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<ul><li><p>PRESS RELEASE Friday, April 3, 2015</p><p>The creators of the zecOO electric motorcycle are pleased to announce that their exclusive </p><p>hand-made machine is now ready for sale to the general public. The rst production prototype</p><p>was unveiled during a March 25th press event at exclusive Terakoya Restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, </p><p>where Team zecOO announced that they are now taking orders and providing test-rides to </p><p>interested buyers.</p><p>The fully electric zecOO is the rst and only full-sized, street-legal electric motorcycle on the </p><p>market that is made in Japan. This unique low-riding street bike is hand-made by expert craftsmen </p><p>at Auto-Sta Suehiro, a custom motorcycle maker with more than 30 years of experience building </p><p>bikes, with a distinctly futuristic Japanese design by Nezu Kota, founder of znug design.</p><p>Powered by a Zero Motorcycles powertrain, zecOO has a 67 horsepower output, projected </p><p>maximum speed of 160km/h, and a one-charge range of 160km. Electrical engineer Eric Wu, </p><p>who adapted the system for zecOO, says that the new powertrain oers unparalleled safety, </p><p>reliability and performance. Combined with its unique hub-steering system, zecOO should oer</p><p> riders a thrilling and unique riding experience while its unique design turns heads on the street.</p><p>Team zecOO is currently actively taking orders, with a sales price of 8.88 million yen. Interested </p><p>buyers will need to act quickly, as zecOO has a limited production run, and only 50 of these exclusive, </p><p>unique machines will be built. </p><p>More information is available at</p><p>JR 5 </p><p>TERAKOYA 8 </p><p>30 150 </p></li></ul>