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<ul><li><p>A Hilco Global CompanyVested in Your Success</p><p>Unused Electrical Supplies and Cabling,Support, Production &amp; Facility Equipmentfrom a 4000 Metric Ton Poly-Silicon Production Facility</p><p>Online Bidding Opens: Wednesday, December 3RD</p><p>Online Bidding Closes: Wednesday, December 10TH</p><p>Pocatello, Idaho</p><p>ONLINE AUCTION</p><p>Phone +1 248-254-9999</p><p></p><p>Sale Offered in Partnership with</p><p></p><p>HilcoTM Industrial</p><p></p><p>2nd SALE IN A SERIES OF AUCTIONS</p></li><li><p>To schedule an auction, please call Hilco Industrial at 1-877-37-HILCO (44526)2</p><p>ONLINE AUCTIONHilcoTM Industrial</p><p>2009</p><p>ONLINE BIDDINg OPENS</p><p>WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 3RD</p><p>BEGINNING AT 10AM LOCAL TIME</p><p>ONLINE BIDDINg CLOSES</p><p>WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10TH</p><p>CHeCk www.HIlCoInd.Com For ClosInG tImes</p><p>PREVIEwMONDAY &amp; TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH &amp; 9TH</p><p>8AM TO 4PM LOCAL TIME to sCHedUle An eArlIer InspeCtIon, pleAse ContACt BrIAn lee At 203-258-0927 or emAIl Blee@HIlCoGloBAl.Com </p><p>ASSET LOCATION1 HOKU WAY POCATELLO, ID 83204</p><p>DIRECTIONSFROM SALT LAKE CITY INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: EXIT AIRPORT TO I-80 E TO I-215 N,THEN MERGE ONTO I-15 N (APPROX. 92 MILES) TAKE EXIT 71 FOR POCATELLO CREEK RDAND TURN LEFT, CONTINUE ON TO E ALAMEDA RD, THEN TURN LEFT ONTO N MAIN ST.TURN RIGHT ONTO N KRAFT RD, THEN LEFT ONTO HOKU WAY.</p><p>FURTHER INFORMATION AN 18% BUYER'S PREMIUM WILL BE CHARGED ON ALL ASSETS. THE BUYERS</p><p>PREMIUM WILL BE REDUCED TO 16% FOR PAYMENTS MADE BY MEANS OFCASH, CASHIERS CHECK, COMPANY CHECK (WITH BANK LETTER OF GUARAN-TEE) OR WIRE TRANSFER WITHIN 48 HOURS OF SALE CLOSE. PAYMENT WILL NOTBE ACCEPTED ON SITE. AUCTION WILL BE CONDUCTED IN ENGLISH, ACCEPTINGU.S. CURRENCY ONLY.</p><p> REMOVAL IS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. REMOVAL DEADLINE IS FRIDAY, JANUARY 16TH,WITH HOURS OF REMOVAL BETWEEN 8AM TO 4PM MONDAY THRU FRIDAY. SITE WILL BECLOSED DECEMBER 22ND JANUARY 2ND. REMOVAL WILL BEGIN AGAIN ON JANUARY 5TH</p><p>BUYERS SHOWING UP WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT WILL BE TURNED AWAY. BUYERSWITH ITEMS LEFT ON SITE AFTER DEADLINE ARE SUBJECT TO FINES OF $500 PER DAY.</p><p>MACHINERY &amp; EQUIPMENT</p><p>BRIAN LEE 203-258-0927 BLEE@HILCOGLOBAL.COMPAYMENT INFORMATION</p><p>LESIA JOSEPH 616-328-6892 LJOSEPH@HILCOGLOBAL.COMHILCO ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE AT AR-GR@HILCOGLOBAL.COMCUSTOMER SERVICE</p><p>+1 877-37-HILCO +1 616-732-1800 INFO@HILCOIND.COMSANDI NEELY AT 248-254-9999 X16 SNEELY@HILCOGLOBAL.COM </p><p>Information contained herein deemed to be accurate at time of printing and subject to change. For updated information, please visit our website at for any changes to</p><p>date, sale process, terms and conditions and list of available assets.</p><p>GAS COMPRESSORS &amp; CHILLERS</p><p>THIS FACILITY IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN ITS ENTIRETY, Please Contact Brian Lee at +1 203-258-0927 or Email</p></li><li><p>3</p><p>GAS COMPRESSORS &amp; CHILLERS HEAT EXCHANGERS</p><p>To 2009</p><p>2009</p><p>). &amp;&amp;)</p><p>#)</p><p>,)/.$)($&amp;$.0+/</p><p>$*' (.</p><p>!,)'.# ),' ,)%/</p><p>. ,$&amp;-(/-.,$&amp;$&amp;$.0</p><p>,$"$(&amp;&amp;0 -$"( .),)</p><p>/ </p><p>)!)&amp;,, </p><p>)&amp;0-$&amp;$)(</p><p> "% </p><p>ALSO AVAILABLE BY PRIVATE TREATY: Tanks, Reactors, Heat Exchangers,</p><p>Condensers &amp; Reboilers, Electrical Equipment and More</p><p>Available immediately at </p><p></p><p>gAS COMPRESSORS &amp; CHILLERS1 GEA FES 315 TON 2-STAGE CHILLER (2009), w/ 11605B/3855 Gas Compressors.</p><p>Utilizes Type R507 Refrigerant, Skid Mounted w/ Type 11605 &amp; 3855 Rotary ScrewCompressor, 600 HP Drives, Control Panel, Heat Exchanger &amp; Recirculating Pump </p><p>1 GEA FES MODEL 1160SE 500 TON GLYCOL CHILLER (2009), Skidded Package, TypeR-507 Refrigerant, Water Cooled w/ #1160S Compressor, 2250 H.P. Motor, HorizontalPressure Vessel w/ Recirculating Pumps, Horizontal Glycol Recirculating Chiller,Overhead Heat Exchanger, GFORCE Touchscreen Controls </p><p>1 GEA FES MODEL 11605B/3855 GAS COMPRESSOR, 2-Stage, RefrigerationCompressor, Skid Mounted, w/ type 11605 Screw Compressor, 600-HP Electric Motor,Type 3855 Rotary Screw Compressor Unit, 600-HP Drive, W/Control Panel, HeatExchanger, Recirculating Pump </p><p>1 NEUMAN &amp; ESSER MODEL 1TZS190 900 H.P. GAS COMPRESSOR, ReciprocatingType, 7742 CFM, 57.8 PSIG Suction Pressure, 130.8 PSI Differential Pressure, 201 PSIFinal Pressure, 900-HP Electric Motor </p><p>1 HOWDEN MODEL P123LG280/17 40 H.P. REGENERATION GAS COMPRESSOR,Reciprocating Type, 17.7 PSIG Suction Pressure, 102 PSIG Discharge Pressure, 40 HPElectric Motor, Skid Mounted, w/ Piping, Heat Exchanger, Control Panel, Charged withFreon </p><p>HEAT ExCHANgERS1 FABSCO CARBON STEEL SHELL &amp; TUBE TYPE</p><p>HEAT EXCHANGER (2008), Shell Rated 350 PSI @250 / -30 F, Tubes Rated 150 PSI @ 200 / -30 F </p><p>1 REGEN 89 SQFT CARBON STEEL COOLER, 12"Dia. x 8', Shell &amp; Tubes Rated 150 PSI @ 400 / -20 F </p><p>1 PERRY 4143 SQFT CARBON STEEL VERTICALSHELL &amp; TUBE TYPE HEAT EXCHANGER, S/NB-7222, 4' Dia. x 15', Shell &amp; Tubes Rated 150 PSIat 300 to -20 F MAWP </p><p>2 PERRY 331 SQFT CARBON STEEL SHELL &amp;TUBE TYPE HEAT EXCHANGERS, S/Ns B-7232,N/A 12" Dia. x 20', Shell Rated 240 PSI at 480 to -20 F, Tubes Rated 340-PSI at 480 to -20 F </p><p>1 PERRY MODEL FTSS-20-1231 1231 SQFT STAIN-LESS STEEL SHELL &amp; TUBE TYPE HEATEXCHANGER, S/N B-7231-1 (2009), Shell &amp; TubesRated 300 PSI at 300 to -50 F Insulated </p><p>1 PERRY MODEL FTS-24-624 624 SQFT 304LSTAINLESS STEEL VERTICAL SHELL &amp; TUBETYPE HEAT EXCHANGER, S/N B-7228 (2008),Shell &amp; Tubes Rated 150 PSI @ 400 to -50 F, W/Flanged Outlets </p><p>3 STEELTEK CARBON STEEL HORIZONTALSHELL &amp; TUBE TYPE HEAT EXCHANGERS,(ALL 2009), To 30" Dia. x 25', Shell &amp; Tubes RatedTo 300 PSI at up to 600 to -20 F Shell Side </p><p>2 STEELTEK 304 STAINLESS STEEL SHELL &amp;TUBE TYPE HEAT EXCHANGERS, (BOTH 2009),To 22" Dia. x 20', Shell &amp; Tubes Rated To 260-PSIat up to 400 to -50 F </p><p>1 STEELTEK 306 SQFT 304L STAINLESS STEELHORIZONTAL SHELL &amp; TUBE TYPE HEATEXCHANGER, S/N 08S-2419 (2009), 18" Dia. x 10',Shell Rated 350 PSI at 400 to -50, Tubes Rated150 PSI at 400 to -50 F </p><p>For more information, please visit us on the web at</p></li><li><p>POWER CABLE / WIRE TANKS, DRUMS &amp; VESSELS ELECTRICAL</p><p>To schedule an auction, please call Hilco Industrial at 1-877-37-HILCO (44526)4</p><p>2011</p><p>POWER CABLE/WIRE127 ASSORTED SPOOLS OF WIRE &amp; POWER CABLE, (1) 600</p><p>KCMIL, (1) 535.5 KCMIL, (1) 500 KCM, (3) 2 Awg, (1) 4 Awg, (5)6/2 w/g, (7) 8/3 w/g, (14) 10/2 w/g, (12) 10/3 w/g, (14) 12/3, (1)12/2, (2) 12/4, (9) 14/4, (7) 14/3, (3) 14/7, (6) 14/9, (2) 14/12, (8)16/3, (1) 16/8, (1) 16/8 Triads, (2) 18/2, (1) 18/8, (1) 18/12, (3)1PR16, (1) 2PR16, (1) 1PR18, (7) 2PR18, (12) 24PR18 </p><p>LARGE QUANTITY OF Cope &amp; Cooper B-Line Cable Trays</p><p>TANkS, DRUMS &amp; VESSELS1 HARRIS THERMAL TRANSFER APPROX. 10,000 GALLON</p><p>CARBON STEEL PRESSURE VESSEL (2011), Rated 150 PSI@ 400 F, Flanged Outlets</p><p>1 ARROW APPROX. 1900 GALLON 304L STAINLESS STEELSURGE TANK, S/N D-5102 (2009), 4' Dia. x 20', Rated 150 PSIat 212 / -50 F MAWP, Insulated w/ Flanged Outlet </p><p>1 ARROW APPROX. 650 GALLON CARBON STEEL VERTICALDRUM, S/N 41579 (2009), 4' Dia/ x 7', Rated 260-PSIG at 360 F,w/ Flanged Outlet </p><p>2 ARROW APPROX. 650 GALLON CARBON STEEL VERTICALSTORAGE DRUMS, 4' Dia. x 7', Rated 260 PSI @ 300 to -30 F,flanged Outlets </p><p>2 340 GALLON 304L STAINLESS STEEL ABSORPTION VES-SELS, 3' Dia. x 6'6", Rated 150 PSI @ 225 F, Carbon AbsorptionMedia, 30# Per Ft </p><p>ELECTRICAL1 ABB POWER DISTRIBUTION CENTER, ABB Maxsg Switchgear,</p><p>9-Section, 4000 A, 480 Volt, (3) SACE E6 4000A Breakers, (8)SACE E3 1600A Breakers, NEMA 1A Enclosure, (2) ABB Dry TypeDistribution Transformers, 2500/3333 kva, HV 13800, LV480Y/277, (2) ABB Metal Enclosed Interrupter Switches, RatedVoltage 15kv, BIL 95kv, Main BUS 600A, Short Circuit 40000A,Fault Close 40000A, (2) Allen Bradley Centerline 2100, 600 V,1200A Horiz. 300A Vert., Enclosure Type 1G, (2) Specific SystemsDual12240-C-WHD-X-G-20-TB-W-2-N-N-Y-ALS </p><p>5 ALLEN BRADLEY MODEL INTELLICENTER CENTERLINE2100, 600 VOLT MOTOR CONTROL CENTERS, (1) 11-Bank S/NT KGZG81/1, (2) 12-Bank S/Ns T KGZG81/13, T KGZG81/15, (1)16-Bank S/N T KGZG81/11, (1) 17-Bank S/N T KGZG81/7, 1200A Horiz., 300 A Vert., Enclosure </p><p>1 CUTLER-HAMMER 4-BANK MEDIUM VOLTAGE SWITCHGEAR, w/ (4) MVS Load Interrupter Switches, Max. ContinuousOperating Volts 15000, Main Cross Bus Current Rating 800 Amp,Enclosure Type 3R, Uninstalled </p><p>2 ABB 1000 KVA 3 PHASE DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS,S/Ns 10JC548500003, 10JC548500001 (Both 2010), HV 13800,LV 480Y/277, Class KNAN, Style F5EE017J43 </p><p>5 HUNTERDON 3100 KVA DRY TYPE TRANSFORMERS, ClassAA, High Voltage 14400, Low Voltage 1800Y/210 </p><p>1 ABB THYRISTOR POWER SUPPLY, S/N 9300210783-1, MainPower 3 Phase 13800 V, 60 hz, 2.4 MVA, Auxiliary Power 3 Phase480 V, 60 hz, 25 Amp, Outputs 3x Variable 0-1600 Volt 3200 Amp,Cooling Forced Air, Enclosure Type NEMA 1 </p><p>1 EATON MODEL 9390 UNINTERRUPTIBLE POWER SUPPLY,IDC 120 Cabinet, Input 480 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 160 A, Output120/208 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 333 A, 108 kw, 120 kva, S/NED445EAA09, UPS Cabinet, Input 480 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 160 A,Output 480 V, 3 Phase, 60 Hz, 144 A, 108 kw, 120 kva, S/NED452CAB04, (2) Series 1085 Battery Cabinets, S/NFD461DAA09 &amp; FD461DAA10 </p><p>1 CATERPILLAR MODEL UPS 600 ROTARY UNINTERRUPTIBLEPOWER SUPPLY, S/N CTX00313, Input 480 VAC 3 Phase, 60 Hz,805 A Per Phase, Output 480 V 3 Phase, 722 A Per Phase, 600kva Max., 480 kw Max., Input/Output Cabinet S/N 1319, SystemCabinet S/N 6336, (2) MMU Cabinets S/N 5021322 &amp; 5021323 </p></li><li><p>ELECTRICAL VALVES</p><p>For more information, please visit us on the web at 5</p><p>ELECTRICAL, continued5 AEG MODEL THYROBOX VSC POWER SUPPLIES, Nominal</p><p>Voltage 0-1700, Nominal Current 0-3200 A, Aux. Voltage 3x230/400 </p><p>5 ABB THYRISTOR POWER SUPPLIES, Main Power 3 Phase13800 V, 60 hz, System Rating 0-690 VAC, 0-1200 ACoolingForced Air</p><p>1 ABB METAL ENCLOSED INTERRUPTER SWITCH, S/NSWS8837001 (2011), Rated Voltage 15 kv, BIL 95 kv, Main BUS600 A, Frequency 60, Short Circuit 40000 A, Fault Close 40000 A </p><p>1 RUSSELECTRIC MODEL RTBDNB-12004CEF AUTOMATICTRANSFER SWITCH, S/N 34396-1 A/B (2008), Model 200 AutoTransfer Switch Control </p><p>1 AVTRON MODEL K875A/029716-2 OUTDOOR RESISTIVELOAD BANK, S/N 963, Rating 800 kw, 480 Volt, Enclosure Type3R </p><p>QUANTITY OF ELECTRICAL SUPPORT COMPONENTS,Including: Innovair Flex System Sensors, Daisy Data Master DataControllers, Honeywell Control Parts, Notifier XP10-M Input MonitorModules, Ditek Voice/Data/Signal Surge Protectors, TDI #SP5710Power Supplies, A/B 1756 DNB &amp; 1770 KFD Scanner Modules, Etc. </p><p>VALVES7 MASONEILAN PNEUMATIC DIAPHRAGM ACTUATORS, w/ 1", 1.5, 2 &amp; 6 Valves</p><p>24 MASONEILAN CONTROL VALVES, 1.5, 2, 3, &amp; 4</p><p>7 NEWCO 14" GATE VALVES, Class 300, 750 PSI @ 100 F, Body LCC, Disc. &amp; Stem 316 Stainless Steel </p><p>2 PK 12" GATE VALVES, Class 150, 290 PSI @ 100 F, Body LCC, Disc. &amp; Stem 316 Stainless Steel </p><p>3 KITZ GATE VALVES: 12" GATE VALVES, Class 300, 750 PSI @ 100 F, 14" Gate Valve, Class 150,290 PSI @ 100 F, Body LCC, Disc. &amp; Stem 316 Stainless Steel </p><p>2 WALWORTH 18" GATE VALVES, Class 150, 290 PSI @ 100 F, Body LCC, Disc. &amp; Stem 316 Stainless Steel </p><p>4 TY GATE VALVES: 14 &amp; 16, Class 150, 290 PSI @ 100 F, 20 Class 300, 750 PSI @ 100 F, BodyLCC, Disc. &amp; Stem 316 Stainless Steel</p><p>123 JAMESBURY SPRING RETURN VALVE ACTUATORS: 1 to 8 Stainless Steel Valves</p><p>6 FLOWSERVE MODEL B115507L-S31 VALVE ACTUATORS, w/ 2" Stainless Steel Valves </p><p>10 JAMESBURY VALVE ACTUATORS, (5) VPVL300 DA BLTC w/ 2" Valves, (2) VPVL200 DA BLTC w/2" Valves, (3) VPVL250 SR 4/5 BLT w/ 1.5" Valves </p><p>20 JAMESBURY DUAL ACTION VALVE ACTUATORS, w/ Stainless Steel Valves </p><p>6 VALVE ACTUATORS, (2) Jamesbury VPVL450 SR 4/5 w/ 4" Valves, (3) Jamesbury CT400 SR6L w/ 4"Valves, (1) Flowserve B175S10 </p><p>4 FLOWSERVE MODEL B125S10 VALVE ACTUATORS, w/ 3" Stainless Steel Valves </p><p>1 ROTEX MODEL ECU300E-67 VALVE ACTUATOR, w/ 8" Valve </p></li><li><p>VALVES PUMPS PLANT SUPPORT &amp; AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT</p><p>To schedule an auction, please call Hilco Industrial at 1-877-37-HILCO (44526)6</p><p>PLANT SUPPORT &amp; AUxILIARy EqUIPMENT1 SPECIFIC SYSTEMS MODEL DUAL 8180-C-WHD-X-G-X-15-TB-W-Z-N-N-</p><p>Y-ALS HVAC SYSTEM, S/N T-717003-01, w/ Purge &amp; Pressurization, CoolingCap. NOM 180000 BTU/HR, Heating Cap. NOM 51,200 BTU/HR, Refrig. TypeR-22, Uninstalled </p><p>1 GENIE MODEL GS-2032 ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT, S/N GS3211A 097830(2011), 20' Lift, Platform Cap. 800 lb., Built In Charger </p><p>1 WASHINGTON CRANE 5 TON SINGLE GIRDER UNDERHUNG BRIDGECRANE, S/N F3012-J29357, 16' Span, R&amp;M Hoist, Pendant Control,Uninstalled </p><p>1 BOSS MODEL RAPID-TACK II 8' 2" POWER-V SNOW PLOW, S/N 31036</p><p>3 SENTRY SIREN 7V8-B OUTDOOR EMERGENCY SIRENS, S/N Z295, Z296 &amp; Z248, 8 H.P., Volts 72 DC </p><p>2 SENTRY SIREN CHARGING SYSTEMS, w/ (2) Pro ChargingSystems Sportsman TriPro SS3 Three Bank 10 Amp Chargers </p><p>40 HONEYWELL MODEL 50005859-001/V ENCLOSURES,Dimensions 6" x 14" x 8" d </p><p>LARGE QUANTITY OF PLANT SUPPORT &amp; AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT,Including: Haws Enclosed Water Tempering Systems, Storage Cabinets,PH Meters, Weight Calibration Kits, Fire Alarm Accessories: (5) Pyrotector #30-3003 Explosion Proof Smoke Alarms, (7) HoneywellField Charger Power Supplies, (22) Sixnet # S6-2ES-2SC EthernetCopper to Fiber Media Converters, (8) RMS-IT-WP Fire Alarm InitiatingDevices, (19) RMS-EX-WP Fire Alarm Initiating Devices, Haws FreezeProtected Shower &amp; Face/Eye Wash Stations, Assorted SafetyHarnesses, Etc.</p><p>VALVES, continued25 HONEYWELL MODEL MS7520A2205 SPRING RETURN DIRECT COUPLED</p><p>ACTUATORS</p><p>25 HONEYWELL SPRING RETURN DIRECT COUPLED ACTUATORS, (7)#MS7520A2205, (18) #MS8120A1205 </p><p>27 HONEYWELL MODEL MN7234A2008 NON-SPRING RETURN DIRECT COUPLEDACTUATORS</p><p>4 HONEYWELL MODEL VGF31EM40 MIXING VALVES, 3-Way Rotary Valve, CV-170,ANSI 125 </p><p>50 CONSOLIDATED 1.5" THRU 3" STAINLESS STEEL RELIEF VALVES</p><p>300 2" THRU 4" GATE VALVES</p><p>300 1/2" THRU 6" GATE STAINLESS STEEL BALL VALVES</p><p>LARGE QUANTITY OF ASSORTED VALVES &amp; PLUMBING PARTS, Including:Honeywell Globe Valve Linkage (Used w/ Direct Coupled Actuators), Gulf Coast 6" GateValves For Above Ground Use, Fittings, Reducers, Caps, Stainless Steel Flanges, Etc.</p><p>PUMPS80 TEIKOKU CANNED MOTOR PUMPS, 5 to 589 GPM, Head 69 to 268, 2 Pole, Up to</p><p>110 kw, 460 Volt</p><p>6 DURCO MODEL 3K8X6-16RV 200 H.P. CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, 3117 GPM, 316LStainless Steel Impeller </p><p>4 GOULD MODEL 3196 15 / 20 H.P. CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, 351.1 / 161 GPM, 8.5" /7.25 Dia. Impeller, 316 Stainless Steel Impeller &amp; Housing, 1800 / 3600 RPM </p><p>2 DURCO MODEL MK3 STD 5 H.P. CENTRIFUGAL PUMPS, Size 2k3x1.5-13RV/11.25 </p><p>2 NIKISSO MODEL HN23B-B3 NON SEAL PUMPS, 460 Volt, 13 HP, 110 Gallons PerMinute, Tag# 1305 </p><p>8 KEEN MODEL K4R75M2-43 GRINDER PUMPS, 7 H.P., 460 Volt, w/ Float Switches&amp; (7) Controls </p></li><li><p>HILCO Industrial is a division of Hilco Global Headquarters 5 Revere Drive, Ste. 206 Northbrook, IL 60062 All rights reserved </p><p>Printed in USA HOK3965 IL License #444.000215 Please visit our website at to review our complete terms and conditions.</p><p>FollowUs on:</p><p>A Hilco Global Company</p><p>Vested in Your Success</p><p>OVER 35 OFFICES THROUGHOUT NORTH, CENTRAL &amp; SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, ASIA, AUSTRALIA</p><p>HilcoTM Industrial ONLINE AUCTIONTerms of Sale</p><p>An 18% buyer's premium will be charged on all assets.The buyers premium will be reduced to 16% for paymentsmade by means of cash, cashiers check, company check(with bank letter of guarantee) or wire transfer within 48hours of sale close. Everyth...</p></li></ul>