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  • MultiRoute solution empowers your sales force with true mobility, improving your entire route sales process.

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    Truck SalesTruck Sales


    MultiRoute solution empowers your sales force with true mobility, improving your entire route sales process.

    MultiRouteMobile Suite of SolutionsMobile Suite of Solutions

    Secured Data Sync - Allows to send encrypted transactions to the back office and receives any updated information through Web Services.

    improving your entire route sales process. improving your entire route sales process.

    Cloud-based (SaaS) MultiRoute in the cloud enables businesses to obtain immediate return of investment with low monthly fee and no servers to manage.Licensing option is also available.

    ERP Integration Support for integration to multiple ERPs such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, AX, SAP Business 1, Oracle, Sage, among others. Customer can develop own connectors using our SDK toolkit.

  • Route Automation for everyday worker.

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    Multi outeManager


    Multi outeMobileR

    Online Reporting - Provides full graphical reports, like Performance Matrix, KPIs, Gas Mileage, even creating custom reports.

    Document Management - General and customer specific documents, like customer approved products data sheets, MSDS, presentations, spreadsheets and others are available to the sales representative.

    GPS Route Tracking - Geo-locating system allows to keep track of every stop, time spent and productivity of each visit.

    Optional Modules

    MultiRoute Manager

    MultiRoute Manager works as the connection between your enterprise application and the pocket devices in the field. In addition, it enhances the host application by providing additional functionality, such as: route definition, route scheduling, customer contracts, quota management and sales reporting.

    The MultiRoute Manager is a web-based application that uses Microsoft SQL Server as database engine.

    The system can work via imports and exports to the customer host or virtually real time through queries, which are executed in line with the host.

    The MultiRoute Manager module allows for:

    Route Definition and Management Quota Assignment and Management Customer and Product Management Promotions and Advanced Pricing Definition Reporting and Data Management Survey Definition Management Import/Export Functions

    MR Synchronization Hub

    MR Synchronization Hub is a general purpose communication program for the mobile devices. This utility synchronizes data collection devices to the enterprise communication network. It also monitors the connections, provides secure data uploads and keeps log of the communication events, supporting multiple communications profiles.

    MultiRoute Mobile

    Perform merchandising operations Order Entry (Pre-Sales Mode) Invoicing (Route Mode) Promotions Management Real-Time Inventory Capability View Account Receivable Information Perform Collections Manage Multiple Price Lists Review Quotas Deposit Tracking Perform Daily Settlement (end-of-day operation) Transmit all performed transactions to the general office for immediate processing and/or analyzing by administrative personnel. Promotional Items, POS and Display Tracking Conduct on-site surveys

    This is the component installed on the mobile computer. It allows the Mobile Sales person to perform the following transactions:

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