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<ul><li><p>For Immediate Release Available for Interview Contact: Melissa Moss Research On The Road 814. 404. 6500 text/call </p><p> Interview Talking Points * The Creamery taught Ben &amp; Jerry to make ice cream! * Secrets of great ice cream? Tom knows! * Anyone want to guess? Fun facts the public doesnt know about the history and science of ice cream! * The Creamery &amp; Pennsylvania dairy industry! </p><p>TOM PALCHAK, MANAGER OF THE WORLD-FAMOUS </p><p>PENN STATE BERKEY CREAMERY, TO PRESENT </p><p>FREE PUBLIC TALK (&amp; ICE CREAM TASTING!) AT </p><p>HISTORIC PITTSBURGH ICE CREAM PARLOR, </p><p>KLAVONS. FRIDAY, JUNE 19th, 6:30 to 8:30 PM </p><p> Get the SCOOP on this story! Report LIVE from the event! Book Guest for In-Studio &amp; Phone Interviews! </p></li></ul>