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Grammar check list for year 3/4

Subordinate Clause

 Using a conjunction adding a subordinate clause to an independent clause (independent clause makes sense on its on, subordinate clause doesn't) e.g. 

Relative Clause

A clause that starts with a relative pronoun e.g. who, that, which, whose, when and where.


Adding extra detail to a sentence, that doesn’t have to be there, using commas, brackets or dashes.

Fronted Adverbial

This is when the adverbial phrase is moved to the front of the sentence (in front of the verb) and a comma is placed after it.

Expanded Noun Phrase

This is where an adjective is used to describe the noun.

We’ve looked at these linked to setting descriptions and character descriptions.

Inverted Commas (speech marks)

We use “ “ around text to show when someone is talking. (we also encourage children not to over use the word said!)


Describes where something is.