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Introduction to Pixcel's ArchiveCloud solution


  • 1. Preserving Family Memories in the [Pixcel] Cloud EUGENE GEKHTER CEO Pixcel, LLC

2. Todays Cloud topics: GeneralSecurityDurability/Permanen cyPixcel ArchiveCloud App Organization Sharing Uploading Limits Cost QualityComparison to other service 3. What is Cloud?Dependable Userfriendly Organized Limitless Convenient 4. Cloud Security Integration with Amazon Web Services Physical and Environmental Security Fire Detection and Suppression Power Backup Systems Climate and Temperature Control Network Security Fault-tolerant design Services running on top of AWS Dropbox Netflix Pinterest Pixcel ArchiveCloud 5. Data Storage Durability and Permanence 99.999999999% Durability Data is replicated in a minimum of three geo-locations Store 10,000 images/videos, lose one every 10,000,000 years What if? Email alerts Ability to download all files and metadata 3 month window 6. ArchiveCloud Overview 7. Organization Store ALL MEDIA in one central location Pre-digital Digital 8mm/Super8/16mm Slides/Prints/Negatives VHS/Betamax/Hi-8 MiniDV/HDV DVDs Memory Cards (photos and videos) Mobile VideoIntegration Facebook Flickr Smugmug Search and Find Quickly Date Person Generic tags Location 8. Search by Date 9. View by person 10. Search by tags 11. View by location 12. Sharing memoriesFull controlPost to Social MediaEngage with friends and family 13. Share Options 14. Welcome your friends and family 15. Enjoy anywhere on any device 16. Uploading to ArchiveCloud Four ways to import data Digitized from film, video, and still images and uploaded directly into your ArchiveCloud account (Live beta) Upload within ArchiveCloud from your PC or Mac (v.1) Import from other cloud services, i.e. Dropbox, Picasa, Smugmug, Flickr (v.2) Bring/send external hard drive to Pixcel (Live beta) Good for past projects Convenient for digitals photo and videos you would like professionally transcoded and uploaded 17. How much can be stored? Unlimited storage on all photos and videosdigitized by Pixcel With one year membership Standard storage packages for all additionalmedia 25,000 photos 100GB of video Premium storage packages for larger archives Unlimited photos Unlimited video 18. ArchiveCloud pricing $99 year-long membership for unlimited film,video, and images digitized/restored by Pixcel Optional $14.98/month payments Free 30-day trial available with everydigitization and restoration project Standard package pricing for ~25,000 photos/100GB of video: $11.98/month Premium storage package pricing: volume discount 19. ArchiveCloud Quality Professional encoding from the industrys best HD quality for film and HD sources Better than DVD quality for SD sources Preservation of original frame rate Ability to switch between HQ, SQ, and LQmodes depending on bandwidth 20. Comparison to other Services A few examples: http://pixcelcloud.s3.amazonaws.com/Cloudcomparisons/YesVideovsYesVideo_HQ.mp4 http://pixcelcloud.s3.amazonaws.com/Cloudcomparisons/PixcelvsPixcel_HQ.mp4 http://pixcelcloud.s3.amazonaws.com/Cloudcomparisons/YesVideovsPixcelCloud_HQ.mp4 21. Forum for Questions 22. For More Information Eugene Gekhter, CEO Pixcel, LLC www.pixcel.com egekhter@pixcel.comLink to gallery from webinar http://www.pixcel.com/cloud/viewGallery/4r4441334s413q3q


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