List Rig X35 Casing Pressure Activity: REAMING 16 RAINBOLT 1-9H Activity: REAMING Spud Date: 12/15/2010 Spud Date: 12/15/2010 Current Depth: 12,500 ft Current Depth: 12,500 ft 24Hr Footage: 405 ft 24Hr Footage: 405 ft Proposed Depth: Depth - Bit 10,500 ft Proposed Depth: 10,500 ft Company Man: John Doe Depth555 XXXX) (281 Pulse Pusher: Company Man: John Smith (281 555 XXXX) John Doe (281 555 XXXX) Days Vs. Depth Pusher: John Smith (281 555 XXXX) ENG Fuel Consumption ENG Hours Meter Days Vs. Depth ENG Load at Speed Well Name Navigation Tray Days Vs. Depth Graph Directional Chat Chat / Email / Text option Well List Maps Field Change Alerts Format: RTSG Background - Shade of Gray (like iPhone) Reports Font - Well Name (White Bold) AnnunciatorWell Status Icon More Parameters (White)(Drilling, Directional, Circulating, Trip in/out) </li> <li> 14. iPhone Application Rating on (9/23/2011) </li> <li> 15. RigWatch Suite (Brochure)Role: Creation of Taglines, Contents, layout, Brand consistency and Story. </li> <li> 16. RigWatch Suite (Brochure)Role: Creation of Taglines, Contents, layout, Brand consistency and Story. </li> <li> 17. Trade Show Planning Role: Product Marketing Responsibilities: planned shows, campaigns, Interactive media and developed targeted collateral/presentations with unique value story to demonstrate value in mind of customer base. </li> <li> 18. CaterpillarRole: Product Definition Manager </li> <li> 19. Hazardous Area Shifter (collateral Sample) Role: Product Manager Responsibilities: Defined and introduced new product to position Caterpillar as an integrated solutions provider into the Well Service market segment. Also defined and developed Electronic control systems for other market segments (Onshore, Offshore, Gas Compression). </li> <li> 20. Off-Shore Control System (collateral Sample) Role: Product Manager Responsibilities: Defined and developed control system that integrated with customer systems into the Off-Shore (Marine &amp; Oil and Gas) market segment. Also defined and developed Electronic control systems for other market segments (Onshore, Well Service, Gas Compression). </li> <li> 21. MotorolaRole: Sr. Baseband Engineer </li> <li> 22. Phones worked on and shipped at Motorola V3231Collaborated with Motorola CXD(consumer experience design) Group Role: Senior Baseband Engineeron the light diffusion, design, andlayout of the elements on the Responsibilities: ESD, Prototypekeyboard to match customer brand. Certification, Current Drain, Battery Qualification, Camera Testing, RF Parametrics (Rx/Tx), Displays, Power Management, and Circuit Design. </li> <li> 23. New Product Introductions / LaunchesMotorola New Product Introduction V323i, V195 V3, V3i, V3x, V3xx E770v, K1, K1m, Z3Caterpillar New Product Development Load Share Controller Hazardous Area Shifter C13/C15/C18 Tier 4i Engines 3500/C280/C175 Genset Control SystemCanrig New Product Development RigWatch Pulse (iOS &amp; Android) (ver 3.3 ver 3.5) FuelTool/Equipment Condition Monitoring System Re-engineered CanrigOne New Product Development ProcessMercury Payment Systems Product Management MercuryLoyalty (ver 1.0 ver 3.0) MercuryLoyalty &amp; Gift </li> <li> 24. University of Houston Bauer Advisory Board </li> </ul>