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1. Its all about updating your fashionsense!Fashion is one such part of our life, without which our life seemscompletely incomplete. New trends in dressing sense, attractive hairstyles and catchy cosmetic products are always there to influence us.People who follow it madly; they are fashion obsessed or fashionfreak!But, unfortunately, there are those people also, who cannot follow it,yet they want to follow the prevailing fashion cultures. Well, if you areone of them, then here is good news for you! These days, you can hirea personal fashion stylist for yourself, who can guide you every time,about your dressing sense and looks. 2. Following are some points, wherethese stylists can help you with.TopsSkirtsDressesCoats 3. Tops My Private StylistAt times, people are confused with their tops. These stylists are alwaysthere for you, who can help you out with such worries. With thesestylists, you can resolve such paltry issues. Theyll scrutinize yourlooks, and they will suggest you whether you should wear collar lines,sleeve styles, strap width, strap position etc. 4. Skirts - My Private StylistYou can also ask these stylists, if you are confused to wear skirts.Sometimes, due to heavy thigh structure, we wear something whichdoesnt suit our personality. But with such stylists, you can consultthem, what to wear and when to wear? 5. Dresses - My Private StylistDresses also play an important role! With the help of these stylists, youcan learn the art of dressing yourself. Suitable colors and problem ofsize; everything can be resolved with their guidance. 6. Coats - My Private StylistThis slide is especially for corporate people, who have high profile anddesignations, but zero styling! You can ask such stylists, to know whichkind of coat can suit your looks and personality. 7. In short, all you need is to contact a personal stylist, who can help youwith your fashion sense. You can browse through the internet and makethings possible for you. 8. Contact UsAddress (US): 340Madison Avenue,19thFloor, New York City, NewYork, 10173