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A collection of one of a kind original oil pastel paintings created by artist Carol Zack to showcase oil pastel as a painting medium. Oil Pastel is a quick, user friendly non toxic medium just right for learning to draw and paint.


  • 1. Paintings In Oil Paste by Carol Zack Oil Pastel is a medium that is applied like a crayon, but can be blended and smudged to create oil painting like effects.
  • 2.
    • Sandpoint
    • Oil Pastel
  • 3. Sunburst Oil Pastel
  • 4. The Venice Tavern Oil Pastel
  • 5. A New Floral Oil Pastel
  • 6. Lake St Mary Oil Pastel
  • 7. Three More Graces Oil Pastel
  • 8. Twilight on the Thames Oil Pastel
  • 9. Michael Oil Pastel
  • 10. Scottish Seascape Oil Pastel
  • 11. Girls at Trafalgar Square Oil Pastel
  • 12. Utah Landscape Oil Pastel
  • 13. Relaxing at Biltmore Oil Pastel
  • 14. Down the Gunnison Oil Pastel
  • 15. Williamsburg in March Oil Pastel
  • 16. The Top of Galena Oil Pastel
  • 17. About Carol Zack
    • Carol Zack is a Chicago area artist who enjoys using vibrant color in her pastel paintings, and takes inspiration from the French Impressionist and Abstract Expressionist painters.
    • Carol is now actively involved in exhibiting and selling her paintings. She has won several awards locally and nationally. She offers workshops and welcomes commissions.
    • Reflections of color and form; landscapes, florals and the human image, ever changing, ever moving, captured energy, a moment in time. While light, color, and energy are strong elements that are communicated in my work, I like to impose classic structure, pattern and composition into the final piece. The atmosphere must be held together by the inner structure it surrounds and the immediate joy of using oil pastel provides quick energetic approaches to creating a painting.
    • Visit Carol at http://www.zackartistry.com