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India 2006

When we first encountered Biogas

Their system looked like this:

They took me to there caw shed were they explaned that they through in the manure in to the system. It produces biogas , and also natural liquid fertelizer that they grow food and flowers that they soled in the market in the weekend.I was amazed- this thchnology Preduced income, gas, stoped deforestation and and indoor air polution , all of this by reusing waste.

Using biogas helps solve several MAJOR problems

1.3Billions Tonsof food wasted every year

Remind the GHG, the methane (land field)

Energy insecurity

Energy insecurity and indoor air pollution

And yet, throughout the world, and especially in the Middle East we are facing issues around energy security; fossil fuels, and accessibility.

But what if everyone could generate their very own energy?

5 Years of Learning and Exploration

And that was that. I found my calling. I began studying and building systems around the world. Big, small, you name it. But quickly I realized that traditional household systems were built in a very old technology! And if I want to spread this technology.We need to move in to economic modern models.

POWER for the PEOPLEReliable, Affordable Renewable Energy in every house.

Our vision became clear:

From those years the vision of the company has been built Our experience shaped our vision and understanding about what homebiogas would look like / focus on .Our Unique selling proposition

Family size Efficient & durableEasy to ship, assemble & maintain For developed and emerging markets

HomeBioGas is the solution!

Biogas systems convert organic waste, kitchen food scraps and animal manure in to energy and liquid fertilizer.This is a natural process that happens every were, also in this stomach avoltion of millards years in one system

1 SYSTEM - 2 MARKETS MARKET POTENTIALOver 200M that live in detached houses in developed areas Over 550M families in Africa & Asia, who spend $20-$40 per month on energy for cookingThose who wish to live more sustainably Those who want to save money

In africa fk

Successful Pilots 2014 -2015

Our systems installed in underserved communities in the Palestinian Territories

Presenting to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon and Israeli President Ruvi Rivlin

Leading the standard for domestic biogas systems We are building our system with the best engineers for best quality and safety.All of this to help meet the United Nation 17 goals for a better world.


2016 Commercial PhaseWe shipped to42Countries

At the end of last year we had a successful crowd funding, this was a strong market check up. We started to sale this year world wide, direct selling business to costumer , as a DIY kit , and also through distributor channels.

Today our systems are used in cities, villages and suburbs

Today we have the systems working in many modern households.In city's and villages people have more money so they can afford the system. Also in developing countries.So the dependency on aid to finance the system is lessneed to write this better.Traditionally biogas systems were highly dependent in Aid because the costumers were living in rural areas.We want to change that.

Our customers share their joy of healthy cooking on clean biogas

Sharing their experience in the healthy cooking, the JOY The joy of cooking on Biogas

Scaling Up

Mass productionCost ReductionMarketing Channels2017 2018

Our 2020 VISION:To Reach 1,000,000 Families

Every child will know waste is value etc... Families from devloped and devoloping countries

Take charge of where your waste goes and where your energy comes from!

Visit us at:www.homebiogas.com