powerpoint 31 the reagan - bush years, 1981 - 1992

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  • POWERPOINT 31The Reagan - Bush Years,1981 - 1992

  • The Reagan RevolutionRonald Reagan wins landslide election in 1980 Former governor of CaliforniaRepublicans controlled Senate for early years of his presidencyReagan in OfficeGreat CommunicatorChose effective staffSupply-side economics

  • The Election of 1980Web

  • The Reagan Revolution (cont.d)Iranian hostages released January 20, 1981Reagan shot March 30, 1981Dealt firmly with Air Traffic Controller StrikeBudget Act of 1981Increased defense spendingNational debt rose sharplyDeregulation causes problems for ReaganEnvironmental Protection AgencySavings and loan companies

  • Reagan and Foreign PolicyEconomy improves by late 1982Took hard line with SovietsSupported Contras in NicaraguaGrenada invasion, October 1983Middle East troubles impact AmericaTerrorist attack kills 239 Marines in LebanonStrategic Defense Imitative plan contributes to decline of Soviet Union

  • Social Tensions and Strains of the 1980sAIDS appears in U.S. in 1980sCable television and personal computers change way Americans liveFamilies experience growing problems, including divorce, single parenthood, and school problemsResurgence of evangelical Christianity in 1980sMoral majorityPro-life and pro-choice movements

  • The 1984 Presidential ElectionDemocrats jockey for nominationJesse Jackson and Gary HartWalter Mondale emerges as candidateReagan wins landslide victoryCarried 49 states

  • The Election of 1984

  • Reagans Second TermMajor tax reforms are made in 1986Gramm-Rudman-HollingsYuppie youth cultureChallenger tragedySoviets and Americans reach agreementsMikhail GorbachevPerestroika and glasnostIran-Contra Affair damages Reagan presidencyColonial Oliver North

  • Reagans Second Term (cont.d)Reagan has major impact on Supreme CourtPresident names majority of justicesAlso names Sandra Day OConnor first woman justiceSoviets pull out of war in Afghanistan Reagan and Gorbachev visit each others capitolsBy 1987, agree to remove intermediate nukes from EuropeRelations with Soviets improved

  • The 1988 Presidential ElectionIn 1988, George H.W. Bush wins presidencyNo new taxes Democrats run unorganized campaign Michael DukakisDirty campaignReagan legacy is mixedNot as good as his admirers claimNor as bad as his detractors assert

  • The Election of 1988

  • The Bush SuccessionIn office, Bush pushes for improvements at homeAmericans with Disabilities ActSavings and loan debacleForeign affairs claim much of presidents attentionChina mows down human rights along with students in Tiananmen SquareAmerican military seizes Panamas Noriega and brings him to justiceAmericans lose faith in Bush over taxes

  • The Bush Succession (cont.d)Gulf War brings America and world together to liberate KuwaitU.S. wins decisive victory against IraqSaddam Hussein remained in power1991 coupe led to collapse of Soviet UnionIn budget battle, Bush caves to DemocratsClarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination enthralls countryLast years of presidency bring more anxiety

  • Persian Gulf War, 1991Web

  • Discussion QuestionsRonald Reagan is a liked and disliked president. What were his successes and failures, and why is opinion so diametrically opposed about him?Discuss Reagans foreign policy. How did his relationship with the USSR develop over his presidency?Examine the domestic policies of George Bush. What were his accomplishments? Failures?What were the causes of the Gulf War? How was Bush able to pull together a coalition to defeat Iraq? Was Iraqs defeat a victory for the U.S.?


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