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Press Release 6. ekihouse project


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UPV/EHU in the challenge of solar architecture


Miguel Ángel Gutiérrez Ortiz

Vice President for Research UPV/EHU

Rufino J. Hernández Professor UPV/EHU, Faculty Advisor

Introduction 2

The team 3

Project description 7

Partners and Sponsors 9

Project images 12

Event & Press 26

The University of the Basque Country UPV/ EHU has accepted the invitation of the organization of the Solar Decathlon Europe, the Government of Spain and the Department of Energy of the United States to participate in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 will take place in Madrid in September 2012.

The Solar Decathlon Europe is an international competition open to all accredited colleges, universities and other higher education institutions in which teams of students compete to design, build and operate homes with solar features.

The competition is an excellent opportunity to disseminate knowledge and prestige for universities and entities. Will integrate and generate knowledge on sustainable construction demanded by society, meeting the requi-rements of quality and comfort. Socially, the competition is a great opportunity to raise awareness of important issues to the environment and responsible use of energy and the renewable energy.

The project has been designed to increase participants’ knowledge of energy efficiency of buildings and to encourage them to participate in research and development projects related to solar energy. The competition encourages collaboration among students in the disciplines of architecture, engineering, business, communica-tion and marketing, in order to develop and implement new solar technologies applied to the housing market.

The UPV / EHU, with institutional support from the Department of Housing, Public Works and Transportation of the Basque Government and other institutions of the Basque Country, invites institutions and companies to participate in this event as an effective platform for spreading, on a national and international capabilities of knowledge, technology and production of Basque society, its companies and institutions.


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A teamwork

The Research Group for Quality of Life in Architecture (caviar), is coor-dinating the project at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU.

In addition, involving other departments and institutes of the University related to the different issues that this project addresses. The De-partment of Heat Engines, located in the Engineering School of Bilbao and the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Department, are some of the collaborating university organizations.

However, the main protagonists of this project are university students. This competition is an excellent opportunity to implement the training in diverse in fields as design, construction, energy efficiency, market viability, communications, etc. Consequently, the work is done in an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration that multiplies the possi-bilities of learning for all team members.

Since December 2010, a large group of architecture and engineering students are working together in collaboration with teachers and re-searchers in this interdisciplinary project.

THE TEAM A teamwork 3

Our university 4

Team officers 4

Students 5

Supporting professors 6

Eneritz Trigueros

Student Coordinator

“This competition gives us the opportuni-ty to put into practice everything lear-ned in college. We designed the house ourselves, but more interesting is that we also build. This will help us to understand many of the building systems we have studied previously.

As the architects of the future, it is very important to promote sustainable archi-tecture among us, because this is the architecture of the future. Solar Decathlon addition by trying to innovate and apply new technologies, very important to redu-ce energy costs.

Personally, I am excited about the colla-boration between different professions as architects, engineers, sociologists, etc., you can help to sensitize society on sustainable architecture. Furthermore, we know people from other countries and so we are learning about the different working modes in each of them. “

“The architects of the future”


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The UPV/EHU is the only public university in the Basque Country. The institution has over 50,000 students, tutors and administrative staff. Also, 95 percent of all research in the Basque country takes place here, and its classrooms have seen the gradation of a quarter of a million students in diverse subjects. It is one of the most important universities in Spain in terms of numbers of degree courses and students.

The University of the Basque Country is at the helm of Research, Development and Innovation in a region which stands out as one of the most prosperous in Europe. Our Three campuses are located in the main cities of the Basque Country: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and San Sebastian.


Rufino J. Hernández Faculty Advisor PhD Architect. Full Professor, Architectural Construction. High School of Architecture, San Sebastian. Co-founder of ah asociados Research areas: Quality of life in Architecture, Materials and industrialized building systems and Sustainable construction and energy efficiency [email protected]

Olatz Irulegi Project manager PhD Architect. Associate professor in Architectural Construction. High School of Architecture Research areas: Sustainable cons-truction and energy efficiency [email protected]

Mikel Lazkano Construction Manager Site operation Coordinator High School of Architecture, 6th year. [email protected]

Enara Menio Project Architect High School of Architecture, 6th year. [email protected]

Javier Gironés Project Engineer Enginner. Researcher

Antonio Serra Electrical Engineer PhD Enginner. Researcher. Quality of Life in Architecture Group [email protected]

Iñaki Mendizabal Structural Engineer Architect, Associate Professor. High School of Architecture [email protected]

Eneritz Trigueros Student Team Leader High School of Architecture, 6th year. [email protected]

Koldo Atxa HS Team Coordinator High School of Architecture, 6th year. [email protected]

Raffaelina Loi Contest Captain Architect. Researcher Quality of Life in Architecture Group [email protected]

Borja García Instrumentation contact High School of Architecture, 6th year. [email protected]

Víctor Araújo Communication coordinator Sponsorship manager Architect. Researcher Quality of Life in Architecture Group [email protected] Some pictures of various team activities.

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Team Role Name University Studies Year






Student Coordinator Eneritz Trigueros Architecture DMemoria Itziar Ibarrondo Architecture 5 thConstruction Manager Mikel Lazkano Architecture D

Ioar Cabodevilla Architecture 5 thHealth & Safety Manager Koldo Atxa Architecture 5 th

Lilia Aizkorbe Architecture 5 thIñaki Larrañaga Architecture 5 th






Project Architect Enara Menoyo Architecture 5 thAnabel García Architecture 5 thAnder Salaberria Egaña Architecture 5 th

Detalles Constructivos Sergio Morales Architecture DLeire Hontoria Architecture 5 thHebe González Architecture 5 thJosu Lopez de Ipiña Architecture 6 th

Diseño Enara Menoyo Architecture 5 thMaddi Sánchez Architecture 5 thItziar de la Puerta Architecture 5 thAsier Larunbe Architecture 5 th

Infografía Josune Rodriguez Architecture 5 th





Electricidad Oihane Camino Architecture 5 thAlaitz Arsuaga Architecture 5 th

PV Mikel Elias Architecture DIon Lizarralde Igartua (Engineer) Postgrad. SEECAsier Gorrosarri Fernández (Engineer) Postgrad. SEEC

Estrategias bioclimáticas Olatz Pombo Postgraduate in MC Agua Hodei Abaurrea Architecture 5 th

Eñaut Legarda Architecture D Acondicionamiento Naiara Iglesias (Engineer) Postgrad. SEEC

Cristina Carriles Architecture 5 thNaiara Romero (Architect) Postgrad. SEEC Iker González Piño (Engineer) Postgrad. SEEC

Balance Energético Xabat Oregi Architecture 5 thXabier Urroz Architecture 5 thNaiara Romero Architecture 5 th

Instrumentation Contact Borja García Architecture DGorka Goicoechea Aguirre Architecture 5 th












House Tour Endika Ampudia Architecture 5 thEvent Coordinator Iris Chaparro Architecture 5 th

Irene Fonseca del Rio Architecture 5 thMaider Borde Architecture 5 th

Jone Castells Architecture 3 thSustainability Manager Leyre Nuñez Architecture 5 th

Amagoia Etxebarria Architecture 5 thSara de Maintenant Architecture 3 th

D: Diploma

SEEC: Postgraduate in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Construction

MC: Postgraduate in Multimedia Communication.


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ekihouse PR#6 — 6

Luis Alfonso del Portillo PhD Engineer. Full Professor. High School of Engineering of Bilbao Director of the Departement of Heat Engines

Ane Miren Garcia PhD Engineer. Full Professor. School of Mining Engineering.

Jose Antonio Millán Professor of Thermodynamics High School of Engineering of Bilbao

Aitor Urresti Associate professor. Technical School of Industrial Engineering

Koldobika Martin Associate professor. School of Mining Engineering

SUPPORTING PROFESSORS Ignacio R. Matías PhD Engineer, Full professor Public University of Navarra

Iñigo Rodriguez Architect. Associate Professor. High School of Architecture

Eneko Uranga Architect. Associate Professor. High School of Architecture

Xabat Oregi Architect. Associate Professor. High School of Architecture

Claudia Pennese PhD Architect. Researcher Quality of Life in Architecture Group

The organization and coordination of team work is a fundamental key in this transver-sal and interdisciplinary project.

Thus, responsibilities for the different sec-tions are assumed equally by professors, researchers and students, making a solid and detailed organizational chart, which reflects the different aspects involved SDE competition, the design and construction

of the solar house.

At the same time, the team is permanently open to the participation of new members of the university community and its organi-zation is changing and expanding to inte-grate these new “decathletes.”

Interdisciplinarity & transversality

The role of these teachers is fundamen-tal to support, review and coordination of student work.

They belong to different departments of our university, covering different fields of knowledge.

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ekihouse PR#6 — 7



ekihouse is the proposal of the UPV/EHU Team for the Solar De-cathlon Europe 2012 competition. This project is much more than a solar house. It is the work and expectations of many students, professors, researchers, institutions, companies…

The goal of the team is to demostrate to the society the capability of the Basque Country University of building a house that could make real the improvement of the life quality in architecture.

...much more than a solar house

a teamekihouse is being developed by many multidisciplinary groups inside the univer-sity, in collaboration with the institutions and the companies that provide the technology that make possible the cons-truction of the house. The collaboration between these groups must be very clo-se, so, we organize the groups following the objetives of the competition, dividing them into smaller groups. We also include another categories outside the SDE struc-ture that helps us completing the work in a better way.

As we stated in the first paragraphs, the main objetive of the project is to build a house that would improve the life quality in architecture, throught a competitive proposal that transmits the people that another way of housing is possible with the current technology, at a reasonable price.

We are called to raise society awareness to improve the environment, reducing the waste and emissions to the atmosphere. The construction waste, are one of the main causes of the climate change, so that, we have the opportunity to show the public that this fact could be changed thanks to the solar house.

a projectekihouse team tries to improve the pro-ject for every deliverable, but this is only the visible part of this effort. During each phase, and every day, we try to work together in the same direction: make ekihouse, the very best solar house for the society.

At this point of the project, we participate actively with every partner and company that take part in the development of the house. This is one of the most important points of the daily work because the team have to learn from the technology of the current market and adapt it to the project, but at the same time, it is a challenge for the partners who learn of the concerns and problems of the group, trying to solve them.

We are working on detailing every feature of the house with the purpose of finishing it before the last deliverable to be able to try on every system with the objetive of avoiding and solving every problem that could appear during the competition. This fact will help us making a better hou-sing system and obtaining more efficient results.

As well, the team works continuously to improve the work way and satisfy all the marked goals by the organization.

and a houseekihouse is a solar house that comply with all the requirements of its occupants. From the energy demand, to the maxi-mum confort, thanks to the generous spa-ces generated inside the envelopment without any kind of obstacles.

The two wide windows provide to the house a permanent natural illumination, controling, the sun incidence with several steel sheets occulted in the facede, in the outside of the window. As well, the solar roof, provides a good shading, that allows to open all the facade in some sunny days, reducing the solar incidence.

The north facade is specially insulated for the winter days, when the heating demand increase specially. These needs can be mitigated, opening the south fa-cade allowing the sun heat the inner side of the house.

Every strategy is designed according to bioclimatic concepts, added to other active systems that allow make a better atmosphere of the house.

Inside the house, all the furnitures are designed to allow a flexible configuration depending on the needs of the owner. Every situation during the day has its response, adapting the central piece of furniture, or the kitchen equipment. These

Page 8: Press Release &

ekihouse PR#6 — 8

have inside them the bed, the desk, the table, or seats… The only limit is the ima-gination of the user!

Appart from the shape or systems of the house, a fundamental feature is cons-cientiously studied: the industrialization of the construction and the capacity of an easy transportation. This fact is one of the main premises of this competition, giving the chance to adapt the house to any situation and place.

raising social awarenessFrom the communication team of eki-house many activities are being planned to spread out the meaning of the project and its relevant importance for the socie-ty. We use various channels of communi-cation, like social networks, exhibitions,

conferences, articles, interviews…

Team members also make an important job transmiting and spreading the project in their environment.

We emphasize in the importance of the change. The public has to understand the impact of the solar house and its consequences in the global environment, walking always to a better quality of life in architecture.

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ekihouse PR#6 — 9


Main Partner 9

Sponsors 9

Communication partners 10

Collaborators 11


The Basque Government, through the Housing, Public Works and Trans-port Departmen, is the driving force of this universitary project, as well as, its main sponsor.

Its institutional, financial and logistic support is fundamental for the deve-lopment of ekihouse.

Its support has favored the integration of an important number of compa-nies and associations around this innovative project.


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More pictures about the project on our website and our Flickr channel

If you need more images or higher resolution, please request by e-mail to our Communication Office:

[email protected]

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14 15

1: Photo session 2: The eki-team on the beach La Concha in San Sebastian, January 2012 3: Construction project images | 4: At school Arizmendi, Arrasate. Group photo. | 5: Receiving an award from the University. | 6: Our Faculty Advisor Rufino J. Hernández at the conference in Bilbao | 7: Our poster at the Congress CONAMA Local, Vitoria-Gasteiz | 8: Exhibition at Cristina Enea Foundation, Donostia-San Sebastian. | 9: Conference in Bilbao | 10: Ekisundays 11: Our stand in Bioterra 2012 Ficoba (Irún) 12: Group photo of FP conference, Vitoria-Gasteiz | 13: Press conference in the city council of San Sebastian. | 14: Radio interview in Euskadi Irratia | 15: Educational workshop in Arizmendi school.

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16: Exterior view from South. | 17: House plan | 18: South elevation | 19: North elevation | 20: View from South | 21: Longitudinal sec-tion | 22: Cross section. | 23: Aerial view. | 24: Axonometric view. Different configurations of space. | 25: Views from inside the house.

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Dissemination activities 26

Get to the people 28

ekihouse online 29

Multimedia 29

Contact 29


Dissemination activitiesCommunication and dissemination of the project is one of the main goals of our team. The following are the main activities undertaken and planned.


On Thursday may 10 2012 at 10:30am the Technical Conference Series: “Energy Efficiency and Sustainability in Construction - eki-house - Solar Decathlon Europe 2012” will be inaugurated in the Bizkaia Aretoa building in Bilbao. The objective of this conference is to exchange different opinions about the sustainable construc-tion, energy efficiency in construction, the solar energy, the reuse and the smart use of the water sources, between the professionals, companies and researchers of the field.

Iñaki Largo, during the Conference in Bilbao, May 2012. Iñaki Mendizabal during the Conference in Vitoria-Gastreiz


Ecobuild, the world’s leading event for sustainable design, cons-truction and the built environment brought together more than 57,000 industry professionals from 20-22 March 2012 at London’s ExCeL. Over the three days visitors explored the products, services and innovations from more than 1,500 exhibitors. Ekihouse team have been represented at Ecobuild too by ClusterHabic.

Visitors were able to attend more than 130 free of charge conferen-ce and seminar sessions featuring a host of high profile politicians, utting edge industry experts and renowned commentators.


kihouse participated in a conference on Sustainability in the cons-truction in which professional training students and teachers co-ming from Euskadi, Catalunia, the Canary Islands, Madrid and other communities also participated. Edwin Rodriguez, Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 project manager, presented the competition and Iñaki Mendizabal ekihouse project.


Ekihouse has participated in the first edition of the conference “inSOStenible” held in Granada, where he presented current issues related to sustainable architecture, from the territorial scale of construction detail. Among speakers ranging from professionals to students, EKIHOUSE was invited to describe their experience and work in the Solar Decathlon, explaining the project and its biocli-matic characteristics and giving his opinion on a basis consistent

Page 27: Press Release &

ekihouse PR#6 — 27

strategies and environmentally friendly.

In a panel discussion, participants left the conference demonstrate those architectures that, by their excessive cost, poor social com-ponent, mismanagement or unacceptable environmental impact, among others, are clearly unsustainable.


Ekihouse visited Arizmendi Ikastola, a high school in Arrasate-Mon-dragon (Gipuzkoa).

Together with the students, we have done some activities about sustainability, the ipact of construction and materials in the nature and bioclimatic architecture. As conclusion, we explained ekihouse and we were provided with feedback on our project.


The previous 7th of March, the “ekihouse: una casa para el futuro” exhibition was inaugurated in the headquarters of Crisitina Enea foundation, in Donostia San Sebastián.

This foundation works raising awareness of environmental and sustainability values. This exhibition is inscribed inside the colla-boration agreement between ekihouse and Cristina Enea Founda-tion, which will materialize also in various activities, with the aim of bringing this project, and its enviromental values, to the society. In this exhibition was presenting the project and them self . Also, what is the Solar Decathlon 2012 competition means.

Educational workshop in Arzmendi school, Arrasate.


The days 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June took place in Irun the Bioterra 2012 sustainability fair, performed in the FICOBA fair, in which par-ticipated the Ekihouse team. During those days took place the ‘The basque solar house for the European Solar Decathlon’ conference by Iñaki Mendizabal and Victor Araujo. Guided tours were also organized through the exposition, showing samples of the compo-nents of the house, explanatory panels as well as the last model made. For children took place a little workshop in which they had to draw the house of the future.

Ekihouse in Bioterra, Irún.


The previous 17th of June, the EkiSundays event was celebrated in Cristina Enea Centre, in Donostia-San Sebastián. During this day, most aimed at showing children what is a sustainable housing, were performed different workshops depending on the children age, from drawings for young children to a gymkhana for older chil-dren. For the adult public took place a little exposition in which was drawn the ground in the floor to show the real size of the housing. In the exposition was explained to the visitors the project and in what consist the Solar Decathlon contest..

Ekisundays, Donostia.

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ekihouse PR#6 — 28


Ekihouse considers very important, to the dissemination of the project, the direct contact with the public, so before finishing the construc-tion of the house and take it to Madrid to participate in the competition, we offer the general public the opportunity to visit the site of con-struction of ekihouse to appreciate the construction process of a our sustainable house.

The visit sessions were inaugurated with the visit of the VISESA`s group. That visit consists in a brief introduction of competition and the project in the hall of the Quality Control Laboratory of Building. After that they have visited the building.


Get to the people

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ekihouse PR#6 — 29

One of the most important issues for the Project for us is the pur-pose of document all our activities, events, etc. to make the public able to follow the project visually. Therefore, in this last phase we have put a special endeavor in that. For this, we not only have pe-riodically photographed all the events, construction progress of the house, etc. but have made the following:


The timelapse is very trendy lately. It consist on showing the pass of the time across a photography sequence. Therefore, we thought it would be a great way of showing visually various issues related to Ekihouse, from the housing constructive process to the assembly process ot the different events.


Besides the timelapses, there have made some vidios in which the decathletes explains the experience during the events, house construction, etc. so that the public can discover more personal and informal issues of the project.


The music is another very important media nowadays, and there-fore Ekihouse has decided to create an own melody, so when is listened will be identified with the house as well as work as musical background for the different videos.


Various images of timelapse.


@Rufino J. Hernández Faculty Advisor PhD Architect. Full Professor, High School of Architecture San Sebastian [email protected] Tel. 0034 943015644

Víctor Araújo Communication coordinator Architect. Researcher Quality of Life in Architecture Group [email protected] Tel. 0034 609926698 ONLINE

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