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Parish Funding Officer. Hours per week, over three days. Stewardship Gift Aid Funding for Projects Training Together Governance VAT. Provincial Stewardship Executive / GenRus. Organise venue Get agenda produced, agreed and circulated Arrange visiting speakers Take minutes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Parish Funding OfficerStewardshipGift AidFunding for ProjectsTraining TogetherGovernanceVAT</p> <p>Hours per week, over three daysProvincial Stewardship Executive / GenRusOrganise venueGet agenda produced, agreed and circulatedArrange visiting speakersTake minutesProduce minutes and distributeOnly two paid officers so generally share work arising</p> <p>Use NetworksGenRusSenior StaffSteering Groups/Standing CommitteeProvincial StaffParishesNational Stewardship OfficerNorth West Stewarship</p> <p>ToolkitWebsiteTraining SessionsE-NewsletterPro-formasEmailTwitterMeetings @ Office instead of parishDiary ManagementWhat I Try To ProvideAcknowledgementMotivationInspirationResourcesEncouragementCelebration</p> <p>Typical ParishMeet with cleric (office daytime)Meet with parish (parish evening)GFL QuestionnaireDragons DenPresent GFLLet them identify gapsPlay DVD to inspire (Rich or Today by Rob Bell)Recruit Task Group</p> <p>Typical ParishMeet with task group (in parish daytime or evening)Identify jobs to be doneIdentify responsible peopleSet deadlinesMeet with task group Check progressMeet with cleric to discuss preaching/teachingGiving For Life In A Typical ParishWork on articulating vision by task groupQuick and dirtyStrategic and comprehensiveDecide on which resources are appropriateInvesting In MissionGiving In GraceSeasons of GivingPreaching and Teaching by clericThank yous by Gift Aid Secretary</p>


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