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Press Release 6. ekihouse project


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    UPV/EHU in the challenge of solar architecture


    Miguel ngel Gutirrez Ortiz Vice President for Research UPV/EHU

    Rufino J. Hernndez Professor UPV/EHU, Faculty Advisor

    Introduction 2

    The team 3

    Project description 7

    Partners and Sponsors 9

    Project images 12

    Event & Press 26

    The University of the Basque Country UPV/ EHU has accepted the invitation of the organization of the Solar Decathlon Europe, the Government of Spain and the Department of Energy of the United States to participate in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 will take place in Madrid in September 2012.

    The Solar Decathlon Europe is an international competition open to all accredited colleges, universities and other higher education institutions in which teams of students compete to design, build and operate homes with solar features.

    The competition is an excellent opportunity to disseminate knowledge and prestige for universities and entities. Will integrate and generate knowledge on sustainable construction demanded by society, meeting the requi-rements of quality and comfort. Socially, the competition is a great opportunity to raise awareness of important issues to the environment and responsible use of energy and the renewable energy.

    The project has been designed to increase participants knowledge of energy efficiency of buildings and to encourage them to participate in research and development projects related to solar energy. The competition encourages collaboration among students in the disciplines of architecture, engineering, business, communica-tion and marketing, in order to develop and implement new solar technologies applied to the housing market.

    The UPV / EHU, with institutional support from the Department of Housing, Public Works and Transportation of the Basque Government and other institutions of the Basque Country, invites institutions and companies to participate in this event as an effective platform for spreading, on a national and international capabilities of knowledge, technology and production of Basque society, its companies and institutions.


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    A teamwork

    The Research Group for Quality of Life in Architecture (caviar), is coor-dinating the project at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU.

    In addition, involving other departments and institutes of the University related to the different issues that this project addresses. The De-partment of Heat Engines, located in the Engineering School of Bilbao and the Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science Department, are some of the collaborating university organizations.

    However, the main protagonists of this project are university students. This competition is an excellent opportunity to implement the training in diverse in fields as design, construction, energy efficiency, market viability, communications, etc. Consequently, the work is done in an environment of interdisciplinary collaboration that multiplies the possi-bilities of learning for all team members.

    Since December 2010, a large group of architecture and engineering students are working together in collaboration with teachers and re-searchers in this interdisciplinary project.

    THE TEAM A teamwork 3Our university 4

    Team officers 4

    Students 5

    Supporting professors 6

    Eneritz Trigueros Student Coordinator

    This competition gives us the opportuni-ty to put into practice everything lear-ned in college. We designed the house ourselves, but more interesting is that we also build. This will help us to understand many of the building systems we have studied previously.

    As the architects of the future, it is very important to promote sustainable archi-tecture among us, because this is the architecture of the future. Solar Decathlon addition by trying to innovate and apply new technologies, very important to redu-ce energy costs.

    Personally, I am excited about the colla-boration between different professions as architects, engineers, sociologists, etc., you can help to sensitize society on sustainable architecture. Furthermore, we know people from other countries and so we are learning about the different working modes in each of them.

    The architects of the future


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    The UPV/EHU is the only public university in the Basque Country. The institution has over 50,000 students, tutors and administrative staff. Also, 95 percent of all research in the Basque country takes place here, and its classrooms have seen the gradation of a quarter of a million students in diverse subjects. It is one of the most important universities in Spain in terms of numbers of degree courses and students.

    The University of the Basque Country is at the helm of Research, Development and Innovation in a region which stands out as one of the most prosperous in Europe. Our Three campuses are located in the main cities of the Basque Country: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Bilbao and San Sebastian.


    Rufino J. Hernndez Faculty Advisor PhD Architect. Full Professor, Architectural Construction. High School of Architecture, San Sebastian. Co-founder of ah asociados Research areas: Quality of life in Architecture, Materials and industrialized building systems and Sustainable construction and energy efficiency

    Olatz Irulegi Project manager PhD Architect. Associate professor in Architectural Construction. High School of Architecture Research areas: Sustainable cons-truction and energy efficiency

    Mikel Lazkano Construction Manager Site operation Coordinator High School of Architecture, 6th year.

    Enara Menio Project Architect High School of Architecture, 6th year.

    Javier Girons Project Engineer Enginner. Researcher

    Antonio Serra Electrical Engineer PhD Enginner. Researcher. Quality of Life in Architecture Group

    Iaki Mendizabal Structural Engineer Architect, Associate Professor. High School of Architecture

    Eneritz Trigueros Student Team Leader High School of Architecture, 6th year.

    Koldo Atxa HS Team Coordinator High School of Architecture, 6th year.

    Raffaelina Loi Contest Captain Architect. Researcher Quality of Life in Architecture Group

    Borja Garca Instrumentation contact High School of Architecture, 6th year.

    Vctor Arajo Communication coordinator Sponsorship manager Architect. Researcher Quality of Life in Architecture Group Some pictures of various team activities.

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    Team Role Name University Studies Year






    Student Coordinator Eneritz Trigueros Architecture DMemoria Itziar Ibarrondo Architecture 5 thConstruction Manager Mikel Lazkano Architecture D

    Ioar Cabodevilla Architecture 5 thHealth & Safety Manager Koldo Atxa Architecture 5 th

    Lilia Aizkorbe Architecture 5 thIaki Larraaga Architecture 5 th






    Project Architect Enara Menoyo Architecture 5 thAnabel Garca Architecture 5 thAnder Salaberria Egaa Architecture 5 th

    Detalles Constructivos Sergio Morales Architecture DLeire Hontoria Architecture 5 thHebe Gonzlez Architecture 5 thJosu Lopez de Ipia Architecture 6 th

    Diseo Enara Menoyo Architecture 5 thMaddi Snchez Architecture 5 thItziar de la Puerta Architecture 5 thAsier Larunbe Architecture 5 th

    Infografa Josune Rodriguez Architecture 5 th





    Electricidad Oihane Camino Architecture 5 thAlaitz Arsuaga Architecture 5 th

    PV Mikel Elias Architecture DIon Lizarralde Igartua (Engineer) Postgrad. SEECAsier Gorrosarri Fernndez (Engineer) Postgrad. SEEC

    Estrategias bioclimticas Olatz Pombo Postgraduate in MC Agua Hodei Abaurrea Architecture 5 th

    Eaut Legarda Architecture D Acondicionamiento Naiara Iglesias (Engineer) Postgrad. SEEC

    Cristina Carriles Architecture 5 thNaiara Romero (Architect) Postgrad. SEEC Iker Gonzlez Pio (Engineer) Postgrad. SEEC

    Balance Energtico Xabat Oregi Architecture 5 thXabier Urroz Architecture 5 thNaiara Romero Architecture 5 th

    Instrumentation Contact Borja Garca Architecture DGorka Goicoechea Aguirre Architecture 5 th












    House Tour Endika Ampudia Architecture 5 thEvent Coordinator Iris Chaparro Architecture 5 th

    Irene Fonseca del Rio Architecture 5 thMaider Borde Architecture 5 th

    Jone Castells Architecture 3 thSustainability Manager Leyre Nuez Architecture 5 th

    Amagoia Etxebarria Architecture 5 thSara de Maintenant Architecture 3 th

    D: Diploma

    SEEC: Postgraduate in Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Construction

    MC: Postgraduate in Multimedia Communication.


  • ekihouse PR#6 6

    Luis Alfonso del Portillo PhD Engineer. Full Professor. High School of Engineering of Bilbao Director of the Departement of Heat Engines

    Ane Miren Garcia PhD Engineer. Full Professor. School of Mining Engineering.

    Jose Antonio Milln Professor of Thermodynamics High School of Engineering of Bilbao

    Aitor Urresti Associate professor. Technical School of Industrial Engineering

    Koldobika Martin Associate professor. School of Mining Engineering

    SUPPORTING PROFESSORS Ignacio R. Matas PhD Engineer, Full professor Public University of Navarra

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