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Our Professional Journey. Evelyn A. Brown AGA National President. Our Professional Journey. Introductions Background Evelyn A Brown Association of Government Accountants. Our Professional Journey. Paths to success Vision Mission Goals Objectives. Our Professional Journey. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



  • Our Professional Journey


    Background Evelyn A BrownAssociation of Government Accountants


  • Our Professional Journey

    Paths to successVisionMissionGoalsObjectives


  • Our Professional JourneyWhat are some of the avenues to success?


    Training through job rotation or details to other organizations

    Professional designations



  • Our Professional Journey

    Affiliations, executive search, and job opportunities

    Periodic evaluation

    External assessment Peer review Supervisory reviewMentoring benefits *

  • Our Professional Journey

    External interactions

    Learn enough to volunteer for central financial agencies task forces

    Become familiar with USSGL, FASAB, Treasury, OMB, former JFMIP, GSA, OPM standards for core competencies*

  • Our Professional Journey

    External interactions continued

    Find opportunities and exposure for learning and knowledge sharing outside your normal realm

    Dont be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.

    Dont be afraid to ask questions*

  • Our Professional Journey

    Extracurricular activitiesSpeakingWritingServing on committees and boardsCommunity serviceMentoring and cross-training


  • Our Professional Journey

    How do you tell your story?Using a biographyUsing a resumeUsing a Curriculum Vitae


  • Our Professional Journey


    Websters Dictionary defines Ethics as Discipline dealing with what is good and bad, with moral duty and obligation.What is the impact on you? Ethical considerationsWhere do you go for help Supervisor Employers ethics office Inspector General GAO Office of Government Ethics (OGE)*

  • Our Professional JourneyEthics continuedThe problems we have had in the profession have not been due to a lack of technical knowledge.

    Inadequate emphasis on ethics; it is personal.

    Ethics apply both on the job and off. Be careful where you go. Choose your venues and your associates carefully


  • Our Professional Journey

    In conclusion,Respect, trust, partnership building, realistic expectations and time investment will help you along the way.

    Forget the notion of instant gratification and short cuts to nowhere.

    Hard work, determination and perseverance will pay off.

    Seize the moment; opportunity may only knock once.*

    Do you or did you have a vision?Is your mission public service oriented?Are your goals realistic?Do you have a Plan A and a Plan B and a Plan C?*Networking with all levels both up and downWho you know and who knows you*Mentoring benefits as a mentor AND as a mentee*You may not know everything but you have the foundation to be a quick learner and get acclimated to the task*Following long time AGA mentor Raymond Einhorn (how many of you have heard of Ray? One of the 1st 5 Presidents of AGA, a charter member, the Accountants Roundtable (forum for exchange of ideas, etc.) *Speaking ToastmastersWriting articles, books, AGA Topics, other*Who has a current resume?Where do you go for help if you dont have one?(AGA colleagues, someone you admire)

    *How do you define ethics? Is it squishy? Impact - (Insert the name of the AGA Ethics Board Chair here) (Washington Post Test, New York and LA Times)*