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  2. 2. STRANG. and PINHEAD COLLABORATION BRING MAKING TO TELLURIDE. Strang Architecture and The Pinhead Institute have teamed up to explore the possibilities of Additive Manufacturing right here in Telluride, CO. 3D-Printing, which utilizes the process known as additive manufacturing, is a newer technology that has gained record breaking attention and has stemed insurmontable amounts of innovative growth. The ability to rapidly prototype serves equally beneficial for both [STRANG] Architectures design process and the makerspace atmo- sphere PINHEAD boasts. Locations embracing the 3d-printing initiative also portray an image of progressionism and intellect. Signups have been plentiful for the 3d printing classes-- regardless of the fact that we did not give students a clear idea of what they would be making. Kids are just eager to get near the printer-- if only just to watch it. (p. sharlow). Starting December 13th - 14th PINHEAD will be hosting its first 3d-printing classes/tutorials. Regardless if you nabbed a seat or not, come peek through the PINHEAD glass and catch a glimpse of the Ultimaker2 in action! Also, schedule a visit with the contact below or learn about new events at Adam Mahardy 352.281.4787 [STRANG] Architecture theMAKERSMOVEMENT [STRANG] ARCHITECTURE THE PINHEAD INSTITUTE The Pinhead Institute has added Patrick Sharlow, a robotics engineer, to head the upcomming 3d-printing projects Sharlow will also be leading the Lego Robotics events for the PINHEAD robotics initiative. I see 3dprinting as a way to customize your robot-- Im talking more than just aesthetics here. Engineering, branding-- it will all have to be on their (the childrens) minds (a. mahardy) PINHEAD in Telluride has always, and will always, strive to expose our youth to the latest educational opportunities. I believe that students should be better prepared for STEM majors-- there was a 50% dropout rate my first year in engineering. (p. sharlow) 3d-printing can open the mind of a child like no other technolo- gy-- an idea may come to fruition within a few hours, instead of a few days. This is powerful. (a. mahardy) Strang architecture has provided Adam Mahardy, founder of theMAKERSMOVEMENT and early Kickstarter of the breakthrough Peachy 3d-Print- er from Europe. He also graduated from UF with a B.Arch in 2014 and has used most methods of 3d-printing available (powder, resin, plastic). Adam was the advisor for the 3d-printer pur- chase. Within the field of Design (especially archi- tecture), 3d-printers have proven to save time, disband inventive restrictions, and allow for much quicker and concentrated types of think- ing. [STRANG] would like to capitalize on the opportunity to embrace this cultural evolution and grow with technology. WHAT: WHY: WHEN: WHERE: WHO: CON- TACT:


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