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  • Presentation to IONAS Project Meeting Brindisi 21/22 January 2005 by Roberta Sparvieri Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities and Towns
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  • IONAS MAP Venice Port Venice Vienna Ancona Pescara Bari Brindisi Port Bari Port Brindisi Port Corfu Port Thessaloniki Port Dubrovnik Port Split Split Koper Thessaloniki Bar Port Gioia Tauro Durres Port Durres Cities on Water Eurosportello EIC Slovenia Port Bar 24 partners involved amongst Municipalities and Port Authorities 4 networks of Municipalities And Ports
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  • INTERREG projects developed by the IONAS partners Ancona: City Ports and AAP2020Ancona Pescara: Sea Bridge and AAP2020Pescara Koper: AAP2020 and Ancient Water WAysKoper Split: AAP2020 Bar: AAP2020 Gioia Tauro P.A: Report- Medocc; Port Net Med Plus, and Sestante.Gioia Tauro P.A Koper P.A.: from entrepreneurs. And Establishment Venice: Agricultural and fishing production, Tudeslove II, UTN II,Venice Vivi il Forte, LAHSA, Villes Cinemas, and AAP2020. Unioncamere Veneto -Eurosportello: the rural development in theUnioncamere Veneto -Eurosportello transborder region Italy and Slovenia, AGRISLOVE.NET, LO.DE, Feasibility study to realize infrastructures of the trans border territory Belgrado Bar, INDE, INSERVNET, and B- Cross. Vienna: IMMO, Bridge - Lebensader Donau, Technologieoffensive Solarthermie, Expertennetzwerk, Solar -net II, and kobusinesplan Wien-GyrVienna Thessaloniki P.A: Purchase of Mechanical Equipment, Translognet, training for employees of the Ports of Thessaloniki, Burgas and Durres, Gilda-net.Thessaloniki P.A Venice P.A: G.I.L.D.A., Freshlog and AlpFrail.Venice P.A
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  • Ancona City ports Interreg III B Cadses A city network to develop feasible and suistainable logistic solutions through a co- ordinated approach to tackle the city issues of congestion, pollution, and noise. Lead Partner: Regione Emilia Romagna Duration: 12/2000-11/2003 Aap2020 Interreg III C AAP2020 (Adriatic Action Plan 2020), designed by the Forum of Adriatic and Ionian Cities and Towns in the meetings of Brindisi (2001) and Igoumenitsa (2002), aims at the definition and coordination of policies for sustainable development in the Adriatic region. It assumes the sustainability as a local governments maker. Lead Partner: Ancona Duration: Aprile 2003-Aprile 2006
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  • Pescara Sea Bridge Interreg III A The main aim is to develop and strengthen the sea transportation networks connecting the Abruzzo Region with the most important European networks like the Corridor five and the corridor eight. The project intends to increase the cooperation between the two Adriatic shores and the exchanges of persons and goods. The areas involved in the project are the Croatia region with the city of Ploce and the Montenegro region with the Port of Bar. Lead Partner: RegioneAbruzzo Aap2020- Interreg III C Vedi AnconaAncona
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  • Koper AAP2020 Interreg III C Vedi Ancona.Ancona AWW Interreg III A The aim of the project is to encourage the awareness of the natural water system through an updated and complete recollection of the information about the main cultural and historical tradition.
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  • Gioia Tauro P.A. Port Net Med Plus Interreg III B The main aim was to set up an Interregional Network of Good shipping experiences and practices (RICEM) in the Western Mediterranean (MEDOCC). This netwok would have evaluated possible actions to deal with the issues of goods, passengers, economical impact, port services, logistics, database, and security. The main concern was to develop common strategies in the MEDOCC area in order to encourage intermodal transport by sea. Lead Partner: Regione Liguria Duration: ended the 22nd of October 2004 Sestante - Interreg III C Methodologies and ICT Tools for logistics services and the security of ports and interports. Lead Partner: Regione Toscana Duration: ended the 13th of October 2004 Report Medocc Interreg III B The project aims are: to promote coherent and efficient sea freight in the Western Mediterranean; to foster integrated territorial development; to develop integrated services and ITC; to support Small and Medium-sized enterprises; to promote training; sea safety and support to insular systems. Lead Partner: Regione Liguria Duration: 12/02-10/04
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  • Venice Produzioni agricole e ittiche INTERREG III A It aimed at the valorization of agricultural and fishery products in the Venice Lagoon and in Slovenia. Tudeslove II INTERREG III A The major aims are: The integration and development of the fortresse system in the Slovenian territory A second itinerary including the cultural centers of excellence, tied to the neighboring Italian and Slovenian fortification areas; The analysis of the product potential markets; The product promotion; A product club in Italy and in Slovenia. UTN II- INTERREG III B CADSES The project aims at strengthening the existing network of European cities in order to improve and develop urban technologies in Central Europe.
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  • VivilForte INTERREG III A The project aims at realizing the following activities: - a network of cooperation between Italian/Slovenian public and private stakeholders within the historical-cultural field; -promotion and valorization of the common historical-cultural patrimony; - sustainable development in the local communities LAHSA - INTERREG III B CADSES Find solutions for the stabilization of the areas with high percentage of council houses, through the realization of integrated urban plans, recovery initiatives of council houses and unused buildings, and through measures promoting job offers. Adriatic Action Plan 2020 INTERREG III C Vedi AnconaAncona Villes Cinemas - INTERREG III C SUD The aim of the project is to exploit the artistic, cultural and urban resources, and develop the audiovisual industry in the local economy (cinema, television, documentaries, multimedia, photography, etc.) and the related economic-urban activities
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  • Unioncamere Veneto - Eurosportello - Interreg III A Creation of Local Development Points in the Eastern Adriatic Countries. The Local Development Points will support the Italian entrepreneurs to develop commercial and productive activities. Belgrado Bar Interreg III A A feasibility study of the railway Belgrade- port of Bar. Inde - Interreg III B CADSES Support to company start-ups and expansions in order to raise confidence among local and international investors. AGRISLOVE.NET - Interreg III A/Italy and Slovenia Interreg /Leader The rural development in the transborder region Italy and Slovenia.
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  • Interreg III B Alpine Space Promotion of the railway as alternative and complemental means of transport. INSERVENET Interreg III B CADSES Support to company transnational, organisational, and technological links, SMEs, regional innovation system, stakeholders and regional/national administrative bodies. B Cross Interreg III B CADSES Exploitation of the new services by the SMEs.
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  • Vienna IMMO Interreg II A Testing and Evaluating some models for the emission of inorganic waste. Bridge - Lebensader Donau Interreg II C Development of the sustainable living area Danube. Technologieoffensive Solarthermie, Expertennetzwerk Interreg II A Promotion of Solar energy, setting up a network of experts, know-how transfer. SOLAR -NET II Interreg III A Promoting the use of thermic solar energy in Vienna and in Hungary. kobusinesplan Wien-Gyr Interreg III A Know how exchange and implementing an EcoBusinessPlan in Gyr
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  • MARS Interreg II A Monitoring the Alpine Regions Sustainability TAQI -Interreg III B (TAQI) Transnational Air Quality Improvement aims at improving the air quality in the panonnic Region
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  • Thessaloniki P.A. Purchase of Mechanical Equipment - Interregg I 4 sea to shore conventional cargo cranes and 1 rail mounted transtainer Purchase of Mechanical Equipment - Interregg II 2 sea to shore container gantry cranes Translognet, Interreg II B, Cadses Education-Specialization of high ranking employees of the Ports of Thessaloniki, Burgas and Durres in state of the art administrative, financial and technical port operations procedures Gilda-net Interreg II B, Cadses Vedi Venice P.A.Venice P.A.
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  • Venice P.A. G.I.L.D.A INTERREG III B Cadses It aimed at: - Implementing an information and communication technology infrastructure among ports (the hardware of that particular transport network). - And consequently it aimed at developing a virtual community serving port operators/users needs (the software of the network). This was meant as a virtual space where supply and demand of transport and logistics services would have met in order to improve the flow of documentations related to the shipping of goods in a door to door perspective.,therefore, increasing productivity and efficiency. The working group was composed by 7 Italian Regions facing the Adriatic sea, Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, General Department of Italian Coast Guard, Adriatic port Authorities and logistics platforms. FreshLog INTERREG III B Cadses It aimed at carrying out a feasibility study for a system of logistics platforms in the CADSES space: a system of specific infrastructures and services for the handling of fresh products.
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  • AlpFrail INTERREG III B Alpine space looks for operational solutions for the transalpine railway freight traffic for a sustainable network of the economic areas located in the alpine space. The working grou