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FICCI CE Vision A vision is an inspirational picture of the future that can be created - offering clarity amidst confusion, hope amidst despair and unity of purpose amidst diversity of personal causes. Establishing a vision The organization has a much greater chance of success if it is clear about what business it is in, where it wants to be in future and what operating principles are important to it. It will have even more chance of success if these are not secrets held by few but understood in totality by all. Vision If the vision is not properly defined and communicated all the efforts to improve will be futile. How can you identify the target customers you intend to delight if you are not sure what business you are in?. How can you develop any kind of long term plans to stay in business, if you have no idea as to where you want to be?. FICCI CE Organizational vision An organizational vision offers a compelling method for forging employees into empowered, highly motivated team. It adds purpose to employees lives and is the cornerstone of the strategic architecture of a truly successful organization. FICCI CE How to make a vision A good vision statement must be rational and creative, cerebral and passionate, demanding yet friendly. FICCI CE Step 1: Preserve the core The vision must preserve the core competencies and values of the organization while stimulating progress towards the future. Without the core values, the vision will not be rooted in your company, but simply be a product of the imagination of its creators - putting it out of reach, both in operational and strategic terms. FICCI CE Core values Thus $ 16 Billion Mercks is built on its value of Corporate social responsibility and science based innovation. Similarly $ 48 Billion Sonys vision rests on values of encouraging individual creativity and its determination to be a pioneer. FICCI CE Step 2 : Identify core purpose The next step after core values is to identify the core purpose of the organization for instance the $16 billion 3M declares that its purpose is to solve problems innovatively. Similarly $6 Billion Nike announces that it wants to provide the experience and emotion of competition : Winning and Crushing competitors. FICCI CE Core purpose Your core purpose should not be confused with your current product or target segments. It should rather be aimed at adding value to your customers life through whatever product or service is relevant. FICCI CE It is therefore the combination of your core values, core purpose and customer driven goals for the future that will make the basis of your vision to become a customer driven organization. Core purpose FICCI CE Step 3: Vision must come from employees It is extremely important to ensure that the vision comes directly from the employees. The organization must elicit ideas from employees on the characteristics of their dream organization. Combining these notions with the companys core values and purpose will then provide the constituents of the vision. FICCI CE The vision must be shared The vision statement of the organization must be shared by all the employees. It must be the starting point of a process that culminates in setting specific quantifiable objectives for every division or business unit, every section, every department and every employee. FICCI CE Vision must be a starting point Strategy begins with the organizations vision. From your vision must flow your mission or strategic imperative. If your vision answers the question of what your company wants to be or do - your mission must translate that into particular businesses, and your goals into quantifiable targets through which the vision will be reached. FICCI CE For realizing the goals of the organization, the vision must be injected into the veins of the organization, being shared, owned and lived by every single person in your company. Therefore it is very important that steps are taken in communicating the vision to the length and breadth of your company. Vision must be injected FICCI CE Making it a reality The core function of the organizational vision is to ignite your people into thinking beyond your companys existing capabilities and the present environment - and only a shared vision can achieve that. After all a vision does not depict a personal paradise, it presents the promised land. FICCI CE Presenting customer driven vision statements of few organizations to enable you to revisit / frame one for your organization... Customer driven vision statements FICCI CE There is a great difference in an organization with a vision statement and being a visionary organization. FICCI CE Motorola To serve an increasingly mobile workforce and society with the broadest line of platforms and products, based on its two core competencies - radio communications and semiconductors. FICCI CE Whirlpool Grow with new opportunities and be the leader in an ever changing global market. We will be driven by our commitment to continuous quality improvement and exceeding all our customers expectations... FICCI CE Great Eastern Shipping With utmost consideration to safety of life and cargo and the protection of the environment and property, our management systems shall endeavor to produce the best results from available resources leading to excellence. FICCI CE Larsen & Toubro We shall be a world class company dedicated to excellence and professionalism. Customer delight through total quality and service shall be our guiding force... FICCI CE Arvind Mills To achieve global dominance in select businesses, but around our core competencies through continuous product and technical innovations and customer orientation with focus on cost effectiveness. FICCI CE Mukand A company characterized by explosive growth. Growth in business terms, growth in character. A company with an attitude of constant achievement, movement, inner strength-but always with feelings of warmth, humanity and above all pride in ourselves. We want to transform our Mukand into a company that constantly amazes and thrills us.