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For Children and young people with disabilities in Coventry aged 0-18 years


  • 2For more information on these activities, see page 19 To book call The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087


    What are Short Breaks 3Our Vision in Coventry 3Who can access Short Breaks? 4How to access Short Breaks 4What is a Short Breaks passport? 4How to book Short Breaks 5Symbols key 5Short Break provision in Coventry 6Summer 2012 activities 9Term time activities 2012-2013 15October 2012 half-term 16February 2013 half-term 18Activity information 19Celebrations 25Useful addresses 26How we listen to you 26Broad Park Centre 28Meet the team 29




  • 3To book call The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087

    Hello and Welcome! We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Short Breaks booklet. We have listened to the voices of children, young people (YP) and their parents/carers over the past twelve months to pull together a plan of Short Breaks for disabled children/YP in Coventry.

    Within this booklet you will find a full range of Short Breaks that are available from 25th July 2012-28th March 2013. Throughout this period we would like to hear your views of the services we offer. Please do this by contacting Michelle Roberts: 024 7678 6087

    Coventry City Council is committed to the transformation and expansion of the Short Breaks services for disabled children and their families, from inclusive universal services, through tospecialist provision.

    What are Short Breaks?Short breaks (previously known as respite) can benefit the whole family. They provide opportunities for disabled children/YP to spend time awayfrom their families, relax, develop new friendships, take part in new experiences and have fun doing positive activities. They also give families a break from their caring responsibilities, a chance to unwind, rest, or spend time with their other children. Short Breaks can last for a few hours to a few days and mayinclude day, evening, overnight and weekend activities. They can take place in thechilds own home, the home of an approved carer, or a residential or community setting.

    Our Vision in CoventryOur aim is to ensure that families with disabled children have the same human rights as others, including the right to the same quality of life as those who do not live with a disability. However, we recognise that all families are different, so they will need different levels of support and different types of short breaks; therefore we ensure that there is a wide range of short break provision to meet those needs. Research demonstrates the value of early intervention and prevention, therefore we ensure that we provide ongoing support, not just at points of crisis

    In Coventry we share the vision of Every Child Matters. We want young people to be healthy, safe, enjoy life, achieve success, make a positive contribution, have supportive friends andfamilies and benefit from economic well being.

  • 4For more information on these activities, see page 19 To book call The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087

    Who can access Short Breaks?We use a fair, understanding and transparent eligibility criteria so that the service ispreventative and not just used for those families at points of crisis or under threat of familybreakdown. Children and YP can access Short Breaks if they:

    Have a disability. Are aged 0-18 years.

    Are in receipt of low, middle or high rate Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or if they are on school action plus support at school. Live in Coventry. DLA provides help with the extra costs of bringing up a disabled child. It is paid on top of almostany other income you may have, and also gives you access to other kinds of help. If you are notcurrently in receipt of DLA and you feel you may be eligible to it, contact 0800 882 200.

    How to access Short BreaksAll children and YP accessing the Short Breaks service must have a completedShort Breaks Passport. This will need to be completed and returned, along with a copy of your childs DLA letter to: Broad Park Centre, Logan Road, Coventry, CV2 1AG. If you do not have a passport and would like us to send you one, please contact 024 7678 6087.

    What is a Short Breaks Passport?Feedback from Coventry families and national research has told us that parents are tired of filling in forms and having bureaucratic assessments. It is important that we listen to you, so from this we developed a Short Breaks Passport. The passport acts as a care plan and will hold key information about your child and their disability. The passport will also help inform the planning of services we offer based on the childs needs.

  • 5To book call The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087

    How to book Short Breaks

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    Short Breaks can be booked by contacting The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087 Term time activities: Monday-Friday 8.30am-4.30pm

    Summer 2012 activities: 18th June -22nd June 8.30am-4.30pm

    Eid 2012 Celebration: 18th June -22nd June 8.30am-4.30pm

    October 2012 Half term activities: 24th September-28th September 8.30am-4.30pm

    Diwali 2012 Celebration: 5th November-9th November 8.30am-4.30pm

    Christmas Party 2012: 5th November-9th November 8.30am-4.30pm

    February 2013 Half term activities: 14th January 18th January 2013 8.30am-4.30pm

    Please note, we will still take bookings after the dates specified, however, there are limited spaces and allocations will be made after these dates, therefore you may not be allocated your desired space if there is a waiting list.

    Symbols Key Universal Services for children on low, middle and high rate DLA - highlighted in orange

    Targeted Services for children on middle and high rate DLA - highlighted in green

    Specialist Services for children on high rate DLA - highlighted in red

    Booking is essential Fully accessible

    Siblings can attend Parent/carers are required to stay

    Referral required via lead For children under 5 and their professional/social worker. siblings up to age 8

    Tear this page out and put on the fridge!!

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  • 6For more information on these activities, see page 19 To book call The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087

    Short Break Provisionin Coventry

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    This is not a comprehensive list but indicates the sorts of services that may be available:

    Universal services (those services in orange)

    For children and YP receiving low, middle and high rate DLA or receive extra help at school such as school action plus. However, all disabled children should have access to most universal and mainstream services. Universal services are really important in ensuring disabled children and YP have fun and enjoy themselves with friends, just the same as other children/YP.

    These include Short Break Activities Please refer to page 9.

    Targeted services (those services in green)

    For children and YP receiving middle and high rate DLA and have a statement of special educational needs. If there has been an assessed need via the Common Assessment Framework/Social Care children may be entitled to:

    1:1 support in the childs home/community. We will require your lead professional/social worker to make a referral for this service.

    Specialist services (those services in red)

    For children and YP receiving high rate DLA with a severe learning disability, a severe physical disability or complicated health need. Children can also access targeted and universal services if felt appropriate to the child to attend. Specialist Short Breaks cater for disabled children with moderate and complex needs who may require higher levels of support. They are based on

    an assessed need.

    Specialist services may include:

    Direct payments

    Direct Payments offer parents/carers an alternative to receiving services from the Local Authority for your disabled child. Parents/carers or disabledchildren can receive money to buy a service for their child. They are part of the Governments Personalisation agenda, which puts parents/carers central to the support they receive, helping them to live as independently as possible and giving them more choice and control. For more information contact 024 7683 3362.

  • 7To book call The Childrens Disability Team on 024 7678 6087

    Individual Short Breaks

    1:1 or 2:1 care in the childs home/community. - These Short Breaks offer children/YP the opportunity to spend quality time with a support worker to participate in activities of their own choice. A familys entitlement for 1:1 provision will be based on an assessed need. These services are assessed via a social worker.

    Overnight Respite

    If there has been an assessed need via a social worker, children may be eligible to receive overnight respite at; Broad Park House, Clifton House, Bradbury House or The Birches. Care at our residential homes is allocated to families who need regular breaks from care because of the intensity and complexity of their childs needs.

    How are Short Breaks FundedShort Breaks are funded through the Early Intervention Grant. The focus on Early Intervention is to ensure that every local authority is free to focus on and invest in essential frontline services which will have the greatest impact and flexibility to respond to the local needs and to produce long term successful results. Thus providing services for disabled children so they can have the best possible start in life, as well as