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The Phat Startup. Reflects on SXSWTurning Gaming Passions into Profits

New York, NY April 1, 2014- When asked to be panelists and represent for the gaming and tech community at SXSW, it was a no brainer and an immediate YES from James Lopez and Anthony Frasier, the founders of The Phat Startup. SXSW (March 7-16, 2014) is the largest festival of its kind in the world, and is the heart of the convergence of the interactive, music and film industries. Kicking off their promotional tour with SXSW, in Austin, TX, the New Jersey and Bronx born natives, blew attendees away March 7th as panelists on Turning Gaming Passions into Profits. Participants were offered executable advice that can be put into action, NOW! The Phat Startup, offers a unique learning environment for entrepreneurs to use the explosive energy that hip hop culture offers to elevate and spring board their ideas into a thriving competitive business. These guys formula to success is simple... figure out what startups need, while actually being a startup themselves. And by choice or force, ideas come together. The Phat Startup is on top of their game.

Cj Peters, CEO& Founder, Konsole KingzTurning Gaming Passions into Profits Panel Discussion Video:

HYPERLINK "" a recent interview, post SXSW, the gentlemen of The Phat Startup offered these reflections:

How do you think a festival like SXSW, and all of its unique features, has helped the gaming community?James: A festival like SXSW does wonders for the gaming community. Many of us are seen as technology lovers and many of us love music. This is a great way to combine all the worlds together promoting the educational panels/ workshops and togetherness in the community via the parties and festivities surrounding the festival. It also shines light on the gaming world but with a business type of vibe to it by bringing together the people that create the gaming landscape with those who are currently doing business in it.As a first time attendee and panelist, describe the energy & vibe felt based on your experience?Anthony: My first time being at SXSW, I didnt know what to expect. Our panel was filled with eager gamers looking to turn their passions into opportunity. When the panel was over gamers from all walks of life came up to meet us and get even more information. Everyone had a hunger for more!Reflecting on your experience & knowledge gained at SXSW, what's next for the Phat Startup?James: SXSW made me realize that our message is needed in a bigger scale. We stuck to NYC, NJ and web but now we need to go to more cities and promote entrepreneurship in our communities via great workshops and events. There are people out there that do not know us or even entrepreneurship in general, we have to be the voice and uplift our people. We have to create the tools and resources that our community can use to effectively chase their dreams. #bossupAnthony: We will take our experience from SXSW and try to recreate that energy every month at our events in NYC. #bossupUpcoming Events:

Startups Are Hard: Keeping it Real with Ben HorowitzTuesday April 15, 2014 from 7-9:30 pm (EDT)

For more information contact:

Wanda Reynolds 347-688-4652



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