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  • The fragrances of Asia

    The bustling cities of South East Asia are some of the most vibrant and exciting in the world and can be fitted into any holiday itinerary. From old-world charm in Luang Prabang to the bustling streets of Ha Noi, these cities captivate in its multi-faceted expressiveness. Traditions blend with modernity that blossom into cities with all the conveniences of technology while retaining their culture identity. From rickshaw riders trundle by fine dining restaurants to night markets thriving in front of towering skyscrapers, multiculturalism is evident within these cosmopolitan cities. This makes the warm friendliness of the locals all the more touching, sincere and welcoming. Its not much use to choose the most touristy city you can find if you are only planning on a short break, but as a long as a city really excellent at one specific, two or three days will be enough to get the most out of your holiday. Here are our picks for the top 8 Indochina city breaks, for travelers who want a short holiday that packs a punch. Our dedicated product team is constantly discovering new and exciting accommodation and tour options throughout Indochina to bring you the very best in product range with abundance of choice.



    Hanoi18 Hue25 Hoi An...31 Ho Chi Minh City.37


    Luang Prabang...43 Vientiane49


    Siem Reap.55 Phnom Penh61

  • The must-see sights are all included

    Sightseeing with TTB Travel&Tour is about much more than simply seeing the sights. We take you on an unforgettable discovery. Each of our city tour options is specifically designed to best showcase particular aspects of the cultural heritage of each city. Youll see the secret places only the locals know about. Youll experience the unique traditions that shape de diverse cultures of Indochina from an insiders perspective. Sometimes, the most amazing sights are just around the corner, but how would you know where to look or that they were even there? With an intimate knowledge of Indochina, we take delight in revealing these hidden treasures to you on every option. In Hanoi, you may get to discover locals practicing the fine art of calligraphy in a very surprising pagoda. In Siem Reap, you may meet the last surviving Apsara dancer after the Khmer Rouge regime and understand her life.

    Enjoy performances

  • Encounter talented artists Visit world-class museums Discover symbolic monuments

  • Make every moment count

    City break is all about freedom and discovery. You want to get amongst it. See more. Do more. Live more. And go home utterly and completely regret-free. Our experience options are the last ingredient to that perfect trip. We make sure that you get all the time you need so see Indochinese cities in your way. It means having the freedom to choose, relaxing at a cozy caf in Luang Prabang or bargaining at a local market in Hanoi. Making the most of those personal moments that are unique to you is just as important as experiencing the big sights. They are the memorable moments that happen when you least expect them, when you really connect with the places you visit. If you really want to make every moment count, our range of adds-on experiences give you the chance to take your trip to a new level with unforgettable memories, unique to the cities you visit. That would be having a sunrise view over Angkor Wat or having a private dinner in a royal descendant family in Hue These special moments simply wouldnt happen travelling on your own, and add an extra spark to an unforgettable holiday.

    Bargain like an expert

  • Plant rice like locals Take part in fantastic festivals Alone at natural wonders

  • At your service, with a smile

    The first person you will meet on your arrival in Indochina is your local tour guide. At TTB Travel&Tour, we make sure that you are provided with guides that understand your customers habits and requirements when travelling. Imagine the travel buddy who knows Indochina inside out - where to eat, play, shop&find authentic local experiences. Our tour guides are more than just walking , talking guidebooks. They are lifelong travellers whose sole passion is to make sure you have the time of your life. They are not only knowledgeable about the history and culture of the city you are visiting, they also have a good command of foreign languages. They will explain daily village and city life that you observe during the tour. Just as importantly, you can rely on our guide to look after your customers and solve any problems they may have along the way.

    Local guide (Hanoi) The Vietnamese culure is complex and has changed constantly. Thats why Ive travelled up and down in the country in order to update my knowledge so that I can deliver appropriate notions to foreign visitors. And they appreciate such a vision of guiding. Cultural interactions are always at the heart of my profession


  • Local guide (Luang Prabang) I love teaching my travellers all about the history&culture here in my own personal way. As well as being a local, I trained for 5 years& I know everything about the places we visit. I help my travellers find things that are special to Luang Prabang, the things they want to see or try. Like Luang Prabangs food its the best in Laos, including the amazing chili sauce

    Tour guide (Siem Reap) All travellers are different&want different things from their experience. So I help show them what they want to see. Because Ive lived in Siem Reap all my life, its the place I know best. I know it like the back of my hand& I can help travellers experience more. I love showing travellers Siem Reap, especially my favorite spots like Angkor Wat temples


  • Feel the spices of Asia through culinary discovery

    The great Chinese philosopher Confucius emphasized that the art of cooking encompassed more than the food itself, it was also about sharing the meals with others. We embrace this philosophy with our exclusive eating experiences, giving you a unique opportunity to sample the authentic dishes of the region at exclusive venues. A true highlight during your stay in city, weve sourced the best local dining experiences that will leave you wanting more. While staying in cities, we offer the superb culinary delights of top restaurants within easy reach. Food in Indochina is inexpensive with most meals costing between $10 and $20, and even the finest restaurants are comparatively well priced. We have included some meals that are an integral part of the culture of each city, like sampling fresh amok curry in Siem Reap . Or in Hue, travel by traditional rickshaw to meet a royal descendant family who will welcome you into their garden-house and prepare a delicious lunch of local specialities.

    Taste authentic flavors

  • Learn how to cook local Enjoy world-class restaurants Unique dining experience

  • A night to experience amazing

    All hotels are not the same, even if they are in the similar price range. We make a special effort to make sure that we use only the best quality hotels that are centrally located in city so that your customers can save time. Each hotel is hand-picked to suit city options, consistent high quality service , security and of course location. They are within easy reach of transportation and either shopping areas or main sights In this brochure, we generally select hotels from three to five stars that are up to international standard. From a restored Art Dcor villa in Luang Prabang to a former royal residence transformed into a luxury hotel, where possible we have selected hotels with great local color. That is to say you dont necessarily stay in great hotels, you also get to experience some amazing overnights like ecologe in Kamu village or safari tented cap near an Angkorian temple. But if thats not enough, why not an overnight cruise? Yes, stay on a traditional junk boat floating on the emerald waters of Halong Bay, or stay on a restored rice barge while cruising through the labyrinth of canals in the Mekong Delta.

    Sleep in cozy rooms

  • Enjoy excellent facilities Welcome by friendly staff Relax after touring days




    HOI AN




  • `

    HANOI Paris of Asia

    HUE Grandeur of royal city

    LUANG PRABANG City of temples

    PHNOM PENH Legacy of the past

    VIENTIANE Laid-back capital

    HO CHI MINH CITY Old&new mixture

    HOI AN Charm of ancient port

    SIEM REAP Legend of Angkor

  • A city of tree-lined avenues and ornate architecture,

    which holds more cultural sites than any other city

    in the country, the Vietnamese capital still exudes

    all the colonial elegance of its French heritage.

    Lying besides the Red River it has enjoyed a

    prominent place in Vietnams turbulent history for

    nearly 1,000 years, a factor reflected in its wealth of

    pagodas and temples and the myriad artisans

    trading amongst its colourful and diverse network

    of back streets..... With the charming Old Quarter

    featuring architecture from the French-Colonial era,

    Hanoi cultivates a fusion of Parisian and Asian

    influences to become a city of colonial legacy and

    modern outlook.

    Snapshot of Hanoi

    Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

    Traditional rickshaw

    Temple of litterature

    Street vendors

  • Morning exercices

    Iced black coffee

    Hoan Kiem lake

    Street food

    Dong Xuan market