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1. OUR JOURNEYOUR ENRICHMENT TOYWe chose a Cheetah becausewe had a lot of knowledgeabout what a cheetah does. Itsa unique fast and powerfulanimal to make a toy for. Wechose to make a gazelle out ofcardboard for the cheetah,because cheetahs main prey isthe gazelle and we hung it to atree.BY JORJA, ETHAN, ERICA, AND JAYDEN 2. BEHAVIOUR WETARGETEDWe wanted the cheetah to jump up andtear down the gazelle off the rope and ripit apart to find the meat. We targeted theattacking and jumping skills to gain energyfor the cheetah. The gazelle would make itwant to attack. 3. MAKING OF OUR TOYFirst we cut a hole in the shoebox andstuffed the tube in the hole to makethe neck. Then we taped it shut - wesecured it properly with masking tape.Then we painted the body with brownpaint and did the same with the neck.When that was dry, we attached thehead to the neck and painted thattoo. Then we finally hung it to a treewith rope! 4. PROBLEMS ANDSOLUTIONSThe first problem we had was thebalance of how it hung. The headhung forward because all theweight was in the head. It wassolved by us changing the thickrope we used into more of a thintype of rope and so it wasbalanced better. 5. OUR EVALUATION ANDFINISHED PRODUCT Our finished product ended up to be a successful toy for a cheetah and it hung up perfectly. We are very happy with our effort we put in to making the toy. By Jorja, Ethan, Erica and JaydenWE HOPE YOU ENJOYEDOUR JOURNEY!!