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Our life with God, our marriage, our family and our relationship with other believers. Keep it simple. Let's make sure we know and have the basics in place.


  • 1. Who? All Believers What? 7 Devotions Where? 4 Pillars that describe the foundations of our lives and the 4 Authorities, the areas where we have responsibility How? 5 Gateway Skills; equippers help us become skilled in serving Standards The Body of Christ The Church * The Ecclesia

2. The Seven Devotions 3. Standards of Disciples I Worship the One God - the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Creator of the universe, earth and man The Old Covenant - began with Abraham and was manifest in Moses through The Law and the promises God made to Israel. The Old Covenant required obedience or punishment by death. The New Covenant - is where The Law is fulfilled through Jesus' perfect love. He was the lamb of God, lived a perfect life and took the punishment of death. God raised Him from the dead. I am grafted into the vine of the people of God, called forth to bear fruit in Christs name. The mercy of God is emphasized in the New Testament; the judgment of God is emphasized in the Old Testament. I can explain the difference between the Old and the New Covenant, the difference between living by law and living by grace the difference between grace and license and the ministry of reconciliation. Jesus Christ, Yeshua, was born of a virgin, fully God and fully man, yet without sin. Jesus, because of his love for me, took MY place on the cross. He made it possible for me to be with the Father and to enter into His Kingdom. He knew my name when I was in my mother's womb and calls me to Himself. Jesus is the way, truth and the life, the only way to the Father; there is no other way. The Kingdom - When I experience salvation, I die with Christ. I am transferred from the Kingdom of darkness to His Kingdom of peace and righteousness, I become part of Him; I am His bride. Im a member, with other Christ-followers, of His family, a stone in the invisible, spiritual building where He dwells and a citizen of the Kingdom. The Spirit and the Word - Christ is the Word of God. Gods word is perfect. I feed on the Word, committing myself to Biblical literacy and Biblical defense so I may know His Teachings, follow them faithfully and defend truth. I welcome The Holy Spirit as the Guide Christ gives to me who empowers me to live a righteous life of love, peace and holiness. The One Baptism - I have been baptized into Christ by faith, making Him Lord. I chose to die to myself and live in Christ, giving all to him: myself, my time, money and resources. I cannot serve God and myself, money or any other thing. I understand I cannot consider myself on the path to heaven when living unrepentantly, doing wrong things. I recognize I have been forgiven and forgive, fulfilling the ministry of reconciliation that He calls us to. I welcome the Holy Spirit to immerse me-providing power to live a righteous and redeemed life, to witness and to be fruitful serving others and serving with others with the gifts God has given me. 4. Family Standards God calls us to build our primary relationships and work outward, building our natural families and the extended family of God, the household of faith. 1. We practice the One Anothers and Love Growers, considering the unique Love Language of each. 2. We reduce Love Eroders. 3. Provision and Family Responsibilities. We provide for those family members wherein we have responsibility; additionally, we help meet each others needs. We share in responsibilities. 4. Recreation and Fun. We enjoy each other and life together 5. Family Governance. We work to create proper balance between freedom & boundaries. We learn to positively resolve conflict, using wise principles of Biblical governance 6. Life Moments. We build memories and traditions and together celebrate important moments in life. 7. Extending Family. We honor our extended family; we extend the family of God. We practice the 7 Devotions Marriage Building Standards I understand God designed marriage between a man and woman. 1. We work on our marriages regularly and deliberately 2. We learn to positively resolve conflict 3. We practice the One Anothers and try to understand and speak in the Love Language our spouse understands Gifts Touch Words of Affirmation Quality Time Acts of Service 4. We work to improve Love Growers Expressing Affection Finances Communication Children Transparency Extended Family Companionship Respect Home & Family Care 5. We work to reduce Love Eroders Disrespect Lack of Honesty Selfishness Excessive Activities Anger Annoying Habits 6. We learn to develop good Sexual Relations, paying attention to our appearance 7. We work to create proper balance between freedom & boundaries, using wise principles of Biblical governance 8. We practice the 7 Devotions and help strengthen marriages in the Natural Community, the Kingdom Community and our Connected Communities, those communities where we are connected 5. One Anothers We need to... love one another, this is how people know we are Christ followers, we need to work to increase our love for each other, as we do, Gods love in us grows ...be devoted to one another, and be the family of God; give honor to one another We should assemble together pursue peace and build up one another, try to be of the same mind, avoid dividing from one another, instead seek each others good accept one another as Christ has accepted us admonish one another encourage one another to good deeds greet each other warmly; in the early church it was with a kiss, today we often greet warmly with a hug serve one another, bearing each others burdens, be hospitable tell each other the truth, living the same on the outside as the inside be kind, harmonious, sympathetic, gentle, tolerant, patient, bearing with one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other exhort, reprove, teach, admonish, encourage and build up one another speak to each other in psalms and spiritual songs ...encourage each other in sound doctrine individually and together love our enemies submit one to another pray for each other, for our weakness and those things God needs to heal We ought not have unpaid debts .complain about each other, be judgmental or put obstacles or stumbling blocks in each others way, or practice payback be selfish, haughty/conceited toward one another, envying each other, speaking disrespectfully of each other 6. Four Authorities God gives us responsibilities in all areas of life. When someone is given responsibility, they are given the authority to carry out the work. We say they are acting in the area of their authority. We call our responsibilities the Four Authorities. Sacred Our responsibilities to God Social Our responsibilities to each other and the world around us Civic Our responsibilities to act and administrate with good governance Market Our responsibilities in commerce, gainful occupation and to work Five Gateway Skills Apostle Planter I will plant and/or support new works that serve others. Prophet - Perceiver I will learn to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. I rejoice in truth & turn to the Word for discernment. Pastor Caregiver & Guide I will serve where Christ & the Holy Spirit lead me to serve and make disciples. Evangelist - Proclaimer I will proclaim the good news, through faith in Christs sacrifice & resurrection we can be transferred to his Kingdom Teacher - Imparter I will entrust what I learn to faithful people who will teach others.