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Service Details and Notices (Oakham)


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    ll Saints O


    Weekly Pewsheet

    Service Details and Notices

    Thomas the Apostle

    Sunday 3 July 2016

    Services in the Team today:

    Oakham 8:00am Holy Communion (CW Trad)

    10:30am Parish Communion*

    6:00pm Evensong

    Whissendine 11:00am Holy Communion*

    Teigh 9:00am Matins

    Ashwell 5:00pm Songs of Praise

    Market Overton 9:00am Holy Communion*

    Langham 11:00am Feast Service & Baptism

    Braunston 11:00am Holy Communion*

    Brooke 6:00pm Patronal Evensong

    Hambleton No service

    Egleton 9:15am Holy Communion (CW Trad)

    *Common Worship (Contemporary)

    If you are new to this church or visiting, please make

    yourself known to the clergy or churchwardens

    If you wish to receive Holy Communion in your pew, or would

    like a large print version of this Pewsheet, please ask a sidesman

    Please take this Pewsheet home

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    Oakham Team Clergy

    Revd Canon Lee Francis-Dehqani

    Team Rector (Oakham)

    01572 722108

    Revd Janet Tebby

    Team Vicar (Whissendine, Teigh, Ashwell, Market Overton)

    01664 474096

    Revd Canon Julie Hutchinson

    Team Vicar (Langham, Braunston, Brooke, Hambleton & Egleton)

    01572 868816

    Revd Dr Dominic Coad


    01572 770024

    Revd Owen Williams


    01572 495070

    Lay Ministers

    Mr Michael Hinman Reader 01572 722061 Mr Phillip Hutchinson Reader 01572 868816 Mr David Pattinson Reader 01572 723884 Mrs Robin Robson Reader 01572 757404 Mr Alan Rudge Reader 01572 755570 Mr Vyv Wainwright Reader 01572 759157 Mrs Jenni Duffy Parish Evangelist 01572 720064 Mrs Gail Rudge Parish Evangelist 01572 755570 Mrs Madeleine Morris Pastoral Assistant 01572 868418

    Director of Music

    Mr Kevin Slingsby 01572 898242

    Oakham Team Office

    Mrs Janine Weaver Team Administrator 01572 724007

    The Team Office is staffed on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 9am- 1pm,

    Thursdays 11am-3pm and Fridays by email. Notices or reports for inclusion in

    the pew sheet and website should be sent to or

    delivered to the office by Wednesday at 11 am.


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    8:00am Holy Communion

    10:30am Parish Communion*

    The Order of Service is contained in the separate Service Book.

    Opening Hymn*

    1. Christ is our corner-stone, on him alone we build;

    with his true saints alone the courts of heaven are filled:

    on his great love our hopes we place

    of present grace and joys above.

    2. O then with hymns of praise

    these hallowed courts shall ring; our voices we will raise

    the Three in One to sing; and thus proclaim in joyful song

    both loud and long that glorious name.

    3. Here, gracious God, do thou for evermore draw nigh;

    accept each faithful vow, and mark each suppliant sigh:

    in copious shower on all who pray,

    each holy day thy blessings pour.

    4. Here may we gain from heaven

    the grace which we implore; and may that grace, once given,

    be with us evermore, until that day when all the blest

    to endless rest are called away.

    Words: based on Angularis fundamentum lapis Christus missus est, (Latin, before 9th century), tr John Chandler (1806-1876)

    Music: Harewood, Samuel Sebsatian Wesley (1810-1876) (Ancient & Modern 608)

    Collect Almighty and eternal God, who, for the firmer foundation of our faith,

    allowed your holy apostle Thomas to doubt the resurrection of your Son till word and sight convinced him:

    grant to us, who have not seen, that we also may believe and so confess Christ as our Lord and our God;

    who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

    one God, now and for ever. Amen.

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    First Reading Habakkuk 2.1-4

    I will stand at my watch-post, and station myself on the rampart; I will keep watch to see what he will say to me, and what he will answer concerning my complaint. Then the

    LORD answered me and said: Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so that a runner may read it. For there is still a vision for the appointed time; it speaks of the end, and

    does not lie. If it seems to tarry, wait for it; it will surely come, it will not delay. Look at the proud! Their spirit is not right in them, but the righteous live by their faith.

    Second Reading Ephesians 2.19-22

    You are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are citizens with the saints and also

    members of the household of God, built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone. In him the whole structure is

    joined together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord; in whom you also are built together spiritually into a dwelling-place for God.

    Gradual Hymn*

    1. Jesus, stand among us

    in thy risen pow'r; let this time of worship

    be a hallowed hour.

    2. Breathe the Holy Spirit

    into ev'ry heart; bid the fears and sorrows

    from each soul depart.

    3. Thus with quickened footsteps we'll pursue our way,

    watching for the dawning of eternal day.

    Word: William Pennefather (1816-1873) Music: Caswall, Friedrich Filitz (1804-1876) (Anglican Hymns Old & New 402)

    Gospel John 20.24-29

    Thomas (who was called the Twin), one of the twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples told him, We have seen the Lord. But he said to them, Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands, and put my finger in the mark of the nails and my hand in his side, I will not believe. A week later his disciples were again in the house, and Thomas was with them. Although the doors were shut, Jesus came and stood among them and said, Peace be with you. Then he said to Thomas, Put your finger here and see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it in my side. Do not doubt but believe. Thomas answered him, My Lord and my God! Jesus said to him, Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.

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    Offertory Hymn*

    1. Jesus, stand among us at the meeting of our lives, be our sweet agreement at the meeting of our eyes;

    O Jesus, we love you, so we gather here,

    Join our hearts in unity and take away our fear.

    2. So to you were gathering out of each and every land, Christ the love between us at the joining of our hands;

    3. Jesus, stand among us at the breaking of the bread, Join us as one body as we worship you, our Head.

    Word & Music: Graham Kendrick (b 1950) 1977 Kingsways Thankyou Music (Anglican Hymns Old & New 401)

    Communion Hymn*

    1. Jesus, these eyes have never seen

    that radiant form of thine; the veil of sense hangs dark between

    thy blessed face and mine.

    2. I see thee not, I hear thee not, yet art thou oft with me;

    and-earth hath neer so dear a spot as where I meet with thee.

    3. Yet, though I have not seen, and still

    must rest in faith alone, I love thee, dearest Lord, and will,

    unseen, but not unknown.

    4. When death these mortal eyes shall seal, and still this throbbing heart,

    the rending veil shall thee reveal all glorious as thou art.

    Words: Ray Palmer (1808-1887) Music: Wiltshire, George Thomas Smart (1776-1867), earlier form of tune

    (Ancient & Modern 812)

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    Post Communion Prayer

    Almighty God, who on the day of Pentecost

    sent your Holy Spirit to the apostles with the wind from heaven and in tongues of flame,

    filling them with joy and boldness to preach the gospel: by the power of the same Spirit

    strengthen us to witness to your truth and to draw everyone to the fire of your love;

    through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    Final Hymn*

    1. Thanks be to God for his saints of each past generation,

    one with us still in one body, one great congregation; with them proclaim

    Jesus for ever the same, Author of life and salvation.

    2. Thanks be to God for his blessings which daily surround us;

    glory to Christ, the Redeemer who sought us and found us, who from the grave

    rose, the almighty to save, breaking the fetters that bound us.

    3. Thanks be to God for the years that are yet in his keeping,

    trusting each day to the care of a Father unsleeping, on to the end,

    Christ our companion and friend, joy at the last for our weeping.

    4. Thanks be to God who has called us and daily defends us,

    who with the Son and the Spirit unchanging befriends us; now in that name,

    Jesus for ever the same, forth to his service he sends us.

    Words: Timothy Dudley-Smith (b 1926)

    Music: Lobe Den