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Innovative solution for Application Packaging


  • 1. Next Generation Packaging Solution In BriefApplication ServicesITC Services Infopulse Ukraine Founded1991 Software Development and IT and Telecom infrastructure Maintenance 850+ employees Implementation 247365 Client Centric Global Sourcing Application Packaging & 40+ technical domains Virtualization 25+ service areas Application Mobility Solutions Contact us:03056 , 24, Polyova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, Phone: +38 044 457-88-56Fax: +38 044 457-88-56

2. 1Packaging Acceleration Center Take application packaging to a new level 3. 2Packaging Acceleration Center PACE opens the door to Mobility in application packaging Infrastructure-independent service delivery Spectacular scalability and capacity Automated routine efforts Reduced cost, time and risks a quantum leap to the next generation solution in application packaging and virtualization 4. 3Packaging Workflow with PACE Editing & Discovery Documenting Packaging TestingFixing 5. 4Automated Packaging Self-Service Now you can make 10 packages in 30 minutes! Open Create Project Upload sources Have a coffee break Download results You make decisions. APS does everything else! 6. 5Automated Packaging Self-Service Many formats automatically created for one uploaded source package without additional efforts! MSI Package MSI Transform (MST) App-V PackageSource MSI Generator package Project 7. 6Automated Packaging Self-Service Packaging environment is always with you and 8. 7MSI GeneratorUse unique features for speed up your packagingGetting ready to use MSI package in 5 mouse clicksSeparate snapshots creation and comparisonDetection of hard-codes and application settingsDetection and handling permission changesMultiple MSI creation profiles 9. 8MSI EditorMore unique features. Better experience.Less time for MSI editing.Advanced Editing Undo/Redo, Intellisence, Smart lookupsRegistry and Files adding/updatingMSIs comparisonAdvanced View options Tables filtering, Changes HighlightingAutomation and Extensions Active Scripting, Plug-ins interface 10. 9AppV GeneratorSay "Good-bye" to App-V troubles and "Hello" toFree TimeDirect resources editing in SFT fileAdvanced OSD editing optionsDetection of hard-codes and application settingsPredefined OSD Scripts poolEasy resources import and exportEasy to create App-V package from MSI Generator project file 11. 10Docu GeneratorFastest way to create How-to documentsMakes screen snapshots automaticallyAnnotations addingPreview, copying, removing screenshotsHtml and Word documents creationHtml and Word templates supportAdvanced info recording User action, mouse position, started application info, content of edited fields in forms 12. 11How to sell more with PACE ?Provide to customers: Automated application compatibility check Automated application packaging Automated application testing on target platforms Automated installation guides creation Easy-to-use and powerful software packaging tools 13. 12How to deliver more with PACE ?Value for customers:Quick migration projects startingNo need to invest on infrastructure or toolsReduced time of application packages deliveryEasy and quick installation guides creationCombined packaging (customer installs application, packaging engineer fixes and tests) 14. 13Why PACE ?Concentrate on things that really matter! Performance Unlimited amount of packages can be done in 30 minutes Quality Grade of MSI clearance and ICE errorless is the best on the market Innovations Many unique features specially developed for speed up application packaging are available only in PACE 15. 14Why PACE ?Concentrate on things that really matter! Portability PACE products are 100% portable and dont require installation. Usability PACE products are specialty designed for reducing user actions and time to get application package ready to use Expertise PACE development team have application packaging background and experience in the past. Application packaging problems are very well known for us and we implement really hot features for packaging engineers. 16. Thank you!Join us on face book: Visit product page: Contact In Brief Application ServicesITC Services Infopulse Ukraine Founded1991 Software Development and IT and Telecom infrastructure Maintenance 850+ employeesImplementation 247365 Client Centric Global Sourcing Application Packaging & Virtualization 40+ technical domains Application Mobility Solutions 25+ service areasContact us:Infopulse 03056 , 24, Polyova Str., Kyiv, Ukraine, Phone: +38 044 457-88-56 Fax: +38 044 457-88-56


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