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<ul><li><p>Other Literature inNursing</p><p>j</p><p>Editors Note:The following article titles from other recent nursing/medical literature are listed for the readers of the Journalof Radiology Nursing because of their relevance to the specialty practice of radiology nursing.</p><p>American Academy in Pediatrics, the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Cote, C. J., Wilson, S., &amp;Work Group on Sedation. (2006). Guidelines for monitoring and management of pediatric patients duringand after sedation for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures: An update. Pediatrics, 118(6), 2587e2602.Chlan, L. L., Sabo, J., &amp; Savik, K. (2005). Effects of three groin compression methods on patient discomfort,distress, and vascular complications following a percutaneous coronary intervention procedure. NursingResearch, 54(6), 391e398.26 MARCH 2007www.radiologynursing.org</p></li></ul>