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  • Our breaksOur breaks By Diana, Ana & DariaBy Diana, Ana & Daria
  • At the beginning of theAt the beginning of the classes Ana always doesclasses Ana always does the list.the list.
  • Damian sometimesDamian sometimes makes bracelets withmakes bracelets with special thread.special thread.
  • Gabi seldom decoratesGabi seldom decorates her things.her things.
  • Ana and Damian readAna and Damian read girls magasines twice agirls magasines twice a week.week.
  • Dragos draws on theDragos draws on the blackboard every day.blackboard every day.
  • Alin and Andrei rarelyAlin and Andrei rarely look on the window.look on the window.
  • Despina usually eatsDespina usually eats lollipops because shelollipops because she likes the chew gum inlikes the chew gum in them.them.
  • Alin often does hisAlin often does his homework during thehomework during the breaks.breaks.
  • Dragos sometimes playsDragos sometimes plays games on his phone.games on his phone.
  • Flori listens to musicFlori listens to music twice a day.twice a day.
  • Laura seldom watchesLaura seldom watches videos on YouTube.videos on YouTube.
  • Maria drinks waterMaria drinks water every break.every break.
  • Florentin always playsFlorentin always plays football at Sport classes.football at Sport classes.
  • Dragos usually rotatesDragos usually rotates the basketball ball onthe basketball ball on his finger.his finger.
  • Best friendsBest friends