red-fronted macaw

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You’re going to find out what this species looks like, why its endangered and what they eat and much more!! RED-FRONTED MACAW

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  • 1. Youre going to find out what thisspecies looks like, why its endangeredand what they eat and much more!!RED-FRONTED MACAW

2. Appearances and how it reproduces Red-fronted macaws are mostly green, they have a red forehead andblue/orange under their wings. These species can reproduce (mate) they lay at least 1-3 eggs. These species have backbones They are called vertebratesWingTailBack- vertebrateMore feathers to balancewhen flyingBeak 3. Habitat and Locations Red-fronted macaws live in semi desert mountains where they arefound in trees of Bolivia and Brazil The temperature is hot in the mornings, cold at night. It can alsorain at night. Its also a tropical area that has lots of greenery - trees, bushes,leaves etcRed- fronted macawslive in Brazil andBolivia 4. Food chain and what it eats.. Red-fronted macaws eat grass, leaves and grains. They can get eaten by larger species. They also eat parts of trees.DID YOU KNOW .. These species areherbivores--- meaning they dont eat meat(meat eaters are called carnivores) 5. Why is this species endangered.. The species is endangered because they have been captured bytheir predators and their poachers. Theyve been smuggled to pet owners and to wildlife parks. Theyve also been hunted for their precious feathers.DID YOU KNOW That they areonly about 150 birds of this speciesleft in the wild 6. Bibliography Images:,r:1,s:0,i:82&iact=rc&dur=660&page=1&tbnh=181&tbnw=263&start=0&ndsp=13&tx=91&ty=96 Websites: Books: Humanities Alive Geography.