processing of animal by-products. we are an engineering firm: our main consumers handle with waste...

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  • We are an engineering firm: Our main consumers handle with waste animal waste, communal waste as well manufacturers in petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. Even employees in Monts have more than 30 years of experience, they are continuously trained and tested to reach the highest quality. We can cooperate in these sectors: Processing of animal waste Chemistry and petrochemistry Storage of bulk materials and animal feed Municipal waste disposal Pharmaceutical industry Agriculture Tailor made solution for our consumers
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  • MONTS means: Family owned company located in the heart of Europe Group of dedicated people to their work Designing, engineering and manufacturing capacities Partner for the international leading firms Interesting alternative against old and big manufacturers High flexibility and open minds for new ideas Experience with export to over 25 countries across the world Reliability and durability of our products
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  • Why choose us? We offer: Standard products as well as tailor made solution High and stable quality of our products Skilled workers for installation and commissioning Spare parts for all products (even made by our competitors) More than 30 years of experience in industry Price competitiveness Long term partnership
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  • ConsumerCountry Saria Bio-IndustriesGermany Saria Bio-IndustriesAustria Saria Bio-IndustriesPoland Saria Bio-IndustriesBelarus SecAnimSpain EcoMotionGermany UnimeltGermany KFUGermany AGRISCzech Republic A. J. BushAustralia Pioneer FishingSouth Africa Some reference:
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  • ConsumerCountry ST.TKVAustria BTKVAustria TKV ObersterreichAustria ATEVHungary PROTANRomania PraxairBelgium AgroproteinkaCroacia ManroFrance FarmutilPoland AIKSerbia Carnitec AGSwitzerland
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  • Our product portoflio
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  • Reception bins
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  • Conveyors
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  • Raw and fine crushers
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  • Batch cookers
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  • Continuous disc dryer
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  • Presses and filters
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  • Mills for meal
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  • Storage tanks
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  • Air transportation to biofilters
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  • Air - condensers
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  • Equipment for material transportation and storage
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  • Evaporizers
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  • Gas / Heat exchangers
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  • Some equipment more: Blood coagulators Cookers for wet processes Control and automation of processes Pressurized pipelines for material or air/gas transportation Steel and stainless steel constructions Reactors Refurbishment of worn out machinery Columns for adsorption, absorption, petro chemistry, etc.
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  • Web E-mail [email protected] Phone +420 494 940 321