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Primorski Dolac. We come from Republic of Croatia which is situated in SE Europe. . CROATIA. 56 538 km² population of 4,4 mil. capital – Zagreb . Generally about Primorski Dolac. Primorski Dolac is situated in Dalmatian hinterland which is a part of region Dalmatia. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Primorski Dolac

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We come from Republic of Croatia which is situated in SE Europe.

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• 56 538 km²• population of 4,4 mil.• capital – Zagreb

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Generally about Primorski Dolac

Primorski Dolac is situated in Dalmatian hinterland which is a part of region Dalmatia.

It is situated near UNESCO cities of Split, Trogir and Šibenik which are famous because of their cultural heritage.

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Diocletian's palace earlier Diocletian's palace nowadays

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Saint Jacob’s Cathedral in ŠibenikSaint Lawrence Cathedral in


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VegetationPrimorski Dolac is stony and hilly village and that’s why vegetation is consisted of small trees and bushes.The most known tree is nettle tree which is huge Mediterranean tree that grows near streets and houses .

Nettle tree

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About one thousent people live in our village. The railroad, which connects Primorski Dolac

with Split and Zagreb, was built in 1877. Nowadays, it is very important for everyday life

of the village.The majority of the inhabitants of Primorski

Dolac works for Croatian Railway and in factories in industrial towns.

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Primary school of Primorski Dolac

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The President of Republic of Croatia PhD Ivo Josipović visited us last year.

The school is situated in the middle of the village.73 pupils attend our school.Our school has got many prizes in several years.

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Our school helps African children in their every day life, so we pay school fee for Maria Ndondole.

Maria Ndondole-our godchild

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“Adel and Mara”

Our older pupils played drama “Adel and Mara” based on epic poem by Luka Botić, Croatian romantic poet.

An action takes place in the time of Ottoman and Venetian role in the area of Dalmatia.

The topic of drama is love between Christian girl Mara and Moslem young man Adel.

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Folklore association of Primorski Dolac

The folklore association of Primorski Dolacwas founded four years ago by Jagoda Pavković.

We play traditional dances, sing traditional songs and preserve traditional stories.

We wear traditional costumes.It has fifty members.We perform in many towns in Croatia and also in

town of Chełm in Poland one year ago.

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The members of the folklore association with the president of our country

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Churches in Primorski Dolac

There are three churches in Primorski Dolac.The old Saint Anthony’s Church dates from eighteenth century.

Saint Martin’s Church dates from seventeenth century.

The old Saint Anthony’s Churhc

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The new Saint Anthony’s Church

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