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God’s Vision – Big Vision. Getting to all your target group in this generation. Jesus (God) has a Vision / Purpose. Jesus had a Vision that drove his strategy and what he did (This was God’s Vision). What was Jesus’ (God’s) vision? We should have the same vision!!. Mark 1:21-39 . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Gods Vision Big VisionGetting to all your target group in this generation1Jesus (God) has a Vision / PurposeJesus had a Vision that drove his strategy and what he did (This was Gods Vision).

What was Jesus (Gods) vision?

We should have the same vision!!Mark 1:21-39 We can see Jesus Vision that drove his strategy in Mark 1:21-39.Read Mark 1:21-37 Jesus had great results in Capernaum!Jesus was received wellJesus shared the GospelJesus caste out demonsJesus healed many peopleMany people were looking for Jesus Jesus left Capernaum Why?Read Mark 1:38-39Why did Jesus leave Capernaum?There were so many other villages that had not yet heard the GospelJesus Purpose All hear the Gospel (Luke 4:43 Gospel of the Kingdom)He traveled throughout GalileeJesus remembered his Vision and Purpose from the Father all people hearing the Gospel this is why He came.Dont get distracted and stay too long!Like Jesus, let us focus on Gods Vision!GODS VISION AND HEART2 Peter 3:9God does not want anyone to perish but wants everyone to repent.

Does God want the Muslim terrorist to be lost? No, Gods heart is that everyone would repent.

What was Jesus Strategy to reach every City and Village in the Jewish People Group?Group I: Study Matthew 9:35-10:16Group II: Study Luke 10:1-9, 17-20Group III: Study Acts 19:8-10; 17:1-10; 1 Thess 1:4-10According to these verses:Where did Jesus / Paul go?What strategy did he use to reach the area?Write only what is in the Scripture!Matthew 9:35-10:16Jesus went through ALL the towns and villagesJesus had compassion on the crowds shepherd-lessThe harvest is plentifulPreached the Gospel (teaching), healedTo reach all these places he did not do it alone. He asks his disciples to PRAY and he SENT 12.In Matthew 10:5-42, Jesus gives his disciples a simple plan as they go to all the places he sends them. (Does not require money) (Sheep among wolves)Share the Gospel Kingdom of HeavenHeal the Sick / Raise the Dead / Drive out DemonsLook for a worthy person (Person of Peace)Jesus prepared them for persecution / sufferingLuke 10:1-9, 17-20Jesus SENT 70 others (12 not included) - 2 by 2Harvest is plentiful but workers fewAsked them to PRAYThey dont know much (they are like lambs among wolves) prepare them for persecutionDont need money or other thingsGives them a simple plan to go and do (Same thing he and the 12 had done)Share the Gospel of the KingdomHeal the SickSearch for a person of PeaceThey come back and report (with correction)

Acts 19:8-10Paul started in Ephesus and in 2 years all of Asia heard the Word of GodAsia Minor was a large area with many large citiesPaul did not work aloneAccording to Colossians 2:1, Paul had never met the disciples in Colosse and Laodicea in Asia Minor. Epaphras had planted the church there (Colossians 1:6-8).Paul shared the Gospel but also spent much time focused on training believers to go out and reach the whole province.All the people living in the province of Asia heard the Gospel in 2 years.

The province of Asia would be like reaching all of Sumatra in 2 years. LET IT BE SO!10Thessalonica Pauls StrategyActs 17:1-10; 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10Pauls Strategy1. Share the Gospel with people (started with capitol) a. Proclamation (Words) b. Power of the Holy Spirit c. Presence (Life and Convictions) also 2:82. Train them to multiply (Gave them a model; Have to have a process for multiplication)Paul was there only 3-4 weeksDoes your church or you have a process to multiply? Ask yourself how many churches have you or your church started? How many of them multiplied? (This will tell you if you have a good multiplication process.)SUMMARY OF JESUS STRATEGYJesus shared the Gospel in every village and city in the Jewish People Group. He covers it by going geographic area by geographic area in Israel. (He reached His vision of all of them hearing in 3 years!)In order to accomplish this Jesus:He prays and asked his disciples to PRAY (gives them spiritual authority)PREACHED/TAUGHT/HEALEDHe MOBILIZED AND SENT 82 disciples (They lacked knowledge but they had given up all to follow Him) Given a simple plan

The Plan Jesus gave His DisciplesShare the Gospel of the KingdomMiracles - Heal the Sick / Caste Out Demons / Raise the DeadSearch for a person of Peace (family in that community who would take it to others in that area)Jesus prepared the disciples for persecutionThey come back and report (with correction)Process for reproducingTHIS IS WHAT PAUL DID AS WELL!IS THIS OUR STRATEGY?

Contrast this with what cross-cultural workers usually do We are the ones doing all the teaching and we pray. We dont ask the new believers to do much because we say they are not yet ready. It usually takes years before they are considered ready and usually only after they go to seminary. Jesus did not stay long in an area. He wanted to move on to other areas that had not yet heard. He expected that new believers who gave up all would teach others as well.12Getting to ALL of the LOSTGods Heart for the LostRead Luke 15:1-7 Leave the 99 & Go after the 1 Lost SheepRejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was LOST! (Lk 15:6)For the Son of Man has come to seek and save that which was lost. (Lk 19:10) [Religious people grumbled!]The reason for the sending of both the 12 and 70 wasThe HARVEST is plentiful . . . (Mt 9:37, Lk 10:2) Not wait 4 months and then the harvest the harvest is now!2 Peter 3:9 shows us Gods heart: He does not wish for any to perish but all to come to repentance! (Snap)

13I do not like to hear the statement Maybe we will lay a foundation for many years and hopefully in a few generations our people group will hear the Gospel. We will wait on Gods timing. GODS TIMING IS NOW! THE HARVEST IS NOW NOT WAIT 4 MONTHS AND THEN THE HARVEST. HIS DESIRE IS THAT NONE PERISH! WE MUST HAVE A VISION THAT IS THE SAME WITH GODS DESIRE AND VISION!Why do Some Believers and Churches not have this Vision?They do not know Gods Vision or they dont understand Jesus Command in Matthew 28:18-20. They are focused on their own desires (Big Church; Our church needs to show strength and wealth so others will want what we have; we are not comfortable going out; no one will pay me to go out; our pastors salary is not enough yet Mat 6:33)They do not have the same heart as God for lost people especially unreached people groups.

They have received a pattern or thinking that is not Biblical. Some think this is not for every believer (have to strength our own church first; this is not our job or gifting)This vision and heart is for all believers John 14:12 (Acts 8:1-13; 11:19-21)

Why do Some Believers and Churches not have this Vision?Our Vision has to be Gods VisionMake Disciples of all people groups - Every city and village hears the Gospel Every person hears the Gospel. Disciple in churches all who believe.Dont just stay in one village or one place (even if you are seeing success); every church going out and also sending members to other UPGs. Our vision has to be the same as Gods so that all have the opportunity to hear the Gospel and believe!Write the Vision God has given you!What are the verses that God has laid on your heart for your people group?

What is Gods Vision for your People Group? What has he said about your people group?

He wants every one of your people to hear the Gospel. Do you have a strategy so that all people hear the Gospel?Give them a couple of minutes to think about this and then have them share. Emphasize we want Gods vision for our people not just our own. Let a few of them share their visions.The Basic Question We AskWhat will it take for ALL my people group to hear the Gospel in the next few years? (not what I like to do, trained to do, etc.)Comes from the basic question How many of my people will hear the gospel today? This week?How many people are in your target group?How many people will hear the Gospel this week in your target group?18Write name of people groups and population. Get total number. The choices we make in this group will directly affect ___ million people. Give them 2-3 minutes to give best estimate of number of people in your people group that will be given opportunity to hear the Gospel today or this week. Write it on the paper next to the name of your people. These two questions are key out of 40 million only estimated .007% less than 1/100 of 1% will hear. Population growth is faster then this .007%.Share about the Apostolic Role get churches started in each area that are multiplying and go on to other gap (unreached areas) Remind them of Paul going to 15 areas in 9 provinces.2 QuestionsWhat percentage of my people coming to faith would give an adequate witness across the whole of my people group? (If _% of my people were believers it is reasonable that all will hear the Gospel.)

How many churches are needed to get to that percentage?Usual percentage that gives an adequate witness is 5-10%. Usually once a movement happens church size will average around 20 except in areas where the Government has restricted number of people who can meet together.Write their answers on the board show that it will take more than a few churches so will need a strategy that can get to that many churches in the next few years.AssessmentDo you have a compassion for lost people? (Snap)Do you have Gods Vision for your people group?Will your present strategy reach your whole people group? Is your people group (s) / city presently being reached? Does everyone have an opportunity to hear the Gospel?Will you give yourself to the Lord to reach that people group / city? (You do not have the ability but God will work in you.)Will you commit to use Jesus / Apostles Strategy to reach your people group / city?THE FOCUS OF THIS TRAINING IS TO EQUIP YOU TO DO GODS BIG VISION THROUGH GOD STRATEGY

In teams or tables discuss how you will


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