oakdale drra info map handout

Oakdale DRRA Info Map Handout
Oakdale DRRA Info Map Handout
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Inforamation about Lake Linganore PUD application for DRRA for Oakdale Investments, LLC


Oakdale Investments, LLC proposes a Development Rights & Responsibilities Agreement to complete buildout of Lake LinganoreIn 1968, Lake Linganore PUD was proposed by the Brosius brothers as a community of 10,000 homes around a lake surrounded by trails, pools, a golf course, clubhouse, neighborhood schools and shopping. Today, over 45 years later, that vision is partially completed with many features that make Lake Linganore a special place. However, only a quarter of the homes originally envisioned have been built and some of the infrastructure required to fulfill the original vision for Lake Linganore is yet to be completed. Oakdale Investments, LLC owns over 1400 acres of the undeveloped portion of the Lake Linganore PUD. These lands have been planned for decades to contain future villages which have already been named Hamptons, Westridge, Alpine and Town Center to complement the existing villages of Lake Linganore. Once PUD zoning is restored to the entire original form, long needed roads will be built like the bridge over Linganore Creek to extend Eaglehead Drive to Oakdale High School and the extension of Woodridge Road to Gas House Pike to create quicker access to Frederick. Oakdale Investments has proposed a Development Rights and Responsibilities Agreement (DRRA) which will create a road map between the developer and Frederick County to guide development of the future villages of Lake Linganore over the next 25 years. Once approved, this document will direct funding and construction of roads, water, sewer and school infrastructure in the area to support needs of existing and future residents. The level of funding by the project for new regional infrastructure will exceed $140,000,000 which equates to over $40,000 per new home. New school funding will be in excess of $60,000,000. New road construction could be in excess of $45,000,000, which includes a proposal to create a Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district for new homes to fund the construction of the remaining two ramps of the Meadow Road / I-70 Interchange. For Lake Linganore Association, land is committed for open space and new amenities like the community center on the Coldstream Barn property, the Indian Caves archeological site and land for the spoils site for dredging. In total, Oakdale Investments has committed to direct funding and land dedications to Lake Linganore Association valued at over $11,000,000. On May 4th, representatives of Oakdale Investments will be at the Lake Linganore annual meeting to discuss these plans in more detail and will be available for questions. Also, on May 11th an open house will be held for the community and New Market region at Oakdale Middle School at 10am. The Frederick County Planning Commission is tentatively scheduled to hold a public hearing on the PUD zoning amendment and DRRA on May 22nd at 7pm at Winchester Hall in Frederick. Then, the Board of County Commissioners is tentatively scheduled to hold a public hearing on June 18th at Winchester Hall. More details will be announced through the Lake Linganore e-blasts as logistics become available. Please come out to the public hearings to let the commissioners know your support for completing the Lake Linganore community in a manner that brings funding for roads, schools and amenities that will benefit the entire community.Development ProposalMaximum of 3235 total units 1450 single family detached, 1385 single family attached, 400 multifamily plus 200,000-400,000 sf commercial to build-out over 30 years 20% reduction from previously approved original 1968 PUD plan Town Center maximum of 1500 units Single Family, Townhouse and Multifamily Town Center Commercial 200,000 400,000 sf commercial Hamptons maximum of 885 units Single Family and Townhouse Westridge / Woodridge maximum of 550 units Single Family and Townhouse Alpine maximum of 100 units Single Family Other Areas (Nightingale, Aspen, Balmoral, Pinehurst) maximum of 200 units Estimated over $60,000,000 via school impact and construction fees 12-15 acres for new Elementary School on the north side of lake

DRRA for Lake Linganore PUD

School Funding / Land Dedication Water/Sewer Fees Roads Construction or Funding

Approximately $30,000,000 Meadow Road / I-70 Missing Ramps Design and Engineering Meadow Road / I-70 Missing Ramps Construction with proposed Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Eaglehead Drive Bridge over Linganore Creek Eaglehead Drive Reconstruction between Bridge and 144 Woodridge Road connection to Gas House Pike Quinn Orchard Road at 144 capacity improvement if TIF not approved Linganore Road at 144 traffic signal or auxiliary lanes Linganore Road at Plantation Road relocation for safety Linganore Road at Gas House Pike traffic signal or auxiliary lanes Gas House at Monocacy Blvd traffic signal or auxiliary lanes Gas House at Boyers Mill traffic signal or auxiliary lanes Gas House Pike safety improvements Old New London at MD 75 traffic signal or auxiliary lanes Eaglehead Drive Roundabout second lane around roundabout Regional Road Fund Contributions $1m+ Total Road Contribution of $45,000,000 (including $25,000,000 via TIF financing) 250+ acres of open space and forest in permanent protection Eaglestream (Barn area) for Community Center if LLA secures funds for construction North Shore Marina / Boat Storage Indian Caves Archeological Site Isles of Balmoral Dredging Spoils Site 3 acre site along Gas House Pike if desired by Frederick County Approximately $2,000,000 Approximately $7,000,000 to the Frederick County Housing Initiative Fund Over $11,000,000 towards Lake Linganore community improvements plus land contributions

Open Space

Fire/Rescue Library Fees MPDU Payment Contribution to LLA amenities