Preserving Memories II

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<ul><li> 1. Preserving Memories (II) 2008</li></ul> <p> 2. TERESSA!!!!! 3. Giggling at her math book 4. Yosemite ... The many faces of Teressa... 5. I commend you on your charmingly attractive facial expression, Teressa. 6. 7. Uh oh eyeballs no more 8. Picking earwax?? jkjk 9. 10. Deboras intriguing lump of rice. 11. yeeWhole Foodssamples!! 12. new glasses 13. Bye bye Teressa. Here comes.... 14. DEBORA!!!!! 15. Due to lack of cooperation, this picture is ratherblurry . whoa. Debora looks Korean. 16. What ashady person... 17. Trying to crack her wrist bone 18. Shrek! Just kiddings conjoined twin. har. 19. Deboras death stare Aaaaaaaah my binder!!!! Oh no. That sneaky little Debora is going to hide my handy dandy solubilities chart. How incredibly frightening. 20. Some body looks a bit drunk... 21. ...and getting drunker... 22. ...beyond drunkenness... 23. ...cough... 24. finally...a normal picture... 25. theMEMORY PRESERVER!! &gt;:D 26. I can be autistic sometimes. 27. Deboras nightmare sometimes I get poppy veins... 28. I dont know which is creepier; my fingers or my eyeballs... Drunk eyeball Big eyeball Extraterrestrial eyeball 29. horse =P 30. I just cant help but get beautifuler and beautifuler each time... 31. hurhurhur. 32. 33. DERR END</p>