presents the 10 natwest jersey open table tennis tournament 1. this is a tte computer ranking scheme

Download Presents The 10 NatWest Jersey Open Table Tennis Tournament 1. This is a TTE Computer Ranking Scheme

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  • Presents

    The 10th NatWest Jersey Open

    Table Tennis Tournament

    A Table Tennis England Grand Prix Satellite Tournament

    This is a TTE Computer Ranking Scheme Tournament

    Friday 25th March to Sunday 27th March 2016 Play commences 9:00 am each day


    The Geoff Reed Table Tennis Centre

    FB Playing Fields, La Grande Route de St. Clement

    St. Clement, JERSEY, JE2 6QN


    Tournament Organiser: Chris Band

    Referee: Steve Smith (NR)

    Deputy Referee: Diane Webb

    Organising Committee: Audrey Tupper, Chris Band, Gilly Band, Steve Smith, Diane Webb, Martin

    Tupper, Doreen Mills and Craig Gascoyne.

    Entries Close

    11th March 2016

    An event generously sponsored by

    In association with

    Ca sh

    P riz

    e Fu


    M in

    : £ 2,

    50 0


  • Saturday 26th March 2016 Sunday 27th March 2016 Friday 25th March 2016

    09:00 Men’s Bands 2, 4 & 6 groups (5)

    Women’s Band 2 & 4 groups (5)

    Open Singles groups (4) Junior Team (3)



    Veteran Team (2)

    11:30 KO rounds to finals (4)

    12:00 KO rounds to finals (4) Men’s Team (1)

    Women’s Team (1)

    14:00 Men’s Bands 1,3 & 5 groups (5)

    Women’s Bands 1& 3 groups (5)

    Restricted groups (6)

    Veteran groups (7)

    Under 21 groups (8)

    KO rounds to finals (1-3)

    17:00 KO rounds to finals (5) KO rounds to finals (6-8)

    Provisional Playing Schedule

    Page 2

    The 10th NatWest Jersey Open Table Tennis


    Cash Prizes will be awarded to the Winner and Runner Up in all events.

    Development Officer

    Craig Gascoyne

    Tel: 01534 615835


    Honorary Treasurer

    Marcus Hawgood



    Chris Band


    Contacting the JTTA

    The Jersey Table Tennis Association

    FB Playing Fields

    La Grande Route de St Clement

    St Clement, JE2 6QN

    Tel: 01534 615835


    Numbers in brackets refer to the event number as per the Entry form

  • The 10th NatWest Jersey Open Table Tennis


    Additional sponsors and supporters of the JTTA

  • 1. This is a TTE Computer Ranking Scheme Tournament. 2. Entry Form should be returned to the deputy referee Diane Webb, Pine Edge, 12

    Salvington Crescent, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, TN39 3NP by 11th March 2016. Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to JTTA.

    3. Entries received without fees may not be accepted. 4. If it is necessary to restrict entries this will be done on the basis of the last received,

    first out. 5. Draw - The draw will take place on 14th March 2016 at Pine Edge, Salvington

    Crescent, Bexhill-on-Sea. 6. Admission - There will be no charge for admission. 7. Playing Conditions - Play throughout will be on 9 Butterfly Centrefold Rollaway 25

    anti skid tables with Butterfly posts and nets, Xushaofa plastic 3* balls, Naxos modular floor and general LED at a minimum of 5m above the table. Court size will be 10m x 5m (x) enclosed by surrounds. Scoring machines will be used for all matches.

    8. Doping - Doping control tests may take place. 9. Practise - There will be no separate practise facilities. Competitors will be permitted

    to practise on tables not in use at the discretion of the Referee. 10. Car Parking - Free Car Parking (at owners risk) is available at the venue. 11. Refreshments - Hot and cold food plus light refreshments will be on sale throughout

    the event. 12. Notification - Competitors will be notified of the time of their first match. 13. Cash Prizes will be awarded to the Winner and Runner Up in all of the events.

    Page 4

    The 10th NatWest Jersey Open Table Tennis


    An excellent rate of £32.00 per person per night sharing on bed & breakfast basis has been negotiated at the Ambassadeur Hotel on St Clement’s Coast Road, which is within close walking distance of the venue. There are a limited number of rooms so please book early to avoid disappointment. There is a supplement for single rooms, doubles for sole occupancy and sea view.

    To book, please contact the hotel directly

    Telephone: 01534 724455 or e-mail: quoting the Jersey Table Tennis Association NatWest Open tournament 2016.

    Accommodation Information

    Tournament information

    Car hire

    We have also negotiated a special rate for those going to the event with Avis Car Hire, Jersey.

    To book, please contact their reservations department directly

    Freephone: 0800 735 1110 Tel: 01534 519100 Fax: 01534 519200 or e-mail quoting the JTTA NatWest Open when booking on-line at using voucher code ‘JTTA’

  • 1. Every Competitor must be affiliated to the JTTA or be a member of another National association in membership of the ITTF.

    2. TTE Tournament Regulations apply to this tournament including Regulation R (Racket Re-Rubbering). ITTF Regulations for International Competitions apply except those relating to the matters covered by items marked (x) in this entry form.

    3. Completion and submission of this Entry Form signify agreement by the entrant to the conditions of the competition including the variations from the ITTF requirements.

    4. All competitors will be required to umpire group matches and knockout matches at the discretion of the Referee. Any player not available to umpire when requested to do so may lose his/her umpiring deposit.

    5. All matches shall be the best of five games to eleven points.

    6. Team Events: A team shall consist of two players. A match will consist of 2 singles matches followed by a doubles match and then (if necessary, or time permitting and agreed by both teams and the Referee) reverse singles. Initial matches may be played in a group depending on the entry.

    7. Individual Events: Play throughout will be on a knockout basis with the exception of preliminary rounds, which will be in groups of 3 or 4. The final order in a group shall be determined as per ITTF Regulation 3.7.5. for Group competitions except that where a player concedes a match he/she shall receive –3 group points. The top 2 players in each group will progress to the main knock-out event.

    8. Competitors in Under 21 events must have been born after 31st December 1994; Competitors in Junior events must have been born after 31st December 1997; Competitors in Veteran events must have been born on or before 1st January 1976

    9. Competitors must wear rubber-soled non marking shoes and clothing which complies with TTE Tournament regulation 29. ITTF Clothing Regulation will not apply (x).

    10. Any member taking part in gambling, other than participation in any lottery or similar competition conducted by or with the permission of the organising committee, at a tournament approved by the JTTA, shall be liable to immediate disqualification from the Tournament and expulsion from the premises, either of which shall be reported to the JTTA.

    11. Doping shall not take place either before or during play.

    12. All competitors must report to the control on arrival and must not leave the hall without first obtaining permission from the Referee. Players absent when called upon to play are liable to be scratched.

    13. Foreign players will be given dummy ratings unless they appear on the TTE ranking list.

    14. Entry to banded events is restricted to player’s rating, according to the TTE Ranking List current at the closing date for entries. Restrictions are as follows:

    Men’s Band 1 2201 - 3000 Women’s Band 1 2301—2800 Men’s Band 2 1701 – 2200 Women’s Band 2 1701 – 2300 Men’s Band 3 1501 – 1700 Women’s Band 3 1201—1700 Men’s Band 4 801 – 1500 Women’s Band 4 up to 1200 Men’s Band 5 401 – 800 Men’s Band 6 up to 400

    Players may enter their own band and/or the one above. The organising committee reserves the right to give dummy ratings to any entrant who does not appear on the current TTE ranking list.

    Restricted singles – This is only open to those players eligible to play in the banded events who are not eligible to play in the U21 or Veteran events.

    Banded Events - If a player does not have an England ranking, in most cases they will qualify for Band 6 (Men) or Band 3 (Women). Remember, they are entitled to play in their own Band and/or the one above.

    15. Should there be insufficient entries in any event the Referee reserves the right to cancel that event/ merge such event and/or place the entrant in a similar event.

    16. Racket testing may take place.

    17. The Referee’s decision shall be final on points of law, and any questio


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