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<p>What is a weblog?</p> <p>What is a weblog?A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.A weblog is a hierarchy of text, images, media objects and data, arranged chronologically, that can be viewed in an HTML browser.It is a type of website that is usually arranged in chronological order from the most recent post (or entry) at the top of the main page to the older entries towards the bottom. </p> <p>Purposes</p> <p>Express opinions and reflections. Begin discussions and demand global interaction.Engage readers with ideas, questions and links.Collaborate with the knowledge that the Internet offers.</p> <p>General benefitsIt is a collaborative space, as readers become a part of the writing and learning process.Promote critical and analytical thinking.Promote creativity.Promote analogical thinking.Enhance quality of information.Promote social interaction.</p> <p>Benefits of blogs in schoolsImprove student learning.Motivate students with real and purposeful experiences.Blogs are used as class portals, e-portfolios, etc.Enhance students writing skills. Students learn to read more critically and analytically.Students build relationships with peers, teachers and others in the online environment.Students can use blogs as journals to express feelings and ideas.Expand the walls of the classroom and promotes democracy.They can be used as a building block for a school Website.Archive histories of work in an easy searchable way.</p> <p>Potential problems or concernsStudents might use blogs as social tools more than learning tools.Blogs can be resources for predators.Lacking of parental support.Inaccurate information and untrustworthiness sources.</p> <p> Sources</p> <p>Google Images. [Graph illustrations of blogs].</p> <p>Richardson, W. (2010). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, an other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.</p> <p>Rowse, D. (2005). What is a blog?. Problogger. Retrieved from</p>