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2. Test Preparation for MCA Math Test especially in the Middle School Credit Recovery LALP Night School Summer School LHS Life Skills Accuplacer Preparation ASVAB Preparation GED Preparation ACT preparation 3. PLATO5 th grade Fall Winter MCAMCA III MCAPLATOPLATOPractice1st Hour 73.9 52.572 52 ?3rd Hour 52.647.6 54.5 28 ?4th Hour90 52.18436 ?5th hour 70.547.85832 ? Tait Christenson 4. Assign work Report time on task and Mastery Prescriptions for tests Based on pretest for baseline and activities toimprove Follow hyperlink to sign on and display areas 5. Follow hyperlink to website andWatch Lukes short demonstration 6. Download or ask Deb Sundin 7. Anita Boesen Tait Christenson Luke Braaten Tim Mackey Deb Sundin