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  • Education Management System- Powered by Neovante Technologies

    Building E-Governance for Education Institutions

  • About Us

    Mission :

    Neovante Technologies aims to become

    a leader in delivering best-in-class,

    reliable, scalable and cost effective

    business solutions in various domains by

    leveraging technology and innovative

    processes, delivered by a highly talented

    and empowered team.

    We go 'Above and Beyond 'in the

    technology solutions, managed

    infrastructure and application services

    and help to simplify your business.

    Neovante Technologies is an emerging IT solutions

    company based in India, providing services in areas

    of ERP Solutions ,Custom application development,

    Web development, Mobile application

    development, Social Media Marketing, SEO, hosting

    & support. We also provide software outsourcing and

    offshore development, Application support and

    maintenance We are committed to help businesses

    realize their potential by taking their ideas from

    concept to reality by implementing the right

    technology solutions.

  • Challenges @ Education Eco- System

    Colleges are generally considered to be a store of education, where free flow of

    information to different departments are a pre-requisite. An Ideal situation in a

    college is where information is dissipated to all as needed. This leads to continuous

    improvement and also a better infrastructure as a whole

     Huge and scattered file system / Data

     Poor communication between – Admin, Faculty ,

    Students , Parents

     Difficulty in Time table scheduling and generation

     Lack of transparency in the system

     Huge amount of Manual work in analyzing the

    performance of Students and faculty

     Difficulty to track and refer to OLD data

     Outsourcing printing of Report cards, ID and other



  • A Education Management Software

    College Management System Software is one which helps administrators, Teachers and Students with their activities and keeps parents up to date with their ward’s progress. This Software integrates all the modules just like an ERP and allows

    different section heads to access their specific data. All sections gets grouped into a central system which is referred to as the main administration. The software helps you with the daily tasks of college management and reduces paper work to nearly ZERO. The software also helps in proper utilization of time and ensures complete control of management over the institute.

    Neovante is one of the leading software solution providers for Educational institutions. Our product is a collection of software programs integrated with SMS to provide one unified software system for recordkeeping in every department in the college. In order to create a complete system of administrative software for the institution we provide the finest software solution. After identifying the exact need of the institution, we work with them to develop special versions that seamlessly meet their exact needs. The strength of Smart SMS is that it is developed with latest technologies from Microsoft so the scalability and reliability is at maximum. SQL Server 2000 as backend which enables unlimited data storage and unlimited no of users. Backup can be scheduled daily/hourly basis which helps us at the time of system crash/crisis.

    Reliability Scalability User Friendly SMS


  • Core Modules

    Inventory Management


    Hostel Management System

    HR / Payroll System

    Director Login

    Admin Management System

    Library Management System

    Student Information System

    Student Fee Module

    Faculty Information System SMS Plugin

  • Value Proposition

     Increased application availability, reliability and maintainability  Reduce Clerical labor costs  Automatic SMS and email notifications (SMS Plugin)  Automatic alerts to parents on continuous absent by their children. Provides interface screen to monitor the Fee

    receipts and outstanding of funds to College Admin  Provides report options to monitor performance of a student by their Professor and Principal  An easy method to view all College, Transport and Hostel Transfer of student information from year-to-year on

    single click.  Reduced effort to manage Student Marks, Attendance, Assignments and collecting due fee of students  No effort to manage data and application

     Multiple system management  Effective communication between College Administrator, Teachers, Parents and Students  Creation of College's tech savvy image  Complete automation of all operations  MIS Reports of Student (Collected and Due) Fees  Centrally stored information with zero redundancy and highly reliable  Best promising resource optimization  Managing timetables with dynamic substitute management  Disaster Recovery plans for College Data (database)

    K e

    y B

    e n

    e fi ts

    S u

    m m

    a ry

    M a

    n a

    g e

    m e

    n t

    A d

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    n ta

    g e

  • Technology Landscape

    Front End : VB.NET / C #

    Back End : MSSQL Server 2008

    System requirements

    Server : Windows NT/ 2000

    Client : Windows 95/98/ME/2000/NT/WIN 7/ WIN 8

  • Department Wise Customization

  • Admin Management System

    Module Description

     You can create program, course, syllabus, session, fee heads, staff

    category, departments, etc.

     Users roll management - user wise, department wise etc.

     All the Logins / Password management.

     Taking data backups.

     Editing & Freeze of Records

  • Admission Management

    Module Description

     Manage holidays

     Send SMS to students / faculty / staff

     View birthdays & anniversaries of students &

    faculty & staff & send greetings via sms

     Reports (Ready interface with excel for export of


     Student

     Admission / registration details

     Student detail

     Attendance

     Fee

     Fee submitted / Fee not submitted

     Fine / Discount

    Manage Student

     Add new student details

     Edit student details

     Batch allotment

     Batch shifting

     Add student attendance

     Allot university roll number

    Manage Fee

     Setup fee applicable

     Add fee received

     Add fee concession / scholarship

     View Student

     Fee submitted / Fee not submitted

     Fine / Discount

  • Student Information System

    Module Description

    Viewing the following

     Personal details along with photograph

     Attendance

     Over all

     Paper + date wise

     Paper + percentage wise

     Fees due & fees deposited

     Time table

     Exam schedule

     Internal & external marks

     Holiday calendar

     Add student attendance

     Allot university roll number

  • Student Fee Module

    Module Description

    Manage Fees

     Setup fee applicable

     Create Invoices

     Add fee received

     Add fee concession / scholarship

     View Student

     Fee submitted / Fee not submitted  Fine / Discount

  • Library management

    Module Description

    Master Creation

     Book category

     Book sub category

     Publisher

     Supplier

     Book almirah & rack management

     Add new books / magazines

     Fine Master

     Fine creation

    List of members

     Students

     Faculty

     Staff

    Transaction Master

     Issue books

     Return books

     Fine management

     Book submission reminder


     Library stock report

     Student library report

     Faculty library report

     Issued books

     Fine collected

     Reserved books

     Download reports in excel format

     Book weeding

     Lost / Stolen book management

  • Faculty Information System

    Module Description

    Viewing the following

     Personal details along with photographs

     Attendance

     Time table

     Salary Information

     Exam schedule

     Adding students grades & internal & external marks

     Add student attendance

     Adding Course material, Term papers, Assignments &

    Question bank

     Send emails to faculty & other students

     Leave Application

  • HR / Payroll System

    Module Description

    Employee info

     Add faculty / staff master

     Employee / staff details

     Basic pay setting

     Increment / decrement setting

     Appraisals

     Allowances

     Allotting subjects to faculty

     Adding faculty / staff attendance

     Leave setting

     Performance based appraisal


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