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<ul><li><p>December 1947 I N D U S T R I A L A N D E N G I N E E R I N G C H E M I S T R Y 105 A </p><p>JUST THE S A M E ! </p><p>THE INTERNATIONAL NICKEL COMPANY OF CANADA, LIMITED </p><p>BEATS TOUGH CORROSION CONDITION </p><p>This 554-foot chimney was built* in 1936 for International Nickel of Canada to handle gases from copper reverberatories and con-verters. Now, after ten tough years, the smoke goes up this chimney just the same as the day the stack was built! </p><p>TEN YEARS WITHOUT REPAIR The gases contain SO2 with mois-ture content slightly above atmos-pheric humidity. Despite this corrosive condition, up to the pres-ent time no repairs have been made to this stack, and no evidence of deterioration has been noticed. </p><p>HERE'S WHY: The entire lining of this stack was built with acid-proof brick laid in </p><p>Penchlor Acid-Proof Cement.** In addition the top fifty feet of this stack was further protected by using Penchlor Acid-Proof Cement for pointing the outside surface joints. Penchlor Acid-Proof Cement is a superior sodium silicate cement that is quick-setting and self-hardening. Its outstanding record of satisfactory service has been proved in chemical plants, steel mills, paper and pulp mills, oil refineries and smelting plants. </p><p>SEND FOR CASE REPORT If you have a corrosion problem, you'll be interested in further details about this Penchlor installa-tion, as well as an illustrated brochure on Penchlor. Write for Case Report Number 68-3. </p><p>Special Chemicals Division </p><p>PENNSYLVANIA SALT MANUFACTURING COMPANY 1 0 0 0 Widener Building, Philadelphia 7 , Pa. </p><p>NEW YORK CHICAGO . ST. LOUIS . PITTSBURGH CINCINNATI WYANDOTTE . TACOMA . PORTLAND, ORK. </p><p>*Built by Custodis Canadian Chimney Company, Limited, Montreal **Penchlor Acid-Proof Cement was furnished by our Canadian Associates </p><p>G. F. Sterne &amp; Sons, Ltd., 8rantf,ord, Ontario </p><p>CHEMICALS 9 7 Y e a r s ' S e r v i c e t o I n d u s t r y </p><p>THE SMOKE GOES </p><p>UP THE CHIMNEY... </p><p>P E N N SALT </p></li></ul>


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