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  • Graphic Design / Illustration

    Portfolio AdviceFor UK and European Union applicants


  • Graphic Design / Graphic Design and Illustration BA (Hons)Your portfolioYour portfolio should contain around 15-20 pieces.

    Most importantly we are looking at your potential to be a creative designer/maker. We do not expect you to be exceptional in all the areas described below. We want you to be keen to learn and have ambitions for your own future.

    We will also want to know who or what inspires you in the field of art and design and particularly in graphic design and in illustration. You can include a section in your personal statement on your application form, detailing which magazines you read, websites you visit and about any other cultural interests you have, such as film, music, architecture, dance, travel, sports etc. We advise you to look at design magazines and design/illustration related websites for up to date information.

    What are we looking for?We are looking for:

    Someone who loves design/illustration Drawing skills demonstrate a range of approaches Idea generation and lateral thinking Development of ideas An interest in contemporary culture Experimental approach to handling materials The questioning of conventions

    Graphic Design / Illustration

  • Graphic Design / Illustration

    What should a portfolio contain?Please include any evidence of your experience in IT (Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, CAD/CAM, Microsoft Word, digital photography and digital printing for example)

    SketchbooksYour research will show us what excites you and what has inspired you during your projects and current course. This needs to be evident in your sketchbooks and should include visual references to other artists and designers. You should include references to contemporary and historical practices and show your interests in graphic design/illustration. You can include research from exhibitions or study trips abroad for example.

    Images by Urte Palauskaite

  • Graphic Design / Illustration

    What should a portfolio contain?Drawing and image makingWe like to see drawing and image making in the broadest sense, from life drawing to experimental design sketches, photography and collage, the more diverse the better. Try to include some colour work too. We particularly want to see some drawing based on objective study drawn from life.

    Images by Urte Palauskaite

  • Graphic Design / Illustration

    What should a portfolio contain?Project workWe are looking for evidence of questioning, intent and to see how you develop an idea and how you research and respond to a given brief. Make sure you have a project in your portfolio that demonstrates creativity, a deep involvement in your work and your conclusion or final idea. This could be any art or design project (either as part of your course or an independent project), the subject does not matter.

    Include evidence that you enjoy making and using materials. We like to see your experiments with materials. 3D models are also of interest and photographs of these can be presented in your digital portfolio.

    Images by Urte Palauskaite

  • Graphic Design / Illustration

    What should a portfolio contain?Written workPlease bring an essay or a recent example of writing. We like to see how well you write and how you think. Even though this is a practice-based degree, you will have to undertake written work that supports your design ideas. For example, you will be asked to keep a workshop log book of technical information, write a short report, and you will also need to take notes during lectures.

    ConclusionUltimately we look for your portfolio presentation to tell us the story of your interests, enthusiasms, design process and love of your subject.