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<ul><li><p>El pretrito Regular verbs Past tense</p></li><li><p>El pretrito </p><p>Is a past tense.Tells what happened.Is a completed action.</p><p> I called my sister last night. She talked on the phone. The phone rang at 12:30 PM.</p></li><li><p>To find the stem of the verb, remove the -ar, -er, or -ir.trabajar trabaj</p><p> (to work)</p><p>escribir - escrib</p><p> (to write)</p><p> correr corr (to run)</p></li><li><p>-ar verb endings</p><p>amosasteasteisaron</p></li><li><p>Now you conjugate an ar verb:</p><p>tomar el sol (to sunbathe)yo ________t ___________________usted, (l, ella) _____________nosotros _______________vosotros ________________ustedes, (ellos, ellas)___________tom el soltomaste el soltom el sol tomamos el soltomasteis el soltomaron el sol</p></li><li><p>-er and -ir verb endings</p><p>--imos-iste-isteis-i-ieron</p></li><li><p> escribir - to write</p><p>yo _______t ________usted, l, ella ________nosotros _________vosotros __________uds, ellos, ellas ________comprender to understand</p><p>yo _____________t __________usted, l, ella ________nosotros __________vosotros _________uds, ellos, ellas ________Now you conjugate these verbs-comprendcomprendistecomprendocomprendimoscomprendisteiscomprendieronescribescribisteescriboescribimosescribisteisescribieron</p></li><li><p>The yo and usted forms have accents.</p><p>2. The nosotros forms of ar and ir verbs are the same in the present tense and preterite tense.</p><p>3. Er and Ir verbs use the same endings in the preterite tense.</p></li><li><p>Now conjugate these and translate to English.</p><p>yo (cantar)t (comer)nosotros (vivir)usted (trabajar)ellos (beber)l (asistir)</p><p>yo cantt comistenosotros vivimosusted trabajellos bebieronl asisti</p></li><li><p>Now conjugate these and translate to English.Ana (nadar)los chicos (correr)yo (recibir)ella (comprender)ustedes (escuchar)t (estudiar)nadcorrieronrecibcomprendiescucharonestudiaste</p></li><li><p> If you have mastered the conjugation of regular verbs in the preterite, you are now able to talk about things you did or what happened. (That is, if you use regular verbs.) Yo bail. I danced</p><p>l escribi una carta. He wrote a letter.</p></li><li><p>Dont forget two irregular verbs you already to goyo fuit fuisteel, ella, y ud. fuenosotros fuimosellos y uds. fueron</p><p>ser to beyo fuit fuisteel, ella, y ud. fuenosotros fuimosellos y uds. fueron</p></li></ul>


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