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Produce CreaturePinch Pots Project

(noun): agricultural products collectively, esp. vegetables and fruits. What is Produce?

(noun): multicellular beings that have well-defined shape and limited growth, can move voluntarily, actively acquire food and digest it internally, and have sensory and nervous systems that allow them to respond rapidly to stimuli, esp. mammals, insects, reptiles, amphibians. What is an Animal?

An environmental disaster has occurred. DNA has mutated. The Animal Kingdom and the Vegetable Kingdom have been forced to combine and create new species and creatures. Your activity will be to create a ceramic representation of a new produce creature. Your Activity

Brainstorm list of 20 different kinds of produce and 20 different animals. Research both and narrow each list to 3. Choose and pair produce and animals that could work together for an inventive new creature. Decide on 3 pairs.What you will do

Elaborate & define characteristics of each item in your 3 pairings. Characteristics should include things such as: shape, color, texture, size, etc. Continue research & sketching for the 3 pairs.Choose a final pairing of produce and animal. There are restrictionsI may reject your pairing.

What you will do

Bring to class: actual piece of the produce or 5 images of it & 5 images of chosen animal from different angles. Sketch new produce creature from 3 angles. Consider where & how legs, arms, eyes, etc. will attach and work with the produce. For example: stems could be tails or tongues, etc. What you will do

Recreate a realistic replica of your chosen produce. Do this by creating 2 perfect pinch pots and reshaping them into produce. If two circular pinch pots wont work to create your produce, consider alternate methods and strategies. What you will do

*** Dont forget to poke or cut a hole in your pinch pot produce.***

Use additional clay to attach animal features and characteristics to your produce replica. This will create your final new produce creature. What you will do

Paint your produce creature with acrylic paints after it has been fired in the kiln.Present the final creation with a high regard for craftsmanship.What you will do

Consider what the produce looks like when cut or on the inside.

You can use more than one piece of produce to create the animal.

Think of unusual and unexpected animals and producethere are SO many options.

Some types of produce have greens or leaves use them as parts of your animal.

List of 20 different varieties of produce and 20 different species of animalsTop 3 produce and animals that have been paired together, with characteristics defined3 sketches from 3 different views of final produce and animal combination5 printed visual examples of produce and animal to use as reference multiple anglesSize: minimum 4; maximum 6 in one directionRequirements:

Project Packet Wednesday, 9/16: start of classBe prepared to share your idea with me at the start of class

Clay Construction Monday, 9/28: end of classThis is the clay construction onlyProject should be built and on the shelf to dry by the end of class