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  • 1. Reverse auction sites
    Whattheirbenefits on hotels revenue and occupancygrowth?
  • 2. Reverse travel auctions' history
    Reverse auctions exist since 90s and become popular thanks to Internet.
    The first web site which use reverse auctions are FreeMarkets.
    Priceline was the first reverse auction website for travel. It was founded in 1998.
    They are different type of reverse auction.
  • 3. How do they work?
    Buyer / Seller status reverse
    Reverse auction web sites offer the possibility for buyers to post their particular needs and purchaser compete to win the deal.
    Purchaser will offer, in order to win,progressively lower quotes until no supplier is willing to make a lower bid.
    Suppliers 1
    The buyer
    Suppliers 2
    Suppliers 3
  • 4. How do they work?
    The winner is the unique and lower bit
    Reverse auction web sites offer the possibility for buyer to bit at the lower price for the product there are expected.
    To win the buyer have to make the lowest and unique auction.
    Lowest but not unique
    To high!
  • 5. Study
    SmallClicis one of the most French web site known for reverse auction and downwardauction.
  • 6. On SmallClic website you can find offer from an International Hotel group which can do importante promotion, Club Med.
  • 7. Customers advice
    Somewebsitesgiveadvices and explications to customers to understand and use Reverse auctions.
  • 8. Key points
    This is a new trend,
    Several type of reverse auction exist,
    The definition and the use is not clear,
    A lot of website had to close,
    There are advantages in the B2B sector because buyers and sellers are well known.
    Buyers have more power in the negotiation.
  • 9. Conclusion
    As there are two types of reverse auction there are two types of politics.
    Buyer / Seller status reverse
    This allow hotels to be more competitive and fish guests! They can keep their price so their politic.
    The winner is the unique and lower bit
    Hotel can participate to this reverse auction but only for specific product and exceptional promotion.
    They should use it to fill in their hotels in low occupancy period but they have to be careful about their reputation because guest will not continue to pay the full price if they can pay less on internet.


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