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This is a presentation on the vision of OpenReality which we gave at our weekly workshop. OpenReality is an open source, open architecture, component based platform that uses Unity3d for developing serious game and virtual worlds


  • 1. XR Open Reality Vision Enabling Next Generation Distributed Virtual Worlds

2. Overview

  • Vision
  • Open Source
  • Multi-Platform
  • Component Based
  • Open Architecture
  • Open Standards
  • Examples

3. Open Reality Vision

  • The vision of Open Reality is to provide a platform that enables 3D content to be deployed to any web page on the internet. To allow users and content to move between and be shared between these spaces thus enabling a new distributed model of virtual worlds that is highly scalable, adaptable and interoperable.

4. Distributed Virtual Worlds 5. Open Source

  • As with many Internet standards (HTML, CSS, XML...), a common set of protocols and conventions is necessary in order to allow ease of learning, development, and expansion. The readily available use of these components through an open source community is the best way to create momentum for supporting these future standards.

6. Multi-Platform

  • Many virtual technologies exist today that need to be able to inter-connect to other platforms.We are presently working on architecting the system to support a variety of virtual platforms:
    • Web - Browsers, Facebook, MySpace, web 1.0
    • Desktop - Windows, Mac, and Linux (coming soon)
    • Mobile - iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile
    • Consoles - Wii, PS3, Xbox
  • We will initially focus on the use of Unity in our development efforts, but any other 3D graphics engine could alternatively be used, if desired

7. Component-Based

  • Users need to be able to use the components that best fit their needs, budget, and expertise.Avatar systems, servers, communications systems all need to be actualized so any or all of them can be used at the same time.
  • This allows for planned obsolescence, one of the most important aspects of the web, which gives us free reign to create new technologies while we are still using the old

8. Multi-Source Avatar

  • We are currently working with the following Avatar systems:
    • and Daz3d
    • Second Life Avatar
    • TurboSquid and other websites

9. Open Standards

  • We use existing Internet standards as much as possible.Teleporting is as simple as clicking a URL.As new standards, such as hyper-grid and VWRAP, become more and more main stream, we will be working to include these as well.Properly architected systems separate the physical and the logical into abstractions that allow many different standards to be used concurrently.

10. Business 11. Education 12. Community 13. Extreme Reality 14. Xeniversity 15. XR Grid 16. XRGrid Projects

  • OpenReality
  • XR Offices
  • XR Marketplace
  • Duke Nursing Virtual Lab
  • Avatar Classroom (Moodle/Sloodle)
  • Intel Advance Computer Research
  • Dept. of Energy Immersive Technologies
  • Metameets
  • Virtual Holland
  • Rockcliffe Virtual Campus
  • VStage
  • Mamachinima
  • Agile3d World
  • The Dating Casino
  • The Seductions

17. XR Marketplace


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